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Love on the Run by Dean C. Moore: Interview with Excerpt



Thanks so much for this opportunity to find out a little about you and your work. Welcome!!What are your favorite TV shows?

Of the ones currently airing: Castle, Supernatural, Elementary, Perception, Forever, Person of Interest, Hannibal, Scorpion, The Listener, Franklin and Bash, The Chase (game show), Bones, Extant, Downton Abbey, Almost Human (now sadly defunct), White Collar.

God, I clearly watch way too much TV. I’m not sure I appreciate you forcing that revelation, or outing me on the matter. You might glean from the titles that I definitely have “a type.” Usually smart and funny. Or barring that, at the very least smart. I’d like to think if you have even a few of those shows on your list you’d likely enjoy most anything I’ve written.

What are you passionate about these days?

Of all the people, places, and things that have defined me over the years, the decade or more I spent living in Berkeley was by far the most impacting. The local consciousness of the area is forever indelibly etched into my mind. And if you know anything about Berkeley, you know we’re passionate about everything. We don’t have a rolodex of people’s phone numbers we keep by the phone; we have a rolodex of causes. These days I sneak in my social activism in my writing. Hence, Love on the Run, while being an ostensibly romantic comedy and heist book, champions the causes of the elderly, the terminally ill, and various other disenfranchised elements of society. Oh, and Delaney is a health nut like me; I had to sneak that in somehow.

Who should play you in a film of your life?

For the early years, Jake Gyllenhaal. The dreamy eyes say it all. You remember the Robert Downey Jr. line from Zodiac, which stars Jake? “He’s a bit touched, isn’t he?” Anyone who knew me would have to say the same. As to the later years, speaking of RD, mostly definitely Robert Downey, Jr. His Tony Stark character is pretty close to who I am in person, minus the scientific genius part. I’m quite the clown in real life. It would definitely have to be someone known for character acting. Ed Norton and John Malkovich would have to be on the short list. I have that over-the-top quality that makes me fun, but at times, a bit exhausting. If Robin Williams were still alive, I’d add him to the list, as I’m known for riffing off my own jokes in a similar manner. In college I was known (not always so fondly as) “Full Moon.” The intensity never waxed or waned. Like I say, I’m probably a bit much for most people full time, but in small doses I’m absolutely charming.

What are the most important attributes for remaining sane as a writer?

A self-deprecating sense of humor. It helps to be able to take a step back and laugh at yourself. Beyond that, you have to know your type. Actors use “depth” or “range” to label one another. I.e. Kevin Spacey has tremendous “depth” as an actor. Olivier was famous for having inordinate “range.” I’m more of a “depth” guy than a “range” guy. So for my type, being able to lighten up and come up for air is all-important, but not always easy to do on our own. So we tend to surround ourselves with people who make that undertaking a bit easier.

New York or LA? Why?

New York, definitely. The less time I have to spend in a car, the better. I love the idea of being able to walk to the theater or to the museum or to the park within blocks of one another. And just like I’m an over-the-top personality, everything about that city is over the top, so I would blend right in. I also like the fact that the city’s population is so mixed. They seem to have two percent of every nationality on earth. With that much diversity, it makes it hard to not fit in; everyone’s an outsider so no one has any choice but to get over their biases to other cultures and people who are different from them. What artist doesn’t want to be appreciated for his uniqueness as opposed to feeling like he has to fit in?

What is something people would be surprised to know about you?

There’s this theory that there are three chief components to every psyche, the creator, the strategist, and the connector. And everyone is dominant in one to the expense of the others. And the trick is to learn to be a more balanced individual over time. Being a writer, it’s not a tough guess that I’m a “creator.” The strategist is the 2nd strongest component of my psyche. For that reason I enjoy the challenges that come with marketing myself as an indie author. Which is a good thing, because they are many. Four hundred books get published a day; if you don’t think it’s hard to get heard above that noise, you’re in for a rude awakening (as I was.) But those challenges awaken and stimulate the strategist in me and give him the opportunity he needs to blossom, which he might not otherwise ever get if I handed over all my marketing challenges to someone else (as topflight mainstream authors have the luxury of doing.)

The connector element in me is the weakest. I’m not the cocktail party schmoozer type. Not at all the politician or “smooth” guy, more the foot-in-mouth type. But owing to changes in the publishing industry, I have no choice but to come out of my shell a little more and interact with fans, fellow writers, and editors. Writing, like it or not, is becoming far more social as part of platform building. And if it weren’t for that, this part of my personality would likely remain atrophied. So writing, as it turns out, is not only the perfect occupation for me, it seems to be getting better for me all the time.

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

If you’d like to get on my email list (and I hope you do) to be apprised of upcoming titles, use the “contact me” form on my website, and make sure you specify your genres of choice. While most of my stuff falls comfortably under the labels of paranormal fantasy or sci-fi (or both), I do stray into other things as with Love on the Run (a romantic comedy slash action adventure.) I also have Strays coming out in 2015 which is also a romantic comedy and action adventure. In addition, 2015 and 2016 will be big for sci-fi and hi-tech paranoid conspiracy thrillers, albeit several of these will have a paranormal fantasy component (i.e. robots that are telepathic, telekinetic, and that teleport, or genetically altered people who can shapeshift, and so on.)

