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On the Fault by Ronald J. Wichers

What is a Bird-Lizard?

On The Fault is the product of memory and imagination. I simply recall sounds, and smells to support a mix of characters and events that, for whatever reason, nag at me, sometimes for many years.

The call of the bird-lizard is evocative of our presence in Vietnam. It is like a curse many bear for having killed, under orders, with no apparent cause beyond our own personal safety. Maybe we did something grand and glorious there but I don’t feel it or see it. Was it all a waste? Not only our own losses but those of the Vietnamese? I have seen counts of from one to three million Vietnamese killed during our involvement there. There is a hospital in Vietnam devoted solely to the care of deformed infants -  victims of Operation Ranch Hand.
I think I’ve written about these two aspects of life, religion and war, because they are at the very center of human activity, swirling about inside us all like two boxers splattering blood on each other and the spectators, tainting each other endlessly, whether we are aware of it or not. How many terrorist groups, including those that have sprung from the hearts and minds of Americans, are based on religious fervor? Virtually all, I would guess. I have a theory that all…all prejudice is rooted in false religion.

Book Details:

Book Title: On the Fault by Ronald J. Wichers

Category: Adult Fiction, 474 pages

Genre: Fictionalized biography

Publisher: Outskirts Press

Release date: March 13, 2018

Tour dates: July 2 to 27, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13

Book Description:

“The heart of the planet is broken and the world is bleeding. We come out of the broken-hearted earth and try to mend it.”

True grit mixes with true wit in this tragic, yet strangely triumphant tale of how much one man can lose. Following the Vietnam War, life proves bittersweet as Joe Hearns learns that sometimes finding happiness means changing the definition.

For Joe Hearns the horrors of combat give way to those of daily life upon return to the States; a life burdened by an odd curse that seems to hover over the heads of anyone who fought in that otherwise magical land. He discovers that courage takes on a whole new meaning when coping with a world moving at a different pace – the pace of friendship and love. But, in the end, this proves the way out from under the curse of the war no one wanted.

When it comes to this soldier’s story the word fearless comes to mind.

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Ronald J. Wichers was born in Lake Ronkonkoma New York in 1947. He attended Catholic School until 1965, studied History and literature at the University of Nevada at Las Vegas until being drafted into the United States Army in 1970. He was assigned to a rifle company in the 25th Infantry Division in Vietnam and, after sustaining severe wounds in a gun battle, including the loss of his left am, was awarded the Purple Heart Medal, the Army Commendation Medal for Heroism and the Bronze Star Medal.

He later studied theology full time at the Graduate Theological Union in Berkeley California. He has published several short stories about the Vietnam war. The Fear of Being Eaten/A Biography of the Heart is his fifth novel.

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