Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Hero To Love by Gail Chianese COVER REVEAL @SDSXXTours @Gail_Chianese

by Gail Chianese
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Pub Date: 8/22/2017

A military police officer on the verge
of a new beginning. A beautiful woman devoted to her career and her
dream of putting down roots. The hardest thing they’ll ever do is
to take a chance on love . . .
Chief Master at Arms Jackson “Jax” Faraday is at a crossroads. He
has to decide whether to reenlist or get out while he’s young
enough to make a difference in the civilian world. Either choice
could mean leaving behind his girl: his K-9 partner, Bella. But when
she’s injured during a training session, Jax’s only concern is
making sure she’s okay.
the Navy base veterinarian, town local Risa Reynolds is right where
she belongs: close to her parents in a farmhouse full of animals—with
room to grow. She’s seen enough to put military men are on her “not
happening” list, because they always leave.

when a tall, hazel-eyed sailor arrives in her clinic with his dog in
his arms, Risa finds herself falling hard. And all kinds of rules
will get broken when Jax, a man who sticks to the straight and
narrow, learns that there’s no predicting the twists and turns of
the heart . . .

Gail Chianese's love of reading
began at the tender age of three, when she'd make her grandpa read
Fourteen Country Rabbits over and over and over again (and correct
him when he skipped parts). While she's branched out over the years
by reading mystery, women’s fiction, and urban fantasy, she always
circles back to romance in the end. That's probably because she's
married to her real life hero. Her wonderful hubby has served in the
US Navy for the past twenty two years and he’s done things he can’t
tell her about. But it doesn’t stop her from being extremely proud
of him and the sacrifices he makes for her, his family, and his
country. He’s also uber-supportive of her dreams and of their three
children. Living in Mystic, CT and a member of Connecticut Romance
Writers of America, Gail loves to hear from readers. Visit her online
at, follow her on Twitter @Gail_Chianese, or send
her an e mail at

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