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Blood Oath by Sabrina Rawson: Tens List with Excerpt

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What 10 things do you most enjoy?

  1. Cooking— I love creating tasteful meals out of a hodge podge of food found in the fridge.  My daughters laugh all the time when I’m in the kitchen cooking because I throw seasonings into whatever I make because the mood strikes me and it always comes out smelling fantastic!
  2. Listening to music—I always listen to music in the kitchen, in my car or you can find me with ear buds on at work or when I am writing.  Music helps center me and in this “focus state” I can accomplish what is in front of me, endure what is imaginable and become that famous musician performing in an audience of thousands.
  3. Trying on dresses—I have to admit, I used to do this more when I was younger, but lately I find myself reverting to the girl of my youth, stepping in a clothing store just to try on a dress.  My hands would touch the fabric and my imagination would take off and the next thing I knew I was transported to any place my creative mind instantly weaved wearing the best dress around.  Lost in imaginative moments I had to try on that dress!
  4. Dancing in the car—Ok, here is another moment I will share that I don’t talk about often, but I love to move my hands around and bob my head to whatever tickles my fancy when a good song comes over the radio while driving.  Best times are when I am dropping the kids off at the high school singing like no one is listening.  All four of my kids hated it at one time or another, but for me, it was payback in small doses for all those teenage shenanigans they put me through. Ha Ha, jokes on you!  Mom’s gonna dance, sing and drive.  What’s sup!!!
  5. Wearing scarves—I must have about 40 different scarves that I can choose from anytime throughout the year.  Long ones, plain ones, short ones, colorful ones.  My definition of scarves not only accentuate a person they reflect the mood of the individual and that is powerful mojo when said individual is trying to rise above and move forward emotionally in life.  This is a tool in my emotional bag I always have on hand.
  6. Trying on shoes—Since I have talked about dresses, I have to mention shoes.  I have been in department shoe stores and had a hay day looking at the most popular shoe designs out for sale, but there is something to say about standing in a Payless Shoesource looking up 5 rows of shoes, both in front and behind me, per aisle.  My mouth waters just thinking about it.  Converse are my favorite’s right next to Sketchers and Keds. I am googoo gaga every season to see what colors are next in line.  We aren’t even going to go into my sandal and heal fetish.  I own shoes I don’t even put on, but once or twice a year!
  7. Ponds Cold Cream—For the past 25 years I have only put Ponds Cold Cream on my face and rarely use make up and when I do it is minimal.   My grandmother used it and she was in her 50’s before I really understood what she meant about moisturizing to keep her face young and even then I was mimicking what she did because when I grew up I wanted to look young like her.  To this day I am still asked for my ID upon occasion and when I went to take my daughter on tour at the local University the guidance counselor thought I was a student too and asked if I was my daughter’s sister.  Wow Pond’s does a body good!
  8. Reading—If I didn’t put this in the list I would be a goner!  Reading every day is a part of my nighttime routine like packing a lunch for work or what shoes to wear with what I have on that day.  I have something to read daily sitting by my purse or loaded on my kindle and have rarely gone a day without reading a book.  It has been my lifesaver when times have over whelmed me as an individual, wife, mother and daughter.  I don’t know who I would have become if it wasn’t for the fortitude of previous authors putting pen to paper (or key to keyboard) sharing stories of their imagination.  Reading a book has saved me.
  9. Wearing jeans—Now this is something that I thoroughly enjoy.  A great pair of jeans is like comfort to my skin.  I could wear jeans every day and not feel bad one bit.  You can pair it off with a blouse, t-shirt, tank top, dress shirt and don’t forget the scarf and heals to add a bit of pizazz to the outfit.   Jeans are the first thing I pick out to wear on my day off especially blue jeans.
  10. Cooking popcorn over the stove top—This is something my parents used to do with Jiffy Pop back in the 1970’s and in the 1980’s came the air popcorn machine followed with microwave popcorn.  It has only been the last 12 years I have made my popcorn over the stove top and my youngest two children love it.  When they are home and I make some it is comfort food for all of us.  It’s the best way to get them to open up to me whenever something is troubling them in their life.  In fact my 20 year old called me once and said, “Mom is it ok if I come over and you make some popcorn?”  I knew she needed her Momma.  Best feeling in the world!

