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Unspoken by Nikolas P. Robinson: Interview


A short, but well-paced and compelling exploration of the themes of unrequited love and the insanity that accompanies it in the midst of a world sliding into madness. A story of love, regret, and the end of the world expressed with a poetic voice and postmodern sensibilities; it could be described as being a combination between George A. Romero’s The Crazies and an amalgam of The Notebook and Love In the Time of Cholera.

The story follows Nathan, recently employed as an overnight orderly in a state mental hospital. He has found himself lucky enough to develop a friendship with Leyna, another of the overnight staff, but that friendship quickly becomes something far more intense for Nathan, a fact which he chooses to keep to himself. Suffering through the turmoil of his unspoken desire for Leyna and inured to the environment of a mental hospital and the madness that has afflicted him in his personal life, Nathan neglects to notice the signs that become more and more prevalent in the world around him, signs indicating that something terrible is taking place. As the world descends into madness, Nathan and Leyna remain at the institution, hoping that isolation might protect them from the world collapsing around them, but in the end there may be no escaping some tragedies.
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Welcome Nikolas!  Thanks for stopping by and taking time to answer a few questions so we can find out more about you.  What do your significant other and family think of your writing career?


My significant other is unbelievably supportive and all around wonderful about my writing career. We aren’t currently living together, as it isn’t a viable option with our respective current financial states. I also haven’t had a chance or the funds to procure the engagement ring just yet. But she insists that we should be looking for a place that is not only large enough for the two of us and our combined children, but somewhere that has a sufficient number of rooms for me to have a place dedicated to writing, an office of sorts.


My children are also fairly supportive, but probably due more to the fact that they envision more money coming into the house from my writing and the benefits that would bring for them. I’m kidding, of course. They’re good kids and I think they just want to see me happy and successful.

My mother is an English teacher, so it stands to reason that she’s pretty supportive. She’s not always fond of my particular use of the English language or the general style that I write, but she’s never hesitated to show her support.

Does your significant other read your stuff?


She does indeed. I actually enlisted her help in red lining my drafts and sharing what works and doesn’t work for her. She’s a voracious reader and happens to share a lot of similar tastes with me, so her opinion is quite valuable to me.

How do you describe your writing style?


There’s a lot of postmodern influence in my style as well as a bit of poetry in the prose now and again. It really varies from story to story a good deal. I like to let the feel of the narrative modify the style and language that I use.

What are your favorite TV shows?


This could get out of hand really quickly since I happen to have a lot of shows that I enjoy. I’ll try to keep the list short.


Farscape, Firefly, X-Files, Supernatural, Fringe, Castle, Californication, Dexter, Game of Thrones, Breaking Bad, Futurama, and Alphas definitely make up the dozen that I most enjoy.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

I was a bit of a goth when I was in school (well, maybe more than a bit), but there wasn’t really a goth crowd where I grew up; not much of one, at least. I spent most of my time with the other outcasts and miscreants though, basically anyone who didn’t adequately fit in with the usual cliques.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?


I think the negative reviews are an excellent learning experience. Even if I think that the reviewer is desperately clutching at straws to find something to complain about, it reminds me that there is literally no way that I can please everyone.

What are the most important attributes for remaining sane as a writer?


I don’t think that is even remotely possible. To the best of my knowledge, sanity and being a writer are mutually exclusive.


You just won a huge lottery what is the first thing you'll buy?


Well, it goes without saying that I would buy a house somewhere right here in the Black Hills region of South Dakota, somewhere with a nice, fenced in yard and spacious (open) floor plan. I just want us to have somewhere that we could be comfortable and happy, my future wife, our respective children, and I.



Nikolas P. Robinson was born in Saint Paul, MN but spent most of his life in and around Rapid City, SD and the Black Hills where he still resides with his children and assorted pets as a single father.


A former musician; some of Nikolas' non-literary artistry can be found with the relatively unknown musical project Alter Noctvm...Alter Idem (roughly translated from Latin into English as Another Night...Another Identity) for which he provided vocals, bass, percussion, and some synth/programming.

A former scientist in the making; Nikolas spent three years as a double major in both physics and chemistry before ultimately dropping out due to scheduling conflicts between his classes and the real life logistics of being a single father. He intends to return and complete his degrees when there isn't so much on his plate.

Most importantly, he is a writer; Nikolas began writing at a very early age, but lost sight of that particular passion during his mid-20s, only returning to it at the beginning of his 30s and he couldn't be happier.

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Praise for Unspoken:

"I always hope for a method to someone's madness, and it definitely pays off in Unspoken. It is a quiet story that sneaks up on you and leaves you holding your loved ones a little closer." - T.R. Stoddard, author of Sunny With a Chance of Homicide and Don't Ask, Don't Tell.
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Susan Bennett said...

I absolutely adore that cover.

Jaidis said...

Great Interview! Thank you so much Laurie for hosting it!

Nikolas Robinson said...

Thank you Susan, I designed the cover myself. It's nice to see my work is appreciated.
I agree with Jaidis, thank you for hosting the interview.