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Biblical Proportions by Natashia Brewer


What 10 things do you most enjoy?
1.      Developing my relationship with God – I feel like with God, I can do all things.  He is my source and I need to be in constant connection with him.  I enjoy listening to and reading the word daily, with every relationship you must consistently work on it
2.      Spending time with my family and friends – I feel like family is the most important and they keep you grounded and there is where you find unconditional love.  Unlike family, you get to pick your friends.  I just love hanging out with likeminded individuals who pour into me and I pour into them
3.      Writing songs – I love writing songs because it is freeing, I was my coping mechanism when I felt like I didn’t have a voice.  Songs were my way to express and get out my feelings (good or bad).  All with an inspiring message
4.      Writing books – Writing books gives me an opportunity to create an inviting world with character who are relatable.  This draws in the readers which ultimately exposes them to the inspiring message within the pages
5.      Sharing my testimony – I believe that we as people experience various situations in life because we need to help others make it through too.  There is nothing new under the sun.  I share my testimony because I want others know that they are not alone and I want to inspire them to hold on because there will be brighter days
6.      Going to the beach – I love relaxing at the beach.  There is something magical about the sound of the waves and the joy resonating all around.  I am not a huge fan of the smell, but I digress
7.      Relaxing at home – there is something significant about just relaxing.  We do so much on any giving day that it is so important to take time and recharge
8.      Traveling – I love going to new places and experiencing life from a different perspective.  I think that when you experience different things it expands you as a person
9.      Laughing – you know the saying, laughter is the best medicine.  I feel that to be true.  There is something about having a belly busting laugh they makes everything all better

Listening to good music – I love music, always have and always will.  There is so much power in music, it can change your mood for the good or for the bad.  Therefore, I feel so strongly about the importance of being conscious about what you listen to and what you create as an artist.  It is also the reason why I write music that has a positive message and inspires people   


Biblical Proportions
by Natashia Brewer

GENRE:   Fiction


Edward and James Shaw are twins who are successful executives at Rock Star Records.  The company that was started and operated by their father, Irvin, who is a well-known hip hop artist.  Edward has a great love for music and is focused on ensuring the success of the business, just like his dad.  James on the other hand has a great love for women and power.
Unfortunately, they were blindsided by the challenges of life which were of biblical proportions.  Edward found himself in the struggle of his life to save his marriage and his career after there had been some horrible choices made, while James found himself fighting for his freedom.

The only way for them to find their way through the drama, infidelity, damaged trust, addiction, meaningless sex, and betrayal was to build a solid relationship with God.  When Edward and James hit rock bottom mentally and emotionally, they found out who they were and what the Lord called them to do.  They both began to walk into their purpose realizing that although the storms came one after another, after another and almost took them out; they survived through the grace of God…

Take this journey with Edward and James and the rest of the Shaw family as they endure the many trials and tribulations of this life.


Cynthia could not resist that man of hers.  So, she grabbed his hands and stood in front of him.  He pulled her close, embraced her, and placed his forehead upon hers.  He began to pray over him and his wife. 

“Dear Lord, hear my pleas.  I lift my heart to you today.  I ask that you give Cynthia and me strength to make the right decisions.  I ask that you show me how to love her through the pain that I have inflicted upon her.  I ask that you open her heart to receive and forgive.  I ask that you heal the deep wounds that have been created because of poor choices.  I decree and declare that our marriage will be made whole again.  I ask these things in Jesus name.  Amen!”  Edward prayed.

Cynthia was full of emotions as Edward gently lifted her face and kissed her quivering lips.  The peck quickly turned into something that neither of them thought it would be. 

Life Lesson Two:  Ignoring an issue will not make it disappear.  You must become grounded in the word so that you will have the strength to endure the storm.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Natashia Brewer is the established Resonation Entertainment Group in 2014.  Since the launch of her company, she has released many motivating and inspiring musical and literary projects, like:  The Infinite Love EP; Love Song the book; and Biblical Proportions.  When she isn’t creating music for upcoming projects, writing books, conducting interviews, or writing blog post, Natashia is a contributing songwriter for the charity Songs of Love, creating personalized songs for sick children.

In addition to being a published author, songwriter, and music producer, Natashia is a speaker who’s objective is to use her life’s testimony to uplift and inspire others.  Letting people know that they can change their lives if they change their minds.
Natashia is currently married with two children, she resides in Maryland. 
Website:  www.itstashiab.com       
Twitter:  @itstashiab
Instagram:  @itstashiab
Facebook:  @itstashiab
Blog:  www.thatthingcalledlife.com         
Company Website:  www.resonationentertainment.com   

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