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Title:   Blood Oath
Author:   Sabrina Rawson
Published:   March 6th, 2015
Publisher:   Titan InKorp Ltd.
Genre:  Contemporary Romance Suspense
Content Warning:   Violence, Rape, Kidnapping, PTSD, Human Trafficking, Sexual Content
Recommended Age:  17+

Collin was prepared for anything, until he met her…
Collin spent fifteen years leading a team of operatives renowned for their zero failure rate of disrupting the horrors of human trafficking. Struggling with PTSD, he was ready to retire after one last mission. He had to stick to the mission and any distractions could lead to lives lost. His attraction to Madeline was instantaneous, a future filled with warm nights now possible. Meeting Madeline made him want to let life happen and she was the woman he wanted to share it with.

Madeline couldn’t believe her luck meeting Collin on her first vacation ever. She knew she was a workaholic, but she had to in order to be a successful business owner and overcome the stigma her parents had left behind. The more time spent with Collin, the more she wanted him to keep on looking at her for the rest of her life. Kidnapped, Madeline has trouble believing she can survive the abuse of her captors. Remembering who she used to be, Madeline retains hope the one man she loves will rescue her.

Neither will stop at anything until they can hold each other in their arms again.
Real life situations from human trafficking to PTSD. This story is about not giving up on life. Doing all things impossible to survive one more day.

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Excerpt for Blood Oath by Sabrina Rawson:

The landing didn’t prove to be too difficult and they had a two hour layover before getting on their flight to Mexico. Madeline grabbed something to eat then checked with the gate representative to make sure their luggage would make it to the correct flight on time.

With everything settled they both proceeded to sip their coffee and wait for their boarding call. Several people began to congregate in their boarding area, but both she and Shelly were content with reading from their Kindles to take much notice. There was still a half hour left before they were to board.

Shelly nudged her arm making her lose her place with reading, “What?” she hissed, not wanting to stop what she was reading.

“Check out the men at one o’clock,” Shelly whispered.

She carefully lifted her eyes and gasped audibly. In front of her were seven men. Each man was above six feet in height and extremely muscular. They were dressed in jeans, polo shirts, and casual walking shoes. She was impressed with how they looked. They appeared as if they were body builders all settled on a little vacation time like they were.

Looks like their vacation finally perked up.

Several of the men were sporting full sleeve tattoos and despite misconceptions about men with tattoos she had always found herself partial to both men who had them and those who did not.

“Guy in the dark blue shirt to the left is hot. Like fucking hot,” Shelly hissed, louder than she felt comfortable with.

“Keep it down or else someone will notice our drooling,” she hissed back, more irritated her friend had interrupted her gawking.

“I call dib’s on the man in dark blue. You touch and you break our girl code,” she said matter of fact.

“What are you twelve,” she shouted, sitting up in her seat glaring at her girlfriend. “What girl code and what the hell. It isn’t like anything has even happened yet!”

She knew she was stressed about the vacation despite their mutual pep talk earlier. She more than anything, wanted to have the romance relationship of a lifetime, but more than that just wanted to by loved and to love in return. That wasn’t too much to ask for.

Shelly just stared at her folding her arms across her chest.
“What?” she asked, feeling the headache from earlier reminding her it had not disappeared.

Gesturing with her hand Shelly waved in the direction of the men. Seven pair of eyes stared back at them for a few seconds before turning back to their private conversations.

Shelly poked her in the arm settling back to read her Kindle. Pretend to read it, she guessed.

“You screeched at me like a banshee,” she gritted out.

She picked up her tablet, heat filling her cheeks in embarrassment, “I did no such thing. You interrupted me from what I was doing and it was pretty serious,” she hissed in return. “I didn’t realize I spoke so loud.”

