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Complete by Lindy Zart: Tens List and Excerpt

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Title:   Complete

Series:  Incomplete #2

Author:  Lindy Zart

Published:  March 15th, 2014

Word Count:  82,500

Genre:  New Adult Romance

Recommended Age:  16+

Synopsis: If the truth sets one free, why does Lily Jacobs feel so trapped?

She’s learned doing the right thing isn’t always best and now she is living the consequences of her greatest sacrifice. Every day since Grayson Lee left is one she wishes he hadn’t. Years have gone by since their friendship turned to more and then was eradicated by Lily alone; enough time for their young love to fade. Only it hasn’t, not for Lily.

Now he is back and seeing him is devastating to her at the same time it is rapture. She tries to accept that they cannot be together, but everything inside her shouts that they should be; that they only fit with each other. And so she has to accept the greatest truth of all: She loves him still. She loves him enough not to let him go this time.


Excerpt from Complete by Lindy Zart:

I sit down and hazard a glance at him. “Sorry about my mom.”
He laughs. “Your mom is amazing.”
“She’s pushy.”
“She means well.”
“I doubt you want to be doing such trivial things as mowing lawns while you’re here.”
He shrugs, taking a drink of his tea. “I don’t mind. It’s kind of nice to do manual labor for a change.”
“What do you normally do for manual labor? File your nails? Maybe flex your biceps for photo shoots?”
“Ouch. You just demoralized my manhood. It may never recover.”
A smile takes over my mouth. “I’m sure one simpering look from a female and it will be restored.”
“Depends on the girl.”
“Oh, I doubt that.”
A snort is his only response.
What 10 things do you most enjoy?
There are so many things I take joy from that this is going to be hard to narrow down. I'll state the obvious first:
My sons' laughter. Hearing them laugh makes me want to laugh.
The sun. Everything is better when the sun is shining.
Music. Each song is a little story with the power to move people in great ways.
Coffee. I sort of need it.
Reading. Being pulled into another reality by words alone is a gift, and those that can do this for readers, should be thanked daily. (Thank you!)
Of course I love writing. I'm obsessed with the need to create and have the words I spin together mean something.
Going for walks. This relaxes me and it's a good time to think, to enjoy nature and the peace you can find in it.
 Singing. I like karaoke.
 Dancing. I've been known to cut loose.
Bright, bold, clashing colors. Hot pink and neon orange? Why not?
Individualism. I've been asked who I strive to be like as an author. I answer with either, “No one” or “Me”. I want people to remember me for my ability, not someone I write similarly to. We should all be ourselves and we should all love what we are and never want to be anything else, even in writing.


Lindy Zart photo LindyZart.jpgAbout the Author:

Lindy Zart has been writing since she was a child. Luckily for readers, her writing has improved since then. She lives in Wisconsin with her husband, two sons, and one cat. Lindy loves hearing from people who enjoy her work.


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