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Highland Promise by Mary McCall: Love in the Highlands Tour



Ten Things I Need to Write a Book

For every writer there’s a process and while some processes may be similar I think they are (at least slightly) different for everyone. Sometimes I need a reminder of the ingredients I need to write a book and decided to share the top ten with you.
1.       The glimmer of a story idea. It can come from anywhere from a previous book, a friend tossing me a book across the room to Sea World. All I need is an intriguing glimmer with which to play.
2.       A time period and culture that would make an exciting escape. I generally pick times and places that I have already studied or know fairly well because I’m a research whore. Give me a time and place I don’t know that requires massive research and I’ll get so into the discovery that I’ll procrastinate when it comes to writing. Geez, I think I’ve proven that.
3.       A hero and heroine I would like to have around. They’re going to be with me at least eight months to a year before they meet anyone else and I’ll be closed with them so it’s imperative we get along. I also spend more time on character development than on any other story aspect.
4.       A great to-die-for cause for both my hero and heroine that I find intriguing whether I agree with them or not. If there’s a great song that reflects the cause then I’ll be hearing it in my sleep.
5.       A hero and heroine that don’t mind writing their own story. I always know I’m writing what I’ll like if I feel more like a transcriber of someone else’s tale. It’s hard to explain but it’s like I’m watching a movie and my characters become directors if I don’t go along with what I see and hear. I also find myself able to slip more emotional tension and emotional releases in when I follow this process.
6.       3000-3x5 index cards. Don’t laugh too hard! It’s my brainstorming method. Once certain ingredients are in place, I spend five to seven days putting any thought that crosses my mind over a four hour period on individual index cards. When I get to the end, I put the cards away for a couple of days. Then I pull them out and start sorting them. I’ll end up with ideas for another project if it’s on my mind, trash cards, duplicates, and also cards pertaining to my current work. Interestingly, once sorted I can start organizing the cards and general the entire book with be written on a couple of thousand cards, while my mind is clear of future projects and trash.
7.       6-8 cloth-bound journals. I do all my first drafts   and initial edits longhand. I like the cloth-bound journals Davis Kidd’s Bookstore used to sell because they were lighter. They’ve also gotten very hard to find and when you do, they cost ten prices. I absolutely hate to read or write on a computer because I associate computers with work and for me reading and writing are pleasure, play and puzzle-solving.
8.       Plenty of #5 leads for mechanical pencils and free-flowing pens with blue ink.  I can’t stand to run out of either in the middle of a scene and I generally keep enough for two books on hand.
9.       Systematic goals to ignore. Not really. I just like to write to-do lists. Now if my inner procrastinator will quit hiding them with the help of my inner prankster, then I might just read them and be more productive.
10.   Daily playtime with my Maltese, Regina, and plenty of rest with no worries.

Have a wonderful day that’s filled with wonderful reading and writing!

Mary McCall

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Title:  Highland Promise
Series:  Sisters by Choice #2
Author:  Mary McCall
Published:  January 2012
Publisher:   Champagne Book Group
Word Count: 107,000
Genre:  Historical Romance
Recommended Age:  16+ 


Ordered by King Alexander to wed an Englishwoman, Laird Brendan Sutherland heads to England to find and wed the sister of his best friend’s wife to settle a debt. He intends to beget a few heirs and forget the lass. He has no use for love, and among his clanswomen, he is known as Stoneheart.

After being falsely accused of the Sin of Eve when she was twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise. Due to a despicable penance given by a zealot priest, she believes she must enter a convent and live a life of penance or suffer perpetual damnation.

Learning her brother intends to ambush an approaching Highland party, Faith intercepts Brendan and his men and asks their aid in reaching the convent at Saint Bride. Brendan quickly sees through her disguise. Realizing she’s the woman he promised to wed, he agrees to take her with him when he goes home. After a court scandal, King Henry orders them to wed. Faith fears Brendan will never trust her when he learns of her deception. As they return to the Highlands with a killer on their trail, Brendan discovers he can’t remain aloof from the woman destined to restore his faith in love.

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Excerpt from Highland Promise by Mary McCall:

Falsely accused of the Sin of Eve at age twelve, Lady Faith of Hawkhurst hides her beauty beneath a hideous disguise and seeks help from a Highlander passing through her brother’s land. Laird Brendan Sutherland realizes she’s disguised but wants a good look at her, realizing Faith is the woman he promised his best friend’s wife he would marry if he could find her. After a court scandal, King Henry orders them wed, and Faith fears Brendan will never trust her when he learns of her deception; but they have bigger problems with a killer following them home to the Highlands.


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Meet the Author:

Best-selling Historical Romance author Mary McCall has been telling stories all her life. Now she writes humorous and adventurous historical romances set mainly in the medieval Highlands and England. She is a member of Romance Writers of America; Founding President of Hearts Through History Romance Writers; member of Celtic Hearts Romance Writers; member of The Golden Network; member of River City Romance Writer; member of Faith, Hope & Love, Inc.; and member of Savvy Authors and member of Fiction Christian Writers Association. She loves history, has a particular fondness for the Greek through Medieval periods, and is glad research for her books has finally utilized her ability to speak Latin. Weaving Celtic lore with Arthurian legend, Greco-Roman myths and fun characters makes her current project fun and exciting. She resides in Memphis, Tennessee with her Maltese, Regina Catriona, who runs the apartment.


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Title:  Dreams in Green
Author:   K. D. Fisk
Published:  March 2012
Publisher:  Champagne Book Group
Word Count:   54,000
Genre:  Historical Romance
Content Warning:  PG-13



With the death of her father, Lenna Keith is trapped between a king’s command and a land hungry guardian. Her luck improves none as she flees and winds up at the mercy of the Gunns, the very clan seeking to destroy her family, but, looking into the eyes of their Laird, her heart rebels at the thought that this man is her adversary.

Alax Gunn is intrigued by this spirited woman but mostly by the fact that she mirrors someone who has haunted him since youth. Curiosity and mistrust turn to attraction and desire, but swiftly she becomes so much more to him. What all will he sacrifice to keep Lenna safe and in his arms? Will a love between two destined enemies bring an end to a feud or to two ancient clans of Scotland?

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Dedicated Tour Post coming August 4th

 photo Highland-Honor.jpgTitle:  Highland Honor
Author:   Angela Ashton
Published:  November 3rd, 2013
Publisher: Champagne Book Group
Word Count:   119,000
Genre:  Historical Romance
Recommended Age:  17+
Darius MacDuff was at his zenith in the midst of a raging battle. He never expected his home would one day become his most treacherous battlefield…nor would his most lethal opponent come in the form of a shapely siren. Delicious deception, her weapon of choice.
Rival Scottish Clans. An ancient relic. One has possession. The other will stop at nothing to obtain it…
The honorable Clan MacDuff has protected the coveted relic for centuries. When rival Clan MacAlpin discovers the eldest brother of the MacDuff is to take a wife, their scheming materializes in the form of deceit as they kidnap Alick MacDuff’s betrothed and send their sister in her place.
Tegan MacAlpin has no choice but to pretend to want to be bride to her blood enemy. But once inside Castle MacDuff she fears her ability to procure the relic before Darius, Alick’s dangerously handsome and highly suspicious younger brother, discovers her treachery. When all is said and done, will she remain loyal to her clan in hopes of claiming her long-sought freedom, or bend to the bidding of a forbidden nemesis? In the end, it all comes down to a question of honor…

Dedicated Tour Post coming August 12th

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