Placing her hand on Shelly’s arm in a gesture of peace she noticed Shelly frowned while looking down at the hand on her arm. She needed to make amends for her actions, “I’m sorry I poked you. That was completely immature of me.”

Rubbing her head with her free hand she gave up reading and closed her Kindle. “I think this headache has me acting out of character. I’m sorry for getting upset with you.”

“Hey, we’re going to have fun, men or no men. Just two women on an adventure, right?” Shelly said, leaning over to dig through her bag.

“Right,” she replied, frustrated she had acted so poorly when what Shelly had said was exactly what she had said to her earlier.

She chanced a glance back to the where the men stood and her heart stopped. The most beautiful man stared back at her. A half a foot or taller than her six foot height, his frame was completely muscular. It appeared he was pushed the limit on the polo shirt he was wearing or his muscles in his arms were going to split the seams if he moved too quickly. His stony expression hadn’t concealed his initial reaction when she first glanced up, nor did it distract her from his beauty.

His hair was sandy blonde almost a warm caramel color. She wanted to walk up to him just so she could get closer and find out if she had imagined the color or not. She could tell from where she was his eyes were bright green. He wasn’t standing more than thirty feet away, but she could tell he was very aware of his surroundings. He seemed like he was taking her in as much as she was of him except he was cataloguing everything around them simultaneously. His visual appraisal made her lick her lips in anticipation. What would he say if he knew how bad she wanted him to keep on looking at only her?

Shaking her head she dispelled their staring contest, burying her wicked thoughts. Oh, she looked at the rest of his face while they had studied each other, but it was his eyes that had held her attention. They were the same color she had imagined all her book boyfriends’ eyes looked like. She called them dream eyes. He was her dream man in the flesh.

She chuckled at her inner thoughts and began to pack up the stuff she had settled around her in preparation for the flight. What had come over her? One minute she was snapping at her best friend and the next she was mesmerized by one of the very men she had snapped at Shelly about. Maybe it was his crooked nose that had caught her attention?

The scar that ran from the side of his nose across his cheek down his throat hadn’t distracted her focus neither did his full lips. Lips she wanted to taste and feel all over her body. A body her hands itched to explore. She hadn’t seen any tattoos on his arms, but did that mean his weren’t hidden.

Flustered at where her thoughts had carried her she fidgeted with the zipper of her carryon too frustrated to pull it smoothly across its seam.

“If you pull that thing any harder the first thing we will purchase when we get there will be a new bag for you. What’s with you?” Shelly quipped, reaching over to take the bag from her before she broke the zipper. “You usually treat your luggage with delicate fingers.”

Wiping her forehead with her hand she felt like she was about to break a sweat. She knew her hot flash was because she couldn’t get rid of the images of what she wanted to happen with the man a few feet away. Naked things. Sexual things. Things she had never felt from her body before. For the first time in her life she felt desired with such intensity the feeling shocked her.

“I’m fine. A little shaken, but fine,” she admitted.

Shelly stopped what she was doing and looked at her. She tilted her head and scrutinized her with an expression she recognized as the analytical Shelly. She knew she was about to get a lecture about living in the moment, but thank God first class seats were called to board.

They rose grabbing their bags and heading embarrassingly past the men to hand the flight attendant their boarding passes. Before they walked into the Jetway, one of the men said, “The red is one classy babe, but the brunette is hot. I don’t know which one is better. They both look hot to me.”

She and Shelly gasped, but neither one of them had enough nerve to turn around. Leaving the waiting area, the last thing she heard before hurrying to their seats was an unmistakable growl followed by the possessive words that sent chills straight to her core.

“The brunette is mine.”

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About the Author:
Sabrina is a cancer survivor who recently published works with Survivor’s Review and Titan InKorp Online eMag. She has published two novels within a New Adult Urban Fantasy series called A Novel of four Realms and a new Contemporary Romance Suspense Novel series called An Eagle Operatives Novel.  She enjoys life happily married to a supportive husband. You can always find her reading a book or cooking a meal for her multitude of children.

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