Saturday, February 9, 2019

Chutes and Ladder by Marc Jedel

Chutes and Ladder: A Silicon Valley Mystery (Book 2)
By Marc Jedel

Dead friend. Free fall. Girl Scouts. Can Uncle Marty untangle the mystery before things really get out of control?
Juggling a budding relationship, demanding job, and mischievous nieces, Marty Golden struggled to keep his head above water — even before his friend’s death. Trying his best to be a good boyfriend and fun uncle, Marty had his own ideas for the weekend until his cunning sister tricked him again.
Convinced his friend’s death was no accident, Marty tries to summon superhero powers but merely manages to bumble along as an amateur sleuth. When Marty’s cousin shows up, she wreaks havoc with his plans and pulls him into yet another mystery.
As threats blossom, Marty doubles down now that his family’s involved. Besides, it’s poor manners to let your friend’s death go unsolved.
Can Marty figure out what happened before a killer, or his imagination, gets to him?
Chutes and Ladder is the second novel in a refreshingly modern mystery series set in Silicon Valley. If you like clever humor and wacky side characters, you’ll love this twisty mystery.
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More deadly funny business has wise guy and wannabe ace detective, Marty Golden, tracking clues and helping police solve a multi-jurisdictional case. On an overnight camping trip with his niece Marty literally trips over the dead body of his friend and poker buddy.  As usual, Marty’s life is chaotic already, but he is sure he is on the trail to finding the killer. Marty keeps plucking at loose ends and driving everyone he interviews nuts.

I enjoyed this fast-paced humorous, mystery just as much as Uncle and Ants.  Marc Jedel keeps the intensity while keeping the comedic activity constantly bubbling.  His writing is clever, and the plotting is meticulous and exceptionally well-executed.  Many of the same characters that were introduced in Uncle and Ants are back but the author does not fail to introduce new wacky minions to the ensemble, along with a new girlfriend and his crazy cousin.

This book is a gem with its great plotting and unusual cast.  I highly recommend it!

I was provided with a complimentary copy of Chutes and Ladder and am under no obligation to publish a favorable review.

Reviewed by Laurie-J


Marc Jedel said...

Wow! What an awesome review. I'm so glad you liked it and hope others enjoy it as well.

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Folks that haven't read UNCLE AND ANTS (book 1) can buy it for only $0.99 at Amazon (free for Kindle Unlimited readers). With CHUTES AND LADDER releasing in mid March, this is a great chance to enjoy Uncle Marty, his family, and go along for the ride as he bumbles through the investigation to a surprising ending.

Sherry Fundin said...

Great cover and title. Glad to see it's a great book too.
sherry @ fundinmental