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Monogamy Twist by Nancy Jardine: Character Interview & Excerpt

Luke Salieri thought he'd seen everything. But when he inherits a dilapidated English estate from a woman he's never heard of—and with quirky conditions besides—it’s a mystery he wants resolved immediately. There must be a woman out there who can meet his needs. But how far will he have to go to persuade her?

Lucrative employment for a whole year? The job of researching the old house and its fantastic contents is enticing – but Rhia Ashton can’t see herself living with gorgeous Luke Salieri and not wanting his body as well. Can she live and sleep with him for a whole year and then walk away? Rhia has her own ideas about what will make it worth her while.

Rating: Sensual
Page Count: 270
Word Count: 74,500
Print ISBN: 1-60154-965-2

They swept up toward the now overgrown turning circle to the side of the main house—a wide loop that would have originally been for a coach and horses. The travelers would have spilled out of the coaches beside the archway that led round the back to the stable block. From the archway the honored guests would have walked up the few steps to the main terrace and the imposing front porch.
“Are you a gardener?” Luke avoided the worst of the potholes and debris that littered the long disused turning area. Though focused on the terrain he kept the conversation going. “Are you personally responsible for that riot of color in your back garden?” He flicked a swift glance her way. “I hadn’t considered that you might do all the garden maintenance yourself.”
“When I was little I learned a lot from my grandfather. He had a large garden.” Her captivating grin bounced back at him. “As a young child I’d plant seeds during my Easter vacation visits to my grandparents. Then I’d always be delighted with what had magically grown when I returned for my school summer holidays. Naturally I had no inkling of how much work went into the growing in between times.”
“But over the years you learned that magic has to be worked at and encouraged, didn’t you?” He brought the car to a halt and killed the engine.
“Oh yes! I was taught to do the hard graft as well. My fingers got very dirty.”
“Would you recognize other plants in this garden?”
“Yes to that too!”
“You’re very confident.” He grabbed a small backpack from the rear seat and slung it across his shoulder. “Wait till I open the door,” he cautioned. “I’ll check what the surface is like for those devastating heels. I don’t want you to break an ankle just getting out of the car.”
Rhia accepted his hand out, mindful of where to place her feet, relinquishing his touch with regret when he let go to release Thor from the rear. The huge dog bounded out and made off down the stretch of lawn, as usual treating it as his own playground.
“I should admit at this point, I’ve had a lot more opportunities than you to find out what’s in this garden. When I’ve walked Thor here I’ve identified a lot of the plantings; others I’ve looked up when I’ve gone home just because it annoys me not to be able to name them.”
“Well now, there’s another advantage to you having been here before. You can find out why I was willed Greywood, you can research the house, and you can also get yourself involved in the garden restoration.”
Luke seemed increasingly satisfied with the idea she should get some pleasure out of helping to restore the whole property, not just the house itself during their contracted year. The appeal was mounting for Rhia.
“I’d love to.” She looked around at the overgrown wilderness that was meant to be formal borders and edging for the wide sweep of unkempt lawn. “It’s been easy to imagine what this garden was like about thirty years ago, and well before that too, though many parts of the estate are strangled with serious weeds and would need lots of effort. Too much for one person.”
Rhia caught Luke’s gleam of amusement in his eyes and his soft chuckle. “Ah. Silly me.” She giggled at his humor. “I guess you’re planning on an army of gardeners?”
“Whatever it will take to get it in shape. And if that’s a huge team—so be it.”
His arm snaked around her shoulders, holding her in a light sensuous grasp, as he turned her and pointed alongside to the walled garden. She was so close to him, an i an nvoluntary shiver of anticipation rippled through her.
“So what would you do with that?”
“From the contours that are still discernible, the walled kitchen garden over there I believe was replanted in Victorian times.” She flushed recalling that was the precise place where she’d first spied on him a few days before. The memories were magnified by virtue of the fact he now stood with those powerful biceps