Thursday, June 26, 2014

Rhapsody in Paris by Ju Ephraime: Spotlight


Ephraimes highly anticipated finale to her best selling LaCasse series #1 bestselling series that began with, State of Ecstasy, with Wolfe and Daphne, followed by, Loving Therese, with Foxx and Therese, then Complete Surrender, with Raymond and Gabrielle, all set in the French Caribbean island of Martinique. Now, with Rhapsody in Paris, the last of the LaCasses siblings, Ephraime has taken us to Paris for the grand finale. Hold on to your seat, and be prepared to be impressed.

This couldn’t be happening to her. A fall on the track where she runs every day, a chance meeting with the most handsome stranger she’s ever seen, and Franchesca LaCasse, an accomplished biochemist, usually able to handle any situation, finds herself hungering for the stranger’s touch, as he gently caresses her face to determine the extent of her injury. With each touch of his hand, he draws her like a moth to flame.

“Look at you,” he whispered, his accent thick and gravelly, the thickest she’d ever heard it.

Damon Dumont comes to an abrupt stop to avoid running over the woman lying in his path on the track; he can’t just walk away. She is not moving. He turns her over to check for a pulse and is not prepared for the unusual beauty of the woman. Everything about her fascinates him, her gorgeous eyes, and the pièce de résistance, her beautiful head of hair—flaming red, his weakness. He calls for the paramedics, and when they arrive decides to accompany her to the hospital. In this moment of near crisis, a spark has been struck and neither can escape the sensual fire that threatens to consume them as they surrender to passion’s embrace.

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“RHAPSODY IN PARIS represents everything fans of high heat, contemporary romance are looking for. -- 5 stars” - Micki Peluso, Writer/journalist.

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