But since this tour is for Love on the Run, what I’d most like you to do is help me get the word out on it. Because as much as I love spending time with these characters, I first need to see if it pays the bills to warrant a sequel. You can help me out by writing reviews for me or telling someone about the book, or better yet, gifting it to them!

What are your hero and heroine of the story like?

They’re amazingly quick-witted. Between the one-liners coming at you a mile a minute, and the fast-thinking under pressure (the pressure of robbing banks, among other things), they couldn’t be more made for one another if they tried. Except no one seems to have told them that. Maybe that’s because they’re also opposites. He’s very pragmatic, focused on the problem at hand. She’s both a romantic and a bleeding-heart for every social cause, including some she’s never heard of. Riding along the roller coaster of ups and downs in their relationship is every bit as much fun as riding the roller coaster of ups and downs that comes with staying ahead of the crackerjack FBI profiler hounding them at every turn.

Love on the Run

by Dean C. Moore





Husband and wife thieves are on a mission. Just not the same one. He’s out to pay for her cancer therapy–at any costs. She’s out to humanize him, and make him less of a self-absorbed jerk.


The fast-talking, fast-acting, adrenaline seeking duo pick up a few on-again off-again sidekicks along their way, despite staunch protests from Zinio. But with all they’re up against–not the least of which being one smart, hound-dog of a lady detective–the question is: Can love conquer all?


“The story is smart and funny.”  R. D. Hale, Sky City: The Rise of an Orphan

“For the booklover that doesn’t like having his or her time wasted.”  Jack Heath, Remote Control

“This would make a brilliant movie or TV series.” Demelza Carlton, Ocean’s Gift

“Reminded me of The Thomas Crown Affair, down to the whip-cracking humor, the snazzy plot turns, and the character dynamics between the leads and the hotshot female detective on their tales.” Rhys Jones, The Whispering Void

“Only if you want an action packed read with fully developed and interesting characters.”  Victor Longshanks, One Big Problem


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Zinio pointed to the underwater sewer line emptying into the ocean.  Delaney nodded and swam up it ahead of him.  

Each time she saw a vertical shaft leading up to street level, Zinio shook his head no, and pointed to further down the tunnel, or left here, right there.  

They were nearly out of air when Zinio grabbed her and pointed upward.

Changing into street clothes that didn’t really look anything like their style—down to the funky hats to frustrate overhead surveillance cameras—they emerged out of the manhole.

Sauntering down the street a ways, he walked them inside a motorcycle shop, and bought them a pair of racing bikes.  

Outside the shop, the street racers were zooming by them on their motorcycles.  Zinio handed her a number, printed out in the store.

“How did…?”

“I didn’t really.  But when I told you to lose the tail, I had to account for the fact that it might take a while.  This race is West coast to East coast.  Perfect camouflage.  Beats the hell out of any other form of travel they’re likely to be tracking.”

“And if we’d landed in San Francisco?”

“There’s a cruise ship that gets us back to New York.”

“How could…?”

“You watch QVC late at night to clear your mind.”

“They have great deals on diamonds!  Okay, not as good as your after hour specials, but…”

“I watch Johnny Mnemonic.  The memory guy?”



“That you’d pass up the shopping channel for that.”


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


I write sci-fi, fantasy, action-adventures and thrillers, or some combination thereof—usually with a strong vein of dark humor.  Though, my works are dramas first; the humor is there to take the edge off as with the Raiders of the Lost Ark, Transformers, and Jurassic Park franchises.

I wrote screenplays for a while, and while enjoying them, I found them a bit confining.  After a while you just need the extra page count to flesh out characters better and do additional world building, especially when considering doing anything epic in scope.  I also took a run at future forecasting and trend tracking, being as I always had my head in the future, things like Alvin Toffler’s Future Shock.  I also relished this, and can certainly see myself releasing a few titles accordingly in the nonfiction area.  But since delving into novels, short and long, I’ve definitely found my home and my voice.  For the first time I feel the restraints have been taken off of my imagination.  I suppose all mediums have their limits, so I may end up doing a mix of things, but I suspect I will continue to spend most of my time with novels.  Series add an additional dimension, allowing for even more depth and development both in the character and world building departments.  But I remain at heart a divergent thinker, so, no surprise, I seem to have more series going than follow up installments at this point.  That too may change over time; we’ll see.  Until then, it may be best to just think of these books as one-offs if you’re fond of my writing style and some of the themes I work with.

My current catalog of twelve books represents a little over five years' worth of work.  I'm currently averaging a couple books annually.  Of my existing franchises with multiple installments, The Hundred Year Clone books can be read in any order, while the 5 books of Renaissance 2.0 must be read in sequence as they form part of a singular story arc (much as with A Game of Thrones.)

I live in the country where I breed bluebirds, which are endangered in these parts, as my small contribution to restoring nature's balance.  When I'm not writing, or researching my next book, I may also be found socializing with friends, or working in my organic garden.


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