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House of Dark Envy by Juli D. Revezzo @julidrevezzo

3 Houses that Inspired HOUSE OF DARK ENVY.
by Juli D. Revezzo

1. House of Usher. This house of Poe's famous tale, Fall of the House of Usher, lays an atmospheric sheen of dread and despair over the story of the Usher family.  The house itself seems to have some evil in mind for its inhabitants and thus becomes a character, itself, within the eerie tale.

2. The Pemberley estate from the 1989 version of Pride and Prejudice.  Every Victorian romance owes something to Jane Austen, but how many actually give credit to that house? Gorgeous on the outside, well-lighted for the movie, I wouldn't want to get lost in its vastness. ... Wait. On second thought, if I had my camera with me, or paints, like my heroine Sarahjane? Yeah. It sounds like a fun way to spend a day—or a month.

3. Castle Dinas Bran. Because isn't Dracula's castle the ultimate Gothic home? The engravings left to us show a formidable castle. Though my house in House of Dark Envy isn’t quite that big, I imagine the atmosphere in certain parts of the castle to be dark and dreary. (After all, it was enough to inspire Bram Stoker, was it not?). I have no doubt that leant some inspiration to my tale.

They just don't often make 'em like that, anymore. ;) All three of these houses (and quite a few more—Susan Black’s Eel Marsh House, anyone?) were in the back of my mind as I worked on my latest Victorian romance, HOUSE OF DARK ENVY. If you'd like to check it out, HOUSE OF DARK ENVY is available in ebook and paperback from Amazon:
 copyright for the images:Author:(engraver.): Craig, William Marshall, ca. 1765- ca. 1834Date: 1806Part of: Casgliad Tirlun Cymru = Welsh Landscape Collection, National Library of Wales.*&query_type=full_text&page=3&qf=subject_name_lcsh%3aCastell+Dinas+Bran+(Llangollen%2c+Wales)+
 House of Usher image: Arthur Rackham.Chatworth House (AKA. Pemberley) Attribution: Rob Bendall

Surely, lightning can’t strike twice...
1888: When Sarahjane attends Lady Morville’s costume party, she never expects to learn her old beau Felix Gryffith is under the illustrious woman’s patronage and stands on the cusp of making a world-changing discovery. Felix, whose lies disgraced her in the eyes of the London elite by labeling her a flirt.

Felix’s love for Sarahjane has never wavered, despite the scandal that forced them apart. He’s desperate to tell her the truth, if he can convince her to listen.

Fate lurked in the shadows that night, years ago. Has it returned to grant Sarahjane and Felix their wishes, or terrorize them?

House of Dark Envy--available at Amazon.

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