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The Outsider by Ademola Balogun : Interview & Excerpt

General Fiction
The news that Johnson could be the next Prince started spreading all over the group like a wild fire. Nobody was sure of anything. History was about to be made but many people are on queue to stop it. Some of his allies became his enemies because they hated the idea of an outsider becoming a Prince in their parents’ business empire. Princes are the third most powerful group of people in the group after the King and the Chiefs
Nelson who had travelled abroad called Johnson to ask if what he heard was true. Johnson told him nothing had been communicated to him yet. “I wouldn’t mind such a post anyway. At least I have been working hard all these years. So I think I deserve it.” Johnson concluded

“You deserve it. How did you deserve it?” Nelson asked.
His story was that of survival and success. Be inspired by this story of "The Outsider".


Martins had grown to be a senior manager in the subsidiary he worked. It didn’t take him many years to do that. He told his father he would like a transfer to the Group headquarters.

“I have a better plan for you. Just be patient.” His father said.

Martins hated the idea of his father telling him he has a plan for him but what could he do. His father was the one behind everything he had achieved.

“By the way, your friend Johnson Tooto is being considered for a Prince position by the Group board of directors. Do you think we can trust him?” His father asked.

Martins was surprised. He never knew they were considering giving Johnson the position. That would be another double promotion for him. Martins was happy. He had always wanted Johnson to have a good fortune in the company. “He is brilliant, hardworking and focused. I think he will do a good job.” Martins said.

His father laughed. These children don’t know anything. “That is not what we want. All the people we are considering for that position have those qualities. But we want someone we can use, someone who will be ours. Others are already connected to a particular shareholder but Johnson doesn’t have any connection yet so he will give us his full allegiance.” His father said.

Allegiance, used, connected. Those words confused him. “I don’t understand.” Martins said.

“Don’t worry. We will talk to him. But in the meantime do not say anything to anybody about this, including your wife.” His father said.

Martins knew politics is the sole business of Hahka Group but he never knew that people are used. He started believing that those people want someone they would be able to control. Eventually you find out that the board is not separated from the management. He thought.


The interview for the Prince position began. Johnson had already promised Mr. Dede, Martins’ father, his allegiance to them. Mr. Dede promised him an opportunity to acquire shares in the Group in return. This would give his child a chance in the company in the future. Johnson loved the idea. He told his wife, Titi, about it but she advised him against it.

“You want to be a pawn.” Titi said. “You want them to be using you.”

“I want to be a pawn so that my boy will have an opportunity to be a king.” He said and carried Akins up with a smile. “At least I am sacrificing something for our boy’s future. Why don’t you start appreciating that?”

How did you start your writing career?

I started writing when I was part of a weekly bulletin in my local church. My assignment was to look for motivational stories to include in the bulletin. Since then I develop interest in writing stories.

Tell us about your current release.

My current release is The Outsider. It was my first and only book. The story is about surviving in family businesses in my country, Nigeria. It tells a story of a young man who get to the top in one of the family businesses where only the children of the shareholders can rule.

Who is your favorite author?

Napoleon Hill.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I write at night after my day job. The number of hours is not certain. I t varies each day.

Tell us about your next release.

My next release is GRIDLOCK. Hopefully it will available before the end of February. It is a story of a man, Lucky Ethan, who out of luck and occurrences of some funny incidents becomes the president of his country. Little did he know that he was chosen by his godfathers to formulate some economic policies that will enrich their pockets at the expense of the citizens of his country. He had earned the people’s trust but can not go against the wish of the people that make him because they can also break him. Lucky Ethan will have to choose between doing what the people want or what his godfathers want.

Where do you research for your books?

I research my book online through search engines like google and yahoo search.

What books have most influenced your life?

Think and grow rich by Napoleon Hills.

As a child, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I always wanted to be a computer scientist.

Do you play any sports?

Yes. Football.

Do your friends think you are an introvert or an extravert?

My friends think I am an extrovert.

Thanks so much for taking time out and letting us find out a bit more about you and your work.

Novelist, philosopher, blogger, accountant. I am an ambitious young man who believes he doesn't need extra ordinary talents to achieve extra ordinary things.

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