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Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree by Ardys Reverman: Spotlight and Excerpt


On their journey, Bliss, Faith, Will and Bond face the forces of nature and an even worse foe—Chaos whips up trouble wherever she goes. The kids find help from a lovable bunch of mysterious Synergy Pals, far more than the sum of their parts. They meet wise guides, who set them on the right path. Once they find the map at the Heartwood Tree, it proves to be an even greater treasure then any of them could imagine.
Genres: Children/Tween
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Will started up the path again and the others scrambled after him, keeping their eyes peeled for the other items they still needed to find. The trees began to thin and the bushes grew larger and larger, with tightly tangled branches. Will forged forward as the trailblazer, pushing the branches aside as he went, with Bliss right on his heels. She caught the branches before they smacked her in the face and held them back for Bond. He grabbed them out of Faith’s way, but still, they nearly whipped her in the face because she had her nose in her notebook, trying to get a handle on the task at hand.
Feeling a tickle sensation, Bond wiggled and laughed. “Faith, stop tickling me!”
“I’m not touching you, weirdo!” Faith yelled.
“Then what” Bond looked down and saw willowy branches tickling his belly and ribs. He laughed. “Help!”
Suddenly the branches hugged Faith and lifted her off the ground. She struggled hard, trying desperately to touch her feet to the ground. “I’d love to but I’m all tied up.”
Bliss turned around. “Will you guys stop messing around?” A branch messed up her hair, removed her sunglasses and tied her yellow scarf in a big bow. She batted at the branches to stop. “Let me go!”
“You guys are such wimps. It’s just stupid branches.” Will forced his body forward but the branches impeded his progress. He was stuck!
“What are we going to do?” Bliss said looking at her teammates caught in the branches.
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About the Author:

ArdyArdys Reverman is an internationally acclaimed as an innovative educator on the marvels and mysteries of the brain. Originally inspired by her own life as a Mom, her quest to understand innate talents add up to different way for being smarter together. In 1982, Ardys founded the Communication Technology courses through which she developed a global educational curriculum, enrolling participants in the developmental path toward the next state of human evolution. She recently published a children’s book, Riddle of We at the Heartwood Tree.
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