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The Love Fool by Lorenzo Petruzziello

By Lorenzo Petruzziello – author of The Love Fool

I did not move to Rome to write a book, but I wrote a book while I was living in Rome. Walking around the eternal city, watching the people, and experiencing the modern culture inspired me to write a story and set it in modern day Rome.

I took a lot of time to define my discoveries with deep, colorful and emotional descriptions. I wanted the reader to feel as if they fell into the story, surrounded by the Rome I wrote about. A Rome that may not have been seen or experienced by first time visitors. If you’re lucky enough to have gone to Rome, then you most-likely visited the popular spaces: The Colosseum, The Vatican, The Fountain of Trevi, etc. In The Love Fool, I take the reader deeper into Rome. I show the reader other attractions that they may have missed: Largo Argentina and The Villa Borghese Gardens for example, play important roles in the story.

In addition, I wanted the reader to experience the cocktail culture and aperitivo hour: Typically, between 6:30 PM-8:30 PM Italians (Romans especially) all meet at local bar cafes to socialize and have pre-dinner cocktails. Most establishments also offer complimentary bar snacks that range from nuts and chips to focaccia and little pizzas.

My hope for the reader is that The Love Fool will temp them to go to Rome (or return to Rome) and include the city’s different side and modern culture.

Book Details:

Book Title: The Love Fool: A Rome-antic Comedy by Lorenzo Petruzziello

Category: Adult Fiction, 314 pages

Genre: Romantic Comedy

Publisher: Quill (Inkshares)

Release date: March 13, 2018

Tour dates: Aug 6 to 24, 2018

Content Rating: PG

Book Description:

Set in Rome. Follow the whirlwind antics of a publicist as he struggles to manage his first TV chef client, his new life, and an unexpected visit from his ex-girlfriend.

Alex recently moved to Italy for an opportunity at a PR firm in Rome. His first client is the beautiful Danish chef Pernille Bjørn, a popular model, TV personality, and cookbook author just entering the booming televised cooking show market in Italy.

Alex's single-minded career focus is soon thwarted by Emily, an ex-girlfriend he hasn't heard from in almost a decade.

Italy's modern culture and enchanting sights set the backdrop to this Rome-antic comedy.

To follow the tour, please visit Lorenzo Petruzziello's page on Italy Book Tours.

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Lorenzo Petruzziello holds an MBA in global marketing from Suffolk University in Boston, Massachusetts. His background includes publicity and marketing for many of public television’s popular cooking and travel shows. He lives in Massachusetts focusing on his writing. THE LOVE FOOL is his first novel.

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