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Three Minutes to Happiness by Sally Clements: Spotlight and Excerpt


Three Minutes to Happiness (The Logans, Book Two)

by Sally Clements

Chick-lit/Women's Fiction, Contemporary Romance

Categories: Comedy

Publisher: Sally Clements

Release Date: February 1, 2014

Word Count: 47,000

Heat Rating: Steamy


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Photographer Valentine Jones doesn’t believe in love, but when her romantic friend Maggie drags her along to a speed dating event, she finds herself reluctantly attracted to architect Finn Logan. Against her better instincts, she ticks yes on her scorecard to seeing him again. He never calls. 

Finn shouldn’t have flirted with Val at the speed dating event. He was there to chaperone his wayward niece, not find another girlfriend – he has two already. When he meets Val again at his cousin’s wedding, he tries to explain, and ends up kissing her instead. 

Finn’s company need a photographer to nail an important contract, and Val needs the job. Before long, Finn has dissolved his harem, and persuaded Val into his bed. She’s all for a quick fling, but nothing more – a ruined marriage has taught her that love is an illusion. But Finn’s ruthless pursuit is making her change her mind, until the party at his parents’ house that changes everything…



Val gritted her teeth in a parody of a grin that was closer to rictus than pleasant. She’d been busy all morning photographing a newly engaged couple and then snatched a quick sandwich Fiona had fetched from the deli on the corner. The clients had arrived before she’d even finished her coffee, together with their three-month-old puppy and year-old child. They’d wanted a picture of “their wonderful friendship”, to “treasure for always”.

They were out of their frickin’ minds.

“He’s just started crawling,” the mother said proudly. Crawling after the puppy and pulling its tail. The usual photography spot on a raised dais was completely out of the question, so Val had dressed an area of floor, lit it, and now the only challenge was to frame both baby and puppy in the same shot.

It sounded easy, but was turning out to be impossible. Once she had the baby positioned, facing the lens, and smiling, the puppy either wandered off, pooped, or licked the child’s face, resulting in both parents diving into view to pull the puppy off. 

“Maybe if we give puppy one of his toys?” she suggested, picking up a red rubber bone from the floor, “it might keep him occupied.” She was tempted to give one to the baby as well. Picture that as a Christmas card. Baby and Puppy enjoying their treats. Before she could help herself, she started to laugh at the idea, but quickly changed her laughter into a cough, which came out more as a mutant snort. 

The baby’s father had reached the end of his rope. His teeth were gritted so hard he was in danger of shattering his back teeth. Maybe a rubber bone for him too. 

“Okay.” The baby’s mother sat her son back in place, and settled the puppy next to him. She proffered the bone to the puppy who took it in his mouth. Val held her breath as she watched through the viewfinder. “That’s it,” she breathed. “Just back away a tiny bit…” Her finger hovered over the shutter release. 

The sudden ring of the telephone cued pandemonium. 

The baby looked toward the ringing noise, and the puppy dropped the bone and erupted in a flurry of barks. 

Val wanted to storm out, scream, or preferably both. “Damn!”


About The Author:

Sally Clements writes fun, sexy and real contemporary romance, partnering hot heros with heroines that know what they want, and go for it! She’s a voracious reader, and considers writing for a living the perfect job—the only downside is saying goodbye to her characters at book’s end!
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