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Legacy of the Highlands by Harriet Schultz: Interview

What does a vow made 700 years ago in Scotland have to do with a murder in present-day Boston?

When Will Cameron's body is discovered in a Boston alley, the only clue to the thirty-four-year-old man's murder is a pristine Scottish dagger — a sgian dubh — left beside it. His devastated widow, Alexandra, flees Boston to find refuge in the Miami villa of Will's best friend, Diego Navarro, a handsome and wealthy Argentine.

Diego has the means, power and temperament to solve the puzzle and to avenge the senseless killing. He is equally determined to win the grieving widow's heart. The attraction between Alex and Diego grows as they follow leads from Miami to Buenos Aires and Scotland, unraveling the Cameron family's secrets and the Legacy of the Highlands.

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Review Praise

"I was fascinated by the plot -- a legacy of a Scottish struggle for independence, forcibly passed down from generation to generation. Schultz...provides some clever twists that increase the stakes for both the hero and the heroine."

"Legacy of the Highlands was a fantastic book that I devoured with pleasure. Watch out Tom Clancy! This is one of the most exciting, hold-your-breath stories I've read in a long, long time. Except, unlike Clancy, there's a bit of sexy romance involved. I can't wait to see what this author does next. She's got amazing talent and I'll be first in line for whatever she releases."


Welcome Harriet, thanks so much for visiting.  It's so great to have this chance to find out a little about you.  How did you start your writing career?

I’m not one of those writers who began making up stories as soon as they were old enough to talk. My journey was more one of right place, right time. I wasn’t sure what I wanted to do after college so, as a New Yorker, I spent time reading the ‘wanted’ ads in the New York Times. As a result, my first job was as an editorial assistant at Harper’s Magazine. From there I moved to TIME, where I worked in the Nation section covering politics including Watergate. I put career aside when I gave birth to boy/girl twins and eventually returned to journalism. When I felt the need for a new challenge, I decided to see if I could write fiction. After all, many accuse reporters of writing fiction anyway, so why not create a story for real? I loved the story and characters that took up residence in may head and resulted in my contemporary romantic suspense novel,  Legacy of the Highlands.


Does travel play in the writing of your books?

Although the Internet allows us to “travel” without leaving home, there’s nothing like seeing, smelling, feeling an actual location. If I hadn’t traveled to Scotland, this book might never have been written.  I was captivated by the country’s spectacular, dramatic scenery and inspired by its history.

Bullers of Buchan in eastern Scotland,
the site of a dramatic scene in the novel.


Tell us about your current and next release

Legacy of the Highlands was released as an e-book in November 2011 and as a paperback in January 2012. The story ties a murder in present-day Boston to an oath made by the victim’s ancestor in 1320 Scotland. There’s passion, intrigue, romance, a captivating hero (who I’m in love with), and surprising twists and turns.

I expected Legacy to be a stand-alone book, but readers and reviewers have asked for a sequel. Fortunately, the characters agreed to hang around longer and get themselves into interesting situations so there will be a book two. I’m more than halfway finished writing it and hope to publish in early 2013. The plot is very complicated and so it can’t be rushed.


What is the hardest part of writing your books?

The hard part is actually sitting down to write them! I’m a procrastinator and am easily distracted, so I have to force myself to look at writing as work even though it doesn’t feel like a job because I enjoy it so much.  I envy writers who can stay on task for six or eight hours every day. I find the Internet to be a huge distraction. Should I check my email? Facebook? Post something on Twitter?


Does your significant other read your books?

I read sections of my work in progress to my husband and he frequently offers some good suggestions. He insists that I’ve modeled the book’s hero on him. I let him keep his illusions because he’s my biggest fan!

 It took almost a year for my adult children to read Legacy because it has some hot sex scenes and they didn’t want to know that their mother could even imagine such things! I think they skipped over those parts.

What do you think makes a good story?

For me, a good story should carry you away to another place and allow you to lose yourself in the characters and their lives. A story should captivate and keep you turning the pages.

Plotter or pantser...why?

 Pantser, definitely. I’m as interested to find out where the characters will take me as I hope readers will be. I have a vague idea of where the story needs to go, but the path is never smooth or straight. I love when the characters surprise me. That’s the best!

Do you have a favorite quote?

As a “pantster,” the following quote from E.L. Doctorow helps when I wonder where I’m going: “Writing a novel is like driving a car at night. You can see only as far as your headlights, but you can make the whole trip that way.”

Arbroath Abbey in Scotland

Harriet Schultz is an award-winning journalist whose career began at TIME magazine. She loves to travel and is happiest when her passport is being used. She and her husband put 1,500 miles on their rental car during a recent road trip around the Scottish Highlands to check out some of the locations in her book.


Legacy of the Highlands is Harriet’s first novel. She is thrilled that her short story, Lust and Honor, which takes place a few years before the novel begins, has been at the top of Amazon’s bestseller list. She lives in New England and is at work on a sequel to Legacy of the Highlands.

Lust and Honor
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The best man is handsome, wealthy and charming and is in love -- or it is lust? -- with the woman who is about to marry his best friend.

A prologue to the romantic suspense novel, Legacy of the Highlands. Approx 13 pgs.

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