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The Jane Barnaby Adventures by J.J. DiBenedetto

Finders Keepers
The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 1
by J.J. DiBenedetto
Genre: Light Suspense Thriller
230 pages

All archaeology student Jane Barnaby had to do was deliver a box of pottery shards to her professor at his dig site, along with his new car. Yes, his office was in Oxfordshire, and his dig site was in Spain, a trip of 1,400 miles across three countries and two bodies of water. Still, it should have been simple.

That is, until everything went wrong.

Now, Jane has the wrong box and is being chased by thieves who want it and aren't particular about how they get what they want.

Add to that, she's picked up a pair of passengers who both claim they can help her get her professor's pottery back and return the artifacts to their rightful owner. If only she knew who was working with the thieves and who she can trust in this high-stakes game of finders keepers.

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She’d punched him!  Women weren’t supposed to do that!  If they got angry at you, they were only supposed to slap you.  Tom had endured his share of angry slaps – what bloke hadn’t?  But they were never very hard.  He’d step a little too far over the line, and some bird would slap his cheek, and later she’d get over it and they’d get on with business, or not.  Usually not.  That’s just how things were done.
None of them had ever punched him.  Nobody had, not since he was sixteen, anyway.  And this girl had given it all she had.  He didn’t dare touch his teeth with his tongue, in case she’d loosened any of them.  She hadn’t bothered to listen to a word he’d said – what sort of lunatic was she?  He cursed himself for believing that dotty girl back at Oxford, that this Jane Barnaby was a reasonable person, that of course she’d understand the situation and help him bring the artifacts back home.
Why had he listened to a girl who talked to trees?  How could he ever have imagined anything good would come of that?
But he had, and now here he was, his jaw throbbing, the box of artifacts he was to retrieve gone, and the Barnaby girl looking perfectly ready to hit him again.  

Losers Weepers
The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 2
226 pages

Jane Barnaby had everything going her way: a prestigious internship at the Museum of Natural History, a fantastic Upper West Side sublet apartment, and helping plan her newly-engaged college friend's wedding.

Until a casual lunch with her friend’s fiancé set off alarm bells, and sent her digging into the rabbit hole that is his past.

When that rabbit hole leads Jane and her on-again, off-again boyfriend to the English countryside, uncovering secrets dating back to World War 2, searching for priceless art treasures looted by the Nazis, and fighting off the thieves who will kill to get those treasures for themselves, will they discover the truth, or lose their lives?

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Jane was sitting on her bed, and she was not alone.  She’d given up on her efforts to keep Muffin off the bed by her third night in the apartment.  She was almost used to him sleeping with her now.
If she were the sort of person who was prone to wallowing in self-pity, this would be a perfect moment for it.  Here she was, young and single, living in the biggest and best city in the world, with an amazing apartment, an incredible job and a pretty decent wardrobe.  And what was she doing?  Sitting home alone, playing with a cat that wasn’t even hers. 

Her father, meanwhile, was fifty-four years old, still lived in his childhood home and wore pretty much the same outfit every day.  And yet he had a better love life than she did!

Her Brother's Keeper
The Jane Barnaby Adventures Book 3
175 pages

Jane Barnaby has planned the perfect Christmas vacation. Her father and his fiancé are joining her in Spain at her archaeological dig. They'll see her work, meet her mentor, and they'll all enjoy a few days of sunny Mediterranean beaches in the dead of winter.

But it all falls apart when Jane's annoying brother tags along and lands in jail for a crime he didn't commit.

To clear her brother's name, all Jane has to do is chase a wily female con-artist across Europe, catch her, and confront the woman and her accomplices. Oh, and outwit an ex-KGB agent and his personal goon squad along the way.

Cassie came downstairs expecting to have her breakfast waiting for her, as Joe had promised. 
It was not.  Instead, the only thing waiting for her was Sheryl and Jon, both of whom were wearing nervous expressions.  Sheryl – already dressed, in a dress, and who wore a dress to come down to breakfast on vacation anyway? – tried to force a smile.  “Your fiancé had to – well, there’s no easy way to say this – I mean, I don’t know what I’d want to hear.”
Jon sighed.  He seemed to do that a lot.  “Joe and Jane had to leave suddenly.  Apparently, George landed himself in jail last night.”

Jail?  George?  The quiet, socially awkward one?  Maybe even, if she was being brutally honest, the boring one, in jail?  In a foreign country?  How was that possible?  

J.J. DiBenedetto is author of the Dream Series and the Jane Barnaby Adventures and lives in Arlington, Virginia with the love of his life and a white cat who rules the roost. 

His passions are photography, travel, the opera, the New York Giants, and of course writing. 

Mr. DiBenedetto is devoted to writing books with a sense of mysticism to entertain and perhaps invite his readers to suspend belief in a way they might never have.

Since he was very young , he has always been intrigued with the supernatural and things that can't be explained rationally.

By always asking way too many questions, it piqued his interest to the point of setting his writing off and running when he grew up! All the curiosity building up all those years were finally getting put into words to captivate readers. And it hasn't ended. His main goal is to share all the stories he has inside, putting pen to paper. And that's how the Dream Series was born.

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