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Out of Time by Thomas William Lowrie


Inspiration Behind The Ray Lafayette series

The number one question people ask me is “What made you write this?” or How do you come up with this stuff? The answer is far more complex than one might think. In the beginning, I would simply say that a man named Ray told me to. That didn’t always go over well. Nowadays I try to explain the things that happened in that time but there is no way to do it, there is no short version of what happened.
Ray is from another time, he is far different from myself and up until the day I found his suitcase I thought he and everyone from those days lived a hard life, one without all the modern conveniences of my time. I was as wrong as a man can get.
 I didn’t know him nor was I related to him. I was just supposed to throw away some junk and there was a suitcase in that junk. It had been sitting out in the weather for months. That suitcase was Rays. I can only say that fate was the reason I ended up with something that was going to the dump.
I came across the suitcase about twenty years and a wife ago but only started writing about these events after my wife, Tina, suggested I put these stories down on paper. In the beginning I found it hard to do but the stories seemed to flow out the more I looked at the photos of his buddies and read the letters from his family. That event changed my life forever but how do you explain something like that and not hear the words “Seek professional help.”
If you were to ask me what inspired me to write these books, I would have to say it was a suitcase. But, if you asked me whom inspired me, there are two answers. Ray Lafayette was the man who carried his entire life in one simple bag but my wife was the one who started things and put it in drive.
Whereas I write about this event in the first person, I respectfully refuse to believe I was ever as great as the people of that generation. They were and still are in a class unto themselves.


Book Details:

Book Title: Out of Time (A ray Lafayette Novel) by Thomas William Lowrie

Category: Adult Fiction, 264 pages

Genre: Historical Fiction, Military and War

Publisher: Mindstir Media

Release date: December 4, 2017

Tour dates: May 28 to June 22, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13

Book Description:

Well, here I go again. All alone except for this suitcase of mine. I’m headed for a new place with new people. Not so bad considering it’s 1944. Lots of guys are in my shoes. We’re in the middle of World War II. Still not so bad. I’m a fireman in the Army Air Corps whatever they’re calling themselves these days. Once again, not bad at all. But I was born in 1963. There’s the bad part.

I was not born with the name Ray Lafayette, but that’s what they call me. I didn’t have kids or smoke a pipe. Hell, I didn’t even like coffee. I do now.

I was born into a different life than this, one with a lot of attachments. Now I carry my life in one bag. One really important bag.

In this time, people call me pal or buddy or sir, good lord they call me sir all the time.

I have friends in this time, and they are the best but do they know me like they think they do? Simply put, NO! Would they die for me? Every bit as much as I would die for them.

To say these folks are tough or strong is an understatement. Superhumans? I don’t think so. They were ordinary people in extraordinary circumstances. I didn’t have heroes before this. I didn’t understand them until now.

Since this event has started, I have experienced many things I can’t explain. There is only one other person who has any knowledge of my situation, and I can’t find him. The last words from him were vos non unum, you are not alone.

There was a time I missed all the things that made my life easier as I thought. Here I have no cell phone, no internet, no rock music, no almost anything. As bad as that sounds, I’m not sure if I want to leave here.

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Meet the author:

Thomas William Lowrie is a WWII writer and author who has published two military novels, He Was and Out of Time.

He has lived outside of Las Vegas most of his life, but his best memories are of the days fishing in South Texas. Summer vacations were the best. That is also where he found his best friend and wife, Tina. He could not have done any of this without her. Of course, Ray pecking at his brain for years had something to do with it too.

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