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In the Shadow of Revenge by Patricia Hale: Interview

Welcome Patricia! I'm thrilled to host this stop today on your tour with Partners in Crime.  Thank you for agreeing to answer a few of my questions.  Let's start with this one.  Tell us about your current release.


In the Shadow of Revenge is an amateur sleuth suspense novel with a paranormal thread. At nine-years-old, three friends experience an assault, fusing them together with an alliance based in guilt and loyalty. When the perpetrator comes back eighteen years later, the girls plot their revenge. The story is set in small town, Maine, it’s fast paced and blends themes of friendship, family and the secrets embedded in both.  


Tell us about your next release.


I’m currently working on another suspense novel with a male/female PI team and hoping to develop this one into a series. The story I’m writing now is about a serial killer who confesses to a local priest after each kill knowing the priest is bound by his vows to keep the secrets of the confessional. The family of a victim hires the PI team of Cole and Callahan, but when they pick up the trail it leads them into Cole’s past and his connection to the killer. 


Has someone mentored you in your writing career?  


The late Noah Boyd, author of The Bricklayer, was influential in my writing due to his kindness and encouragement. At a conference I attended years ago, he read the first three chapters of my manuscript and passed it along to his agent, who in turn connected me to an editor in New York. It was through this experience and having the opportunity to discuss my work with some of the best in the business that my confidence grew. It was Noah’s encouragement that gave me the determination to pursue my goal of publication.


When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?  


I am definitely a morning person. I write first thing (after making coffee). On an ideal day, I start at 7 a.m. and stop when my brain gives out, which is usually around one o’clock. I like a quiet house to write in which is hard to get. I live with my husband, my daughter, two grand sons, ages 4 and 6 and three dogs. Quiet is a relative term and often elusive. So, I’m getting pretty good at maintaining a train of thought through the inevitable interruptions of family life. I also work full time at a holistic veterinary hospital, so time is also tough to find. I’ve arranged my schedule so that I mostly work afternoons and evenings and I save my mornings for the computer.


Does your significant other read your stuff?


My husband reads more than I do (if that’s possible) so he’s a wonderful editor. He’s usually the first to read my work and spares no comment. He’s very detailed in everything he does, (like cleaning the kitchen floor on his hands and knees while I give it a quick once over with a mop). His attention to detail allows him to catch the tiniest of mistakes, as well as the big ones. I’m very lucky to have an editor so close at hand and if he’s too harsh, I can retaliate!


How do you describe your writing style?

I don’t have any technical terms for my writing style. What’s important to me is writing in a voice that the reader can relate to. When I read, I want to make a personal connection with the writer or with the characters. Stephen King is wonderful at this. He has a way of making the reader feel like they’re just hanging out with him while he tells you a story. I’m not one for a lot of flowery description or long narratives so I don’t want to write like that. I want my readers to have fun spending time with me and with my characters and to feel like they’re in the company of good friends. 


What books are you reading now?

Right now I’m reading The Poachers Son by Paul Doiron. I just finished Broken Harbor by Tana French, one of my favorite authors. Beside my bed is Heading Out to Wonderful by Robert Goolrick, who also wrote A Reliable Wife, another favorite. And then I’m re-reading Stephen King’s, The Shining in preparation for his September release of the sequel, Doctor Sleep. My all time favorite book is John Irving’s, A Prayer for Owen Meany. 


What are your favorite TV shows?


Needless to say, my favorite shows are dramas, suspense and mysteries. Dexter is of course a favorite and I’m dreading the end of this season. I’m also a Criminal Minds addict. I’ve probably seen every one at least twice. (Can’t get enough of Derek Morgan. Who could?) And I love Flashpoint, because it delivers suspense as well as insight into the personal lives of the characters, which is what I’m hoping to do with my upcoming series.  


What do you do to unwind and relax?

I’m a walker and a hiker. I walk every day with my dogs and hike the trails near my home on the weekends. In the winter, we snowshoe and cross country ski. I crave the quiet of the woods and love spending time with my dogs, two German Shepherds and a Beagle mix. In the forest, my spirit and creativity rejuvenate and in the evening a glass of good wine never hurts.


In the Shadow of Revenge

by Patricia Hale

on Tour September 1-30, 2013

Book Details:

Genre: Mystery/Suspense
Published by: Carina Press
Publication Date: July 15, 2013
Number of Pages: 280
ISBN: 978-14268-9584-5
Purchase Links:


Everybody thought brilliant Cecily would leave dead-end Miller's Falls for something better. But a two-decades-old tragedy locks her in place. Few understand the fierce bond that Cecily and Amelia share with Hilary, who was assaulted one summer as the two other girls watched helplessly. It's a bond of love and guilt…and a desire for vengeance that cuts clear to the bone.

So Assistant DA Cecily Minos waits, eager to see the guy in her courtroom. When Amelia meets a man who has the tattoo the girls remember seeing that day, they think they've finally caught a break. But the police refuse to reopen the case, and it's up to Cecily and Amelia to pursue their suspect.

Their investigation soon uncovers secrets best left buried. But the law is slow, and they've waited long enough for revenge…


My lungs were tight as fists and the voice inside my head said run, but my legs couldn’t be trusted. Standing up wouldn’t have gotten me out of there, it would only have drawn attention to the pee that was warm in my shorts and it might have gotten Hilary killed if he was serious about running that blade across her neck.
All of a sudden the man stood and keeping his back to us, lowered the kerchief and put a cigarette in his mouth. Hilary never moved though I saw her blink. She was looking at something far away like she was somewhere else entirely and I hoped that that was true so she wouldn’t have to know what happened. He pulled his baseball hat low over his face the same way it’d been when we first climbed into the railcar and without ever looking at us he jumped to the ground and walked away.
“Stay here,” I’d told Amelia, though I knew she wasn’t going anywhere. And I ran. I ran faster than I’d ever run not even caring about the pee burning the inside of my legs. I’d taken the woods instead of the path, running in the opposite direction from the way he’d gone. My legs were scraped and bleeding by the time I’d reached the road and the stitch in my side had made it almost impossible to breath, but I just kept thinking of Hilary laying there and I couldn’t stop until I was pulling open my own back door. I ran into the kitchen and through the house until I found my mother kneeling beside her bed, rosary beads draped around her prayerful hands like a spider web. I stood in the doorway and looked at her, imagined wrapping my arms around her neck and her drawing me in, holding me. I imagined feeling safe. She glanced at me standing there then dismissed me with a nod of her head, knee deep in Jesus. I turned and ran for the telephone.

Patricia Hale is a graduate of the MFA program at Goddard College in Vermont. She is a member of Sister’s in Crime, Mystery Writers of America, NH Writer’s Project and Maine Writer’s and Publisher’s Alliance. Her essays and articles have appeared in New England literary magazines and the anthology, My Heart’s First Steps. When not writing, she enjoys hiking with her dogs and kayaking on the lakes near her home. Patricia lives in New Hampshire with her husband and two German shepherds.






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