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Ivory by F.M. Sherrill: Interview and Excerpt


Author Interview:


Tell us about your current release?

I decided to do a dark fantasy for my first novel. I wanted a flip on the old vampire lore, mixed with a little bit of rustic futuristic abandoned technology (yes, I’m a Firefly/Serenity fan). I liked fusing the stark realities of day and night, masculine vs. feminine, and of course what’s all of that without
blood, war, lust, love, and pure evil…

 What was one of the most surprising things you learned while writing your books?

I’m not a regimented person. I like to leave wiggle room for rolling down green hills in parks, chasing butterflies, staring up into deep sky, howling at the moon and being all around absorbed into creating. However, saying that no matter what happens, I’m going to write for an hour a day… every day… really worked! I was able to finish this book and now I’m plowing through two others. I
thought you had to follow the inspiration, but forget that, you just hunt it down and force it to give you the goods! An hour a day folks, that’s all it takes to whip these pups out (I’m yelling this to my old procrastinating self still sitting on the couch watching Goonies for the 100th time).

What was the scariest moment of your life?

The scariest moment in my life comes and goes. It started happening as a child. I’ll have this moment, where I’m aware that I’m in my body. That I’m HERE, in this moment, not caught in the act of doing or thinking. At that moment I realize my limitlessness. Like the soul inside me breathes and I feel connected to everything and nothing. I just simply exist. Then the wheels begin spinning
and I’m back to preoccupying myself with the drama of the ‘story of my life.’ But it’s always an intense moment, like touching death and infinity. Like a black hole and the sun.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

As a child I wanted to be an alien. I seriously thought that I had crash landed, had my memory damaged and was now forced to live a human life. I would look up at the stars and sigh, wondering when I’d get to go home again. My poor parents, lol.

What is it that you like to do when you’re not reading/writing?

I love to garden. Right now I’m into cactus and succulents. They’re like little monster freak babies, that just want a little bit of water, and lost of sunshine. I adore them. I also sew. I opened and Etsy with Becca C. Smith called Girls Sewing Stuffs where we sell little nerd plushes. Once a month we have a free give-away linked to our blog Girls Writing Coffee. In our blog we go around rating different coffee shops for eats, treats, and the writing atmosphere. When I’m not doing that I’m singing, playing chess, studying physics, teaching yoga, practicing Wing Chun (Kung Fu), or dreaming of the day when my mother ship (or a Tardis) will come and take me off this blue ball.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so, what are they?

In the nerd lines of Galaxy Quest, “never give up, never surrender!” This reality can be a cruel and unfriendly place. It can take something delicate like a rose and rip it to shreds. Don’t give up brave hearts! If you’re tired, afraid, disappointed, and unsure, trust your heart. Trust in your dream and 
believe in yourself, even if you’re the only one that does. Be your own champion. It’s a paler life living without that fire of inspiration, don’t turn your back on it, dive in and leave the rest to dust and ash. Shine like the beautiful amazing talent you are! And find good editors…. and become a good editor;)

 Entice us, what future projects are you considering? Tell us about your next release.


Right now I’m working on two novels. One is a dark post-apocalyptic werewolf novel called Cry Wolf. The other is a joint novel with Becca C. Smith called Black Sunrise. She can write light, upbeat characters without batting an eyelash. For me, they’re gritty and dark. So we’ve combined our strengths on a joint work, where she’s writing the lighter toned heroine, and I’m writing the vampire 
sections. Yes, I said vampire. We’ve both never worked on fang fiction before so this will be one bloody adventure!

You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?

A corporation that will secretly invent awesome things and leak them out into the public before the government has a chance to shut them down. You know, like air powered cars, a vitamin that keeps you young forever and cures disease, that sort of thing…

Book Information:

Title: Ivory
Author: F.M. Sherrill
Series: Ivory Saga
Genre: Fantasy/Action
Publisher: Red Frog Publishing
Release Date: July 7 2013
Edition/Formats Available In: eBook & Print

As a child in the desert kingdom of Gryth, Ivory witnessed the brutal murder of her parents at the hands of a sinister race known as the Lecs.

Now Queen of her people, a vengeance-fueled Ivory launches a final battle to annihilate the enemy once and for all. But on the eve of war, betrayed by her own kind and left in the hands of the Lecs, she's forced to learn the shocking truth about their two peoples, and the diabolical curse that's plagued them for centuries.

Armed with newfound knowledge and unexpected allies, Ivory must face the real enemy that's haunted her all her life, and make a choice that will mean the difference between a new beginning and the end of the world.

Ivory is an exercise in duality made reality; an exploration of darkness and light, male and female, sun and moon… seen through the eyes of two cultures ripped apart by an ancient evil whose pain resonates through the ages like the beating of a drum.


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"“And the lives you’ve taken Ivory, your calloused hands dipped in their blood? After all that you’ve done, you feel nothing?” It jerks its loathsome face toward the solitary candle. Eyes leer at her from the darkness. Bright, quick eyes. They’re not red or soulless. They’re blue like a clear lake that you can see to the bottom of. Blue with flecks of brown like islands in that lake.
She blinks in confusion. His face is beautiful. His skin is pale, his hair long and white like the petals of the Caldra. Her jaw drops. “Am I... have I reached the gods?”
He laughs. The movement makes the flame dance. She looks down, spiteful. He’s toying with her. Why wouldn’t Taheel be beautiful? "

Author Information

Aren't author's bios boring? I always wanted to read one that went something like this:

F.M. Sherrill: recent citizen of earth. Plans on ruling the planet once she gets over the common cold. Or, F.M. Sherrill: time traveler. Decided to alter the space-time continuum by writing a novel, thus changing history slightly, which will eventually lead to the rise of a new human species.

But here it is. F.M. Sherrill is a novelist, A.K.A. an avid bullshitter; that's why she lives in L.A.. She's been writing for as long as her ancient mind can remember, devouring tales like an anemic vampire roaming the streets in hot pink heels, always thirsty for more. When she's not writing, she's making steampunk weapons, sewing giant plant-eater Mario plushes, making costumes for some film bloke or cosplayer, and sculpting/casting movie prop replicas while gardening in her urban apartment. Her favorite tools? A soldering iron, a blowtorch, a band saw, a sonic screwdriver, a replicator and an active imagination.

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