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His Leading Lady by Maggie Dallen @SDSXXTours @Mag_Dallen

by Maggie Dallen
Genre: Contemporary Romance 
Pub Date: 7/11/2017

Book Blurb

Nothing less than a Hollywood romance would do . . .

Alice is calm, cool, and aloof—except for the night she meets her new neighbor Dr. Nicholas Bale—aka Hot Doc. The chemistry between them might be through the roof but that doesn’t mean she’s going to let him into her life. Having been seen at her most vulnerable, she vows to have nothing to do with the sexy doctor. After all, Alice learned long ago that love only leads to hurt.

Nicholas is smitten at first sight with the gorgeous, mysterious redhead upstairs. But between her attempts to push him away and the even bigger wall around her heart, the dashing doctor is having a hard time getting close to the sensitive beauty. Then he glimpses the emotion in her eyes as she watches Fred and Ginger whirl across the screen and he’s determined to uncover just what it will take to dance his way in to her heart . . .

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“You should be out there dating, falling in love…” Ena was saying.
Alice tuned her out. She’d gotten good at doing that. The lecture would end soon enough, once Ena ran out of steam.
Hopping up off the couch, she temporarily gave up on finding the charger. She took a couple steps toward the kitchen. “Need a hand in there?” she asked. “Here, let me get that teakettle for you, the water should be done by now.”

Ena hustled toward the kitchen to cut her off, as Alice had known she would. She may be predictable with her love of old musicals, but Ena was even more so. She was territorial to the extreme about her kitchen. No one was allowed in there but her.
“Oh no you don’t,” she said, cutting Alice off at the doorway. Making a shooing motion, she waved Alice back.
She was heading back to the living room to continue her hunt for a charger when she heard a loud clattering sound from the kitchen. Spinning on her heel she raced into the forbidden room.
Her blood froze in her veins at the sight of Ena on the floor clutching her chest. She raced over to her side and saw the older woman’s face screwed up in pain.
9-1-1. Have to call 9-1-1. Panic had Alice’s hands shaking as she looked around the room for help. There was the old landline phone, which no longer worked. Her phone was upstairs, and Ena’s phone was dead.
Shit. This could not be happening.
Squeezing Ena’s hand, she said, “I’ll be right back with help.”
She raced out of the apartment and to the staircase so she could run to her apartment and call for an ambulance. But then, as if on cue, the elevator doors pinged open in front of her. Elevator. Yes, quicker. She darted for it and collided face-first into the man who was exiting the elevator.
Strong arms caught her but the full force of the contact had her winded.

Still, she managed to get out, “Doctor. I need a doctor.”

Maggie Dallen is a huge fan of happily-ever-afters. She writes contemporary and YA romance and has been known to rewrite the endings to classic love stories to ensure that they end on a happy note. In Maggie's version, Ingrid Bergman does not get on the plane. She lives in Northern California and works at a yarn store to support her knitting addiction. 

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