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Spllinter by Sherri Fulmer Moorer: Spotlight and Excerpt



The year is 3001, and history takes a critical turn when Earth is destroyed by a solar flare. As Dr. Leigh Lybrand and her colleagues explore ways to survive in orbit of Jupiter, dark matter rips open the fabric of space and time, allowing them to see parallel universes. When the visions reveal that a radical religious group planned Earth’s destruction, Leigh must make a choice: Accept her fate, or use what she’s learned to save humanity; even if it means betraying the one closest to her in a parallel universe and sacrificing herself in this one. 



They awoke sixteen hours later to the thump of the ship as it docked with Jovan I. The intercom crackled to life and Valerie’s melodious voice floated through the ship. “Ladies and gentlemen, thanks for your cooperation. Please exit the ship and follow your escort to the safety area for processing and debriefing.”

“Processing and debriefing already?” Amelia asked. “What’s going on? They only put you in stasis if there’s an emergency.”

“You’ll find out when you board,” the stern woman snapped. “Welcome to Jovan I, ladies and gentlemen. I’m Dr. Regina Rosemblume, astrophysicist, assistant director of Jovan I, and your escort. Please follow me and keep your spacesuits on until you’re given the clear to remove them.”

“What a grump,” Leigh mumbled, falling in the middle of the line. They exited the transport ship and proceeded through a long corridor that lead from the docking bay to the station.

“Look at that! Have you ever seen such a thing?” Amelia exclaimed. The corridor was made of clear tubing.

“It’s like walking in space!” Leigh exclaimed.

The line proceeded through the corridor as people marveled at the sights of outer space surrounding them: Jupiter and Eurpoa above, Gandymede in the distance, the stars surrounding them, and the diminished glow of the sun in the distance. Leigh squinted as she saw what looked like a streak of fire waving in space. She
stopped and pointed.

“What’s that?” she asked.

The line stopped as Dr. Rosemblume approached her position. Sure enough, a fiery streak rippled through the void of space. Leigh squinted to take in the flashes that erupted as the streak passed through objects between them and the Asteroid Belt.

“That’s a CME!” Leigh shouted.

“A CME?” Amelia asked. “What’s that?”

“A coronal mass ejection,” Leigh said. “A solar flare.”

She paled and turned to Dr. Rosemblume. “Do you have a safety area on the station that’s shielded from radiation?”

Dr. Rosemblume nodded. “We do, but Jupiter’s magnetosphere should protect us.”

Leigh turned toward the streak that seemed to grow as it passed through space, burning everything in its path. She recalled a saying she heard her  childhood teachers use in her Christian School.

The first time man died by water. The second time man dies by fire.

The station vibrated as the front edge of the CME approached Jupiter’s magnetosphere. Fire spread in an arc around them. “It’s
not just a solar flare. It’s Armageddon.” Leigh turned to the shocked faces behind her. “Run! Everybody in the station!”

The corridor erupted in screams and bodies rushing for the door as the flame surrounded them with fire.


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 About the Author:
By day, Sherri Fulmer Moorer is a humble program assistant working in professional licensing. By night, she’s an independent author writing mystery novels. She has published several titles including Blurry, Quarantine, Anywhere But Here, Move, and Splinter.

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