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How did you start your writing career?
By accident.  You could say I was “stung” because my first book was a non-fiction book called “Bless the Bees”.  In 2012 my wife, Valentina, started working on an environmental photography project called: “Bee Cause I Care”  which was designed to bring awareness to the plight of our pollinators from the environment that we have created for them, why they are important to us and what we can do to save them.

Do you hear from your readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?
I hear from my readers at least once a day, and welcome their comments and even their criticisms.  They usually don’t ask any questions, just express their opinions.  Most of the time they are favorable, which is flattering, but they are also usually always constructive, which is even better.  One of my readers was a retired First Class Sergeant in the Army and was the inspiration for my latest novel, “Beyond All Recognition”.  He also created my favorite character of the novel.

What are your favorite TV shows?
I don’t watch TV because I think it is a waste of time, but I do watch a lot of movies.  The rare times I have watched TV shows I have been very picky and have enjoyed them very much.  They are: “True Detective”, “Lie to Me” and “Breaking Bad”, and I watched them on Netflix or Amazon without commercials.

What group did you hang out with in high school?
I was a loner, not by choice but because I was bullied in junior high school when I returned from three years of living overseas.  When I got to high school, I didn’t want anything to do with it and when I was in the eleventh grade, I tried to drop out.  I compromised with the school by allowing them to send me across town to the junior college.

What are you passionate about these days?

As an author, I am a Don Quixote, fighting the windmills (and the wind) with my “faction” creations which are designed to bring awareness to critical issues that affect us as a society while at the same time allowing the reader to escape into another world. 


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Title:  Beyond All Recognition
Series:  Brent Marks Legal Thrillers
Author:   Kenneth Eade
Published:  July 15, 2016
Publisher:   Times Square Publishing
Genre:  Legal Thriller/courtroom drama
Recommended Age:  18+

Experience the suspense and mystery of the latest in the best selling legal thriller series from the author critics hail as: "One of the strongest thriller writers on the scene."
This fast-paced and action packed legal and military thriller introduces us to 26-year-old Captain Ryan Bennington, in command of a company during the Iraq War and fighting a faceless enemy in the global war on terror where a split-second decision could mean the difference between killing an innocent civilian or losing an entire platoon to a suicide bomber. Ryan survives the war and comes home to conquer PTSD and chronic unemployment, only to be arrested for following the orders of his Commander to kill suspected Al-Qaeda terrorists in a small Iraqi village, who turn out, after the raid, to be civilians.
Lawyer Brent Marks takes on Ryan's defense in his court-martial trial, which will reveal the deepest, darkest secrets of the military industrial complex. In their search for a scapegoat, have the powers-that-be gone too far this time?

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About the Author:
Described by critics as “one of our strongest thriller writers on the scene,” author Kenneth Eade, best known for his legal and political thrillers, practiced law for 30 years before publishing his first novel, “An Involuntary Spy.” Eade, an up-and-coming author in the legal thriller and courtroom drama genre, has been described by critics as “One of our strongest thriller writers on the scene and the fact that he draws his stories from the contemporary philosophical landscape is very much to his credit.” He is the author of the “Brent Marks Legal Thriller Series”, the fifth installment of which,, won best legal thriller in the 2015 Beverly Hills Book Awards, and the “Involuntary Spy Espionage Series”.
Said Eade of the comparisons, “Readers compare me in style to John Grisham and, there are some similarities, because John also likes to craft a story around real topics and we are both lawyers. However, all of my novels are rooted in reality, not fantasy. I use fictional characters and situations to express factual and conceptual issues. Some use the term ‘faction’ to describe this style, and it is present in all my fictional works.”
Eade has written twelve novels, which are now in the process of being translated into six languages. He is known to keep in touch with his readers, and offers a free Kindle book to all those who sign up at his web site,

Excerpt from Beyond All Recognition by Kenneth Eade:

“You get numb to it. That’s all I can say. Numb to death, killing. You get numb to the things that happen in war, but you can never forget them. They come back in your dreams after you finally get back home and they never leave.”
“’SPORTS’ – It’s called the immediate action drill. Helps remind you what to do if your rifle malfunctions. It’s drilled into your head in training. You’re breaking that rifle down and putting it together two hundred times a day and by the time you get over there, you’re doing it like a machine on autopilot. All the war planning in the world goes out the window when the first shot’s fired in combat. That adrenaline kicks in, lights you up like a firebomb. But you remember SPORTS because it comes to you automatically, and that rifle’s the most important possession you’ve got. You’re only alive as long as it’s in your hands.”



This is the ninth book in Brent Marks series, but it reads just fine on its own.  I really enjoyed reading this book.  It flowed well and the premise captivated me.  I generally read to be entertained and to enjoy armchair adventures.  An exciting, fast-paced story, I found this book easy to read just from the entertainment perspective.   But it is more.

There is more depth and thought-provoking, jaw-dropping , insights into the Irag War than I expected. I therefore also got caught up in the politics and dirty business of war.  I thought the arguments, explanations and mind-boggling conclusions pulled together from newly non-classified documents were educational and enlightening.   Pulling events and attitudes from actual true evidence and mixing that with a fictional hero and railroaded scapegoat was masterfully organized and presented in easy to understand language.  Mr. Eade shines a flashlight on certain shady aspects of the Iraq War illuminating its deadly secrets.  Agree or disagree with the politics and policies of the time – this book opened my eyes.

I liked the lawyer Brent Marks who is relentless in his search for the truth.  Now I am looking forward to reading the first three books in this Brent Marks series as a Kindle Unlimited boxed set.  It just doesn’t get any better than that.

I received this book through Kindle Unlimited on Amazon.

Reviewed by Laurie-J

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