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The Multima Scheme by Gary D. McGugan


If I’d Never Heard of Me, Would I Read My Book?

Absolutely! In our society – one that seems always to be fascinated with the latest rising stars or celebrities – we tend to gravitate towards well-known names. We work hard to earn our money and want to be sure we’re spending income economists like to call ‘discretionary’ in ways we expect won’t disappoint us. So, we tend to stick with both familiar names and comfortable genre when we go shopping for a book. But we may be shortchanging ourselves if we don’t venture outside the protective bubble of well-established personalities.
Experts believe reading fiction might actually contribute to making us smarter. One of the better exercises for our brain is exploring the unknown. Apparently, we can develop more brain cells in different areas of our brain as we discover new ideas, think about issues, or explore thoughts and possibilities that fall outside our normal lifestyles. Experts also believe it’s good for our brain to escape our day-to-day pressures and stresses to enjoy, laugh, and be entertained. The Multima Scheme is a great novel to do all those things.
First, the main characters are all top executives in a fictional American Fortune 50 company. While many of us may work for companies, relatively few of us toil for the largest and most respected global corporations. Even fewer get to operate at the very summit of those big companies in positions like a chief executive officer or division president. The Multima Scheme provides a glimpse into the lifestyles and thought processes of people at the very pinnacle of success. Because I spent my business career interacting with elites of the business world, readers get a glimpse of how these people operate in a way that both entertains and informs.
My business background also afforded me an opportunity to cooperate with many kinds of companies around the globe. I’ve been able to study their financial records, understand management structures and probe ownership make-ups. Through that study and business interaction, I’ve also learned about possible vulnerabilities to companies and ultimately our greater society. The plot of The Multima Scheme deals with efforts of The Organization to seize control of a fictional corporation. Readers might begin to consider the possibility of organized crime controlling supermarket chains where we shop or infiltrating our global financial systems.
What about the potential for misuse of law enforcement by influential business people? Is there a possibility for police to skirt the law and normal scrutiny to achieve private goals? Have changes in our society over the past few years allowed the potential for business and government to collude in ways previously thought impossible? While I am not a conspiracy theorist or wild-eyed political radical, I use my background and knowledge of global business to weave a tale that shows potential lurking dangers.
While I can’t guarantee The Multima Scheme will make you smarter, I am confident it will deliver great value for your entertainment dollar. The story is quick-paced and easy to read. It will hold your attention from the first page to the last. You may have never heard of me and that’s okay. After reading this story, I’ll bet you’ll be looking for my first novel – Three Weeks Less a Day at online retailers everywhere. Then, I hope you’ll start watching for my third novel coming in 2019!


The Multima Scheme
by Gary D. McGugan

GENRE: Suspense, fiction


Can Multima Corporation withstand another attack from organized crime? While billionaire John George Mortimer copes with treatment for cancer, the accomplished CEO must also ward off challenges for control of his sprawling fictional American empire both from within the company and from nefarious powers operating outside the law.

The Multima Scheme is a fast-paced account of the lengths to which organized crime can infiltrate large global corporations and seize control of respected businesses to conceal activities that are both illegal and immoral but generate billions. It’s also a story of survival – how individuals and organizations might react under intense pressures and the ease with which people can cross lines between what’s legal and what’s not.

Using his knowledge of how large multinationals operate – accumulated over 40 years working with major corporations around the world – author Gary D. McGugan weaves a tale of intrigue using a writing style that readers will find hard to put down once started.


Howard Knight felt his pulse quicken as he glanced down at his watch. All hell was about to break loose in New York. His secretary would tell the waiting FBI agent something like, “It’s probably just a traffic delay. Mr. Knight is always punctual and will be here soon for your scheduled meeting.” Likely, she’d also offer coffee, and no doubt make small talk while they both waited.

In a few minutes, she’d give up and call Knight’s spouse at home. His wife would repeat the exact lie he told her the day before while his limousine sped towards Page Field in Fort Myers, Florida. She’d tell his secretary Knight wasn’t actually in New York. He was away solving some sort of business crisis in Brazil. Almost certainly, his assistant would become alarmed and immediately contact the pilots of the company’s jet.

It might take her some time to reach them. Both the pilot and co-pilot would be gradually recovering from a period of incapacitation but would eventually tell the secretary what little they could remember. They wouldn’t have much to divulge though, and would remain groggy throughout the rest of the morning.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

A successful business leader, speaker, and author, my most recent work is an exciting novel, The Multima Scheme.

I'm in love with the same special lady for almost five decades. In turn, we love -- and are incredibly proud of -- our daughter, our son, their spouses, and three remarkable grandchildren.

Family, friends, and hundreds of other wonderful people also populate my life, repeatedly creating rewarding experiences. I’ve had all this good fortune for many years, with reading and writing often playing integral roles.

I’ve loved reading as long as I remember and have enjoyed writing for just as long. For me, writing has taken many forms. Like most, it started with assigned essays as a student and then evolved with my business career. I’ve written letters, speeches, reports, ads, brochures, presentations, proposals, articles, and a blog. My first book was a work of non-fiction – NEEDS Selling Solutions – co-authored with my friend Jeff Allen.

Twitter: @3WeeksLessaDay


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Congrats on the tour and I appreciate the book description, excerpt and the great giveaway as well. Love the tours, I get to find books and share with my sisters and now my twin daughters who all love to read. We have found some amazing books for everyone. So, thank you!

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It does sound like a timely, intriguing premise!


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Thanks for all your comments, everyone. I read them all.
In response to Joseph Wallace's question about my favorite holiday, I think the most accurate answer would be "any and all Holidays"!
Our minds and bodies need regular breaks to rejuvenate and stoke creativity. Holidays serve that purpose. You might not be aware most Canadian provinces have a holiday the first Monday of August each year. The holiday was originally introduced only because there were no scheduled holidays in Canada that month -- and people felt they needed one. For a number of years, it was simply called "Civic Holiday" until each province eventually invented a purpose or awarded a name!

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What author do you most admire?

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Slehan, you asked two good questions. Here are my answers. I rarely listen to music while I'm writing. I enjoy silence to focus and concentrate all of my creativity and energy to my writing project. On those occasions when I do listen, it will usually be Pavarotti or a good symphony.
Wilbur Smith is an African writer I admire. I have never been to Africa, but his vivid descriptions and passionate work leave me with a feeling that I know some meaningful things about the continent.

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Do you have any pets?

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Thanks for your questions,Slehan. My wife and I do not currently have any pets. Our toy poodle died last year at the age of 17. We were saddened to lose her, but have decided not to welcome another pet right now. No, I don't write every day. I love writing and do work most days, but at this stage in my life I enjoy a good balance between all my activities! I hope you enjoyed a happy Summer Solstice too!