Sunday, August 17, 2014

It's My Turn by Suzette Riddick: Spotlight


About the Book 

Forced to exist in a loveless marriage, Beatrice Warrington was powerless to stand up to her husband. So instead, she takes her anger and frustration out on those closest to her. After years of treating her loved ones horribly, she finds herself alienated, desperate and alone. Terrified, she reaches out to the only man who’s capable of helping her out of the mess she’s created.  And she will soon discover he will help her in ways she never imagined.

Charles Allen never expected the likes of Beatrice Warrington to land on his doorstep. For years he despised her because of her devious ways, so helping her was not an option. But a crazy thing happened. Against his better judgment, he agrees to come to her rescue. Little did he know, rescuing her would be the best thing to ever happen to him.

Meet the Author

My love for reading began when I was about eight years old. Charlotte’s Web by E.B. White was the first book I can remember reading. I have vivid memories of being excited about weekly trips to the library. I would search the shelves until I found the perfect book to take me on an adventurous journey.

It was at the age of fifteen when an upperclassman slipped me my first romance novel. Immediately I became engrossed in the romance genre. Years later when I discovered there were romance novels written by African American women with characters that looked like us, I nearly lost my mind! I have an extensive library of romance novels that just keeps growing and growing.

My love for the genre and a need to find a place of escapism is what encouraged me in 2008 to write my first novel A Special Summer. After receiving overwhelmingly positive feedback from readers wanting to know what was going to happen with the other characters I decided to write the sequel When Love Comes Around. And before I knew it the Love Conquers All Series was born. From this series Second Chance at Love was nominated for an Emma Award for E-book of the Year. Currently I’m working on a new series titled Love at Last.

Although reading and writing are near and dear to my heart, being a wife, mother and nurse practitioner is what brings me the most joy.





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