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Macbrides: Logan And Rj by J.L. Petersen @goddessfish @jlpetersenauth1


Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

I’ve always wanted to go to areas of Europe. More specifically, England, Italy, Ireland and Scotland. I have no real interest in touring the big cities. But would love to see the countryside, castles, etc. I think that is where your imagination can roam and you actually learn more of the culture of the area. Cities become to commercial and modern. England, Ireland and Scotland are foremost as I have probably romanticized them through my reading. But the history there fascinates me. Italy is on my list because my family comes from those parts.

 I am hoping to take a trip to Ireland and Scotland in the next year or two.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

Although my husband is a great supporter he won’t read my books. First, I get it. It’s not his genre. It’s hard to read books outside one’s own preference. But secondly, as I’m sure you can guess, he said it would feel awkward. However, he has asked if he shows up in the books and has taken some laughs from our male friends as they joke about the romance scenes they are only imagining. HAHA.  If they read them I’m sure the jokes would get worse. 😊

Do you have critique partners or beta readers?

I just recently tried a one-on-one critique partner situation for the current book I’m working on. I’m not sure if it’s helping much. I did find it’s hard to be a critique partner for a writer that isn’t completely in your own genre. So, I’d have to stay I still ambiguous on whether I find it useful.

As for beta readers my publishers uses them and I do find their comments very useful. I’ve yet to decide if I should create my own group of beta readers. I would love to hear from your followers on what they think and how I would go about building that group.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

I’m basically a Pantser. I’ve tried to “plot” out an entire story and found that didn’t work for me. I’d find myself straying too much. So, where I’ve found my sweet spot is to have the general outline and concept and then to just start writing. That style isn’t for everyone and some say it may create some weakness in the actual story development but I think it allows the characters a lot of freedom to develop organically. Hopefully, my readers don’t feel as if they suffer in the story line because of that method.

What book are you reading now?

Chasing Shadows by Bernadette Marie.  It’s her first romantic suspense novel which is a slight departure from her other contemporary novels.  It’s proving to be a good move for her so far. It also intrigues me for the future.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

A singer! Don’t we all want to excel at something we have absolutely no talent in?!  I remember putting on my favorite music and performing in my bedroom as a child. But who knows, maybe I’ll create a character with that talent and live vicariously through them.

What are your favorite TV shows?

I am slightly embarrassed to admit it but I am addicted to the Real Housewives of: The OC, New York, New Jersey and Beverly Hills.  My husband just shakes his head at me when they come on and leaves the room. 😊  I also love Dancing with the Stars. Now that show my husband will watch with me and he’s actually very good at scoring the dances.

What are you currently working on?

I am currently working on the second of five books in The MacBrides series. It will be Hannah and Ash’s story. I would really like to go back and give Bette, from Chasing Her Heart, her own story. Also, I’ve recently taken on a challenge to write a Christmas novella. Hopefully, I can have that ready for this Christmas. The story was a compilation of story concepts a group of my friends gave me one night during a dinner party. I’m trying to incorporate aspects from each person’s thoughts and weave it into a holiday love story. Wish me luck on that one.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

Just do it. First, write your story. Don’t worry about grammer, punctuation, etc. You’ll get lost in the mechanics of it. That will come later when you reread your story about twenty times and then when you hire an editor to do both line and content editing.  Spend your initial energy in just telling your story and building your characters. Enjoy that process first. Time will come soon enough to get into the business of getting it ready to publish. 


The MacBrides: Logan and RJ
by J.L. Petersen

GENRE: Contemporary Romance


Logan, the eldest of the MacBride clan, is thrilled at his brother Clay’s pending nuptials to Sandy. But when Sandy’s sister RJ arrives at the family’s ranch, Logan’s world is turned upside down. However, the sisters’ shared past has created scars and barriers against love testing Logan’s ability to push aside his need and patience to win RJ’s trust and ultimately her unwavering love.


Logan studied the woman. He’d bet his favorite horse she thought she was portraying herself as stoic. All he saw was a woman on the verge of breaking. Remorse filled him. He jumped in thinking he knew where the trouble was as he had done with virtually all his siblings since their father died. Now he wasn’t so sure he had approached this situation right. Straightening, he rubbed the back of his neck and tried again.

“Look, I may have jumped the gun a bit. There’s obviously something wrong that has both of you in tears. Can’t I help?”

Frowning at his words, RJ tried to determine if the man was playing her. She’d been burned before by family trying to manipulate her with caring to get what they wanted. Studying him, she captured his image as she would one of her pictures. Studying it for all the nuances not readily seen. Tall, lean with a broad chest, he stood with an ease many would envy. His hair was mostly covered by his cowboy hat, but black locks escaped at the back of his neck. His face was all angles with sharp cheekbones, strong forehead and a nose that looked like it had been broken along the way. His lips were firm and his eyes deep blue.

The eyes held her. There seemed to be sincerity in them but something else was pulling at her. When her mind grasped what that was, she sucked in her breath. Want. And, as if he realized she saw his wanting her, his eyes narrowed and became more intense. She pulled her gaze away quickly, and once again, turned towards the balcony doors. Gathering herself from the shock of his wanting her, she realized her body was tingling. Not good.

“I appreciate the offer, but it’s not something I want to discuss with a stranger.”

Logan was stunned to know she saw his desire for her. It only seemed to heighten his need to grab her and hold tight. When she spoke, he knew he needed a bit of space to process what was happening to him. “I can appreciate that. But don’t be hasty about leaving. Why don’t you join us at the ranch for dinner tonight? If you come about four, you and Sandy can have some private time to talk.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

J. L. Petersen lives in Denver with her husband. She finds inspiration in her adopted state of Colorado. She's enjoyed reading all types of romance for years and finally found the courage to start telling her own stories. Ms. Petersen believes love is the strongest, most powerful of emotions. It allows us to trust, believe, forgive and have hope. Her stories try to bring those emotions to her characters.

Twitter: @ jlpetersenauth1


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