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Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever Afters Collection


Love, Laughter, and Happily Ever Afters Collection
Eight Fun Romantic Novels by Eight Bestselling Authors
Publication date: June 24th 2014
Genres: Romance


Description (for individual book blurbs of all included books, see attached document):

EIGHT full-length FUN, Romantic Novels by Eight Bestselling Authors

An all-star collaboration by some of today's most popular New York Times, USA Today, Amazon, and B&N bestselling authors. From the funny & sweet to the steamy & heartfelt, this collection has EIGHT full-length FUN, romantic love stories hand-picked to bring a smile to your face this summer. This is a limited edition collection available until July only so get your copy today!

At just ***99 CENTS*** for over 1,800+ pages, that's a huge SAVINGS of over 95% off retail for the individual novels sold separately!

-- On Any Given Sundae -- USA Today Bestselling Author Marilyn Brant
-- Finding The Right Girl -- New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Violet Duke
-- Sweet To You -- B&N, iBooks & Amazon Bestselling Author Jessie Evans
Unafraid -- USA Today Bestselling Author Melody Grace
-- Love Love -- Amazon Bestselling Author Beth Michele
-- Tempting Love -- Amazon Bestselling Author Melanie Shawn
-- Not Over You -- New York Times & USA Today Bestselling Author Marquita Valentine
-- Getting Out Of Hand -- And in her indie debut, Amazon & Samhain bestselling author, Erin Nicholas w/a never before published novel from her brand new Sapphire Falls series



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“You have no filter whatsoever,” growled Brian softly. “Not with what you do or say, and especially not with how you react.”
“That’s not my fault. You can just point that finger at yourself, buddy,” Tessa grumbled back before snapping her mouth shut.
Alright, so maybe he was right about the filter thing.
Man, if looks could strip. She’d never felt this naked before, this out of control. Inwardly, she sighed. The guy just brought out the uncivilized in her.
Oh well. She came this far—may as well see where this ride ends. “You heard me.” Her chin came up defiantly. “I can’t think when you talk in that ridiculously sexy voice. Or when your biceps suddenly double in size in the middle of even the simplest of tasks, like lifting a coffee mug. And don’t get me started on your eyes. My god, I almost walked into a wall the last time you smiled and your eyes went from that soft ocean blue to deep turquoise. I mean who does that?!”
It was like she just couldn’t stop talking.
When he came to a standstill and stared at her like she’d lost her mind, she huffed, “It’s simply not reasonable to expect a girl to have a filter with all that steamy-eyed, bicep-bulging, talking-like-a-wet-dream-voice-over madness going on!”
Huh, so where might one buy one of these filters, she wondered.
SWEET TO YOU by Jessie Evans
He crushed his lips to Maddie’s, his tongue swirling through her mouth as if he were determined to devour her from the neck down. She tasted like heaven, a mix of whiskey and Coke and a salty, sexy taste that was all woman, all Maddie, and more intoxicating than any alcoholic beverage.
UNAFRAID by Melody Grace
      “Say it,” he demands. “If you want me to go, just tell me, and I swear I’ll never bother you again.”
I open my mouth. The words are there, so simple on my tongue, but nothing comes out. One simple lie, that’s all it would take, and I’d be free from him forever.
But it’s still a lie. I can’t do it, not to him. Not when Hunter is the only truth I’ve ever known.
I exhale a slow sigh and press my lips shut in defeat.
There’s a beat, and then victory blazes, fierce in Hunter’s eyes.
“Brit,” he whispers. I wait for him to make his move, breath catching in my throat, but instead of a rough hold, he reaches for me gently, lifting one hand to touch my face in a slow, sweet caress.
I tremble. His fingertips softly stroke the outline of my jaw, like he’s memorizing every contour, watching me so closely that I feel more naked than when I was half-dressed.
 It’s too much. I try to turn my head away, but he gently takes hold of my chin and keeps my face steady in place, so I have no choice but to meet his eyes again and lose myself in that piercing blue stare.
He sees right through me.
I can’t fight it with a quip or a barbed comment. I can’t break away. His eyes demand everything from me, and I have no choice but to surrender. I feel naked, stripped bare, like all my fears and dreams and insecurities are right there for him to see. The worst of me, my darkest secrets.
Still, he doesn’t look away.
TEMPTING LOVE by Melanie Shawn
Haley, it’s me,” he said as she jumped about a foot off the ground and spun around, sucking in a terrified breath.
On instinct, his arms wrapped around her and he pulled her close to him. For a moment she was tense and poised to fight, but then her eyes softened with recognition as her body molded against his. She was clutching her hands to her chest, but he could still feel her full breasts pressed against his chest as he held her.
His hands spread out on the small of her back and his fingers rested against the delicate dip of her spine. For just a moment, Eddie closed his eyes and let himself feel.
Never before had they been this close. Body to body. Pressed up against each other. He’d made it a point never to touch her. Whenever she would hug him, he’d made sure that full-body contact had not occurred and he’d always done the one-arm pat move.
Now he knew for a fact that had been the right thing to do because the feel of her in his arms was…amazing. Right. Perfect.
You scared me.” Her quiet voice drifted into his consciousness.
I’m sorry,” he rasped as he opened his heavy-lidded eyes. Looking down, he was temporarily speechless at what he saw. Her huge baby blues were staring up at him through long, inky lashes. Her full, pink lips parted as she took in short pants of breath. The seductive line of her cleavage was heaving against him through labored breathing.
Need. Arousal. Desire. All of those things coursed through his veins like raging water in the rapids. His fingers tightened at the strength of it, pulling her body even closer to his. A groan ripped from his chest as a needy sigh escaped Haley’s perfect mouth.
Dammit. This had to stop.
GETTING OUT OF HAND by Erin Nicholas
His eyes were focused on her lips. Her heart tripped and she pressed her hand against her chest.
“How is dancing better than kissing?” he asked.
His voice sounded a little husky. Which was dumb, because she didn’t know him well enough to really know what his voice usually sounded like.
“Um.” She rubbed the pads of her first three fingers in a circle on her chest, willing her heart to slow. With a deep breath, she dropped her hand. “A dance lasts longer than a kiss, for one thing.”
He leaned in closer, his eyes on hers now. “I think maybe you’ve been kissing the wrong guys.”





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