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Anything for Love by Darry Fraser: Interview and Excerpt



Welcome Darry!  Thanks for visiting!   :)  Tell us about your current release.

Anything For Love has elements in it that I have experienced – being so frazzled at work that you’re distracted every minute of the day, from getting dressed (properly!) in the morning to not knowing which way you’re supposed to be facing in the afternoon.  But it’s also to do with the unexplained, the (wonderfully descriptive word) synchronicity of certain points in our lives, and how our emotions and experiences of the moment can change our thoughts and therefore our feelings, forever.

I loved writing Anything For Love – while I tapped it all out on the keyboard, my characters Tilla and Kent were guiding my hand. I absolutely trust that feeling that I’m being guided, and when it came to editing, they were even more insistent on my getting it right.

The main premise for the story had its beginnings in fact, too – certain clients of mine were booked into delightful isolation for 3 days on Kangaroo Island off the coast of South Australia (that island is very much like Australis Island of the story…) only to find when they arrived that another couple had also been booked into the place at the same time. Luckily not my fault, luckily it too was resolved successfully, but it led me to thinking ‘what-if?’ …

Tell us about your next release.

This one is due out in May and hasn’t yet got a name yet – I call it Desert as a working title. It’s set in Central Australia, and the main characters are Toni MacDonnell and Callum Parker.

Her father has left his three kids, Toni and her two brothers – with a very small inheritance after the surprised sale of the family cattle station upon his death. Callum Parker and his company have bought it, with a clause written in by Toni’s father that she is to work for Callum for 12 months in order to gain what inheritance might be left after the family’s debts are paid.

Toni doesn’t like that idea too much and she is pretty strong headed. But then, so is Callum Parker. It was fun, fun to write, fun to remember the heat and the dust, fun to play with my dogs again.

I lived in Central Australia - Alice Springs and also at Uluru (when it was still officially Ayers Rock) and it was an awe-inspiring landscape of culture and art that you just don’t forget. It’s been said that the red dirt is in your blood forever.

Who are your books published with? – an Australian boutique publisher who I know is fast gaining worldwide recognition in the industry. I’m so lucky and thankful that the CEO walked into my shop one day (fancy her living less than 100kilmetres / 60 miles away!!!) a couple of years ago wanting to order some printing work done. It happened to be a promo booklet for a writer’s conference.

I took that to be quite a serendipitous occasion and I approached her then with the idea of her reading some of my stuff, and was absolutely delighted when two weeks later she offered to publish Money For Blood.

Steamereads publishes all sorts of fiction for women, and a ‘stream’ rating is on each book they sell. Mine generally sit at 2 or 3 ‘steams’ – sensual to sexy, where 1 is sweet, 4 and 5 are spicy to sizzling. I enjoy that mine are in the 2-3 rating; I feel there they denote that my characters do get together between the sheets, but that it is part of the story, not the whole…as it is in real life.

The team at Steamereads are very approachable, professional and a delight to deal with.


Plotter or Pantser? Why? 

Hmmm – always a tricky question.

I can plot! Yes I can – I can. 

But I don’t usually stick with it … those headstrong characters seem to go off on a tangent and can change things on me pretty quickly. I suppose I have a loose reference, I certainly do not plot chapter to chapter. I do actually wait to see how my characters get to where I believe they should be and then watch as they take a great leap into the unknown. 

Sometimes I have a fabulous ending paragraph written and weave the story around to that. By the time I get there though, that ending turns out to be not so fabulous so it gets changed too. . Such is a writer’s life. But it’s always a surprise, the journey; okay, okay, we all love a happy ending or a happily for now ending, so the journey has to be interesting and fresh and in context with who the characters are.  

Not sure I’ve actually answered the question – maybe because I’m a bit of both. And the ‘why’ part is easy – it just happens.

A few personal bits about me

·         I’m a morning person, but can work late into the night. I’d be a chirpy bird.

·         What’s under my bed? Dust – of course. Along with my dear old dog’s last toys; my very first print copies of two novels of mine which were published in 2001.

·         My favourite meal? Anything with friends

·         At present I do not have critique or beta readers. Bit shy to ask, really. And when I did I was told their TBR list was too extensive…

·         My friends think I’m extrovert – I’m mostly funny (I think), loud (not excrutiatingly), blend well, like to laugh and make others laugh.

·         I love dogs, dolphins and chickens. (We call chickens ‘chooks’ in Australia. One of my sheds for my chooks was called La Chookery; a friend’s is called Taj Ma-Chook). Chickens and dogs do feature in some of my stories, and dolphins will in the future

·         To a bad review of my book, I bite my lip, read the sensible comments, take them on board and discard to stupid ones. Then I move on and get better at my craft.

·         My family think I write mushy love stories. I think they were hoping I’d be the next JK Rowling, or Jodie Picoult. Maybe I was too, but I like the stories I write. My mother (bless her socks) thinks I could be very famous… just not with the stories I currently write. Hmmm. Move over, Hemingway.


When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?


I work full time for myself Monday to Friday and half of Saturday and I’m pretty strict separating that part of my life from my writing, so I limit myself to weekend writing by day and night and weeknights between 8pm and midnight (if I can last till midnight). On a weekend if I get a good run at it after all the chores, I can sit writing for hours on end. Sometimes four to six hours just completely disappear.

It could be working a new story and moving it forward or it could be editing work ready for submission or for publication. I love editing and I LOVE editors – my editors know I do, too.

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words

Fulfilling. Thrilling. Absorbing.

Do you have a Website or Blog?

I have a website – My blog is on the website, but I’m not a master of that yet. I will be though!

Quickie Questions – off the cuff!

Bucket list – to be a best selling author

Favourite authors – currently Jodie Picoult

Favourite books – Mists of Avalon

If I was stranded on an island, what things would I most want with me – If I was on my own, lots of rocks on the beach to spell out my SOS

If I was stranded on an island, a person I would want with me – A handy man… I don’t mean a handyman, I mean a man who’s a multi-tasker. Preferably in survival. (Ermm, not Bear G though. No offense. J) Some one man who could build us shelter, hunt the food I’d cook, er … could light a fire … and lift the heavier rocks in our SOS on the beach.

Favourite song – nup, can’t choose – there are hundreds across all music genres.

Least favourite foods – octopus.

Things that drive me insane? – People chatting/laughing at inappropriate times when they’re at the theatre/movie/funerals/or when they’re working as check-out operators!

Dead people I wish I’d known? – My maternal grandmother

Things I most enjoy? – The things I do.

Thank you so much for hosting me today – it’s been a pleasure.

Anything for Love

by Darry Fraser




Tilla is the managing director of a temping staff agency who finds herself enmeshed in Kent Taylor’s business world, which includes an IT takeover. When she decides to work in his office as one of his temporary staff members they clash, so she keeps her identity to herself. When they both decide to take a break from their crazy business lives, they have no clue it’s at the same place, in the same house and at the same time, on the isolated north west coast of rugged Australis Island.

She tells herself she can’t bear to be near him one moment longer ... until they find a way to be together. But when he has to suddenly leave their hideaway and doesn’t give her a backward glance, she realises she shouldn’t have done just anything for love.


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The loft. There was a swag in the loft - she’d take the swag, a little extra food and she’d sleep out for the night.


That’s what I’ll do. Arrangement, be damned.


She ran for the bedroom and rummaged around her tote-bag, found a notepad and with a black, large felt-tip pen, stroked out a message in large, plain, fierce block print.


“‘Entertain yourself. I’ve changed my arrangements for the evening. Don’t bother to look for me.’” She streaked four big black lines under ‘arrangements’ and left the note on the kitchen bench.


Tilla dumped her bags and climbed the ladder to the loft. The swag was there in the corner, more than likely right where she’d left it the last time. She threw it to the floor and climbed down the ladder.


She knew a great spot a few hundred metres from the cabin. It gave her a chance to feel really isolated, yet secure in the knowledge that she wasn’t far from the cabin. She’d not ever been the type to simply brave the wild and go trooping off into the wilderness alone.


It was a great spot, and it’d give her the solitude she needed.


She hoped it would annoy the hell out of Kent Taylor.


AUTHOR Bio and Links:


I have been writing since a very young age. I was the one at school with the home-penned plays and stories, the entertaining ideas and the grand vision, believing I had great talent. Wrong.


I believed that because I could put words on a page in a grammatically acceptable way and tell a reasonable story that I was ‘an author’. Technically, I suppose I was, but the apprenticeship as a ‘writer' – to labour the difference - is a long and hard road.


One day, I had what I still call a little ‘thing’ – I saw my late grandfather in his World War One trench gear talking to ‘me’ at my desk and suddenly the words flowed and so did the short story which was published within two weeks in an Australian national women’s magazine.


So I revisited all my short stories and my novel-length stories and found success again with four short stories and then two short novels in 2001/2.


Alas, life got in the way once more. I kept writing, but in the dark so to speak. I used it as a means of escape, as a retreat and I was able to create my own HEA or HFN.


Then life took another turn and I figured that I had nothing to lose. I dusted off quite a number of manuscripts and began to whip them into shape. At a serendipitous meeting with my current publisher, Nicola at SteamEreads, she agreed to read my current work at the time.  It was a 67,000 word unedited novel, which she accepted. It was published in June – Money For Blood.


Since then I have had three other novels and two novellas accepted, all HEA/HFN.


I currently have four books published with Steam eReads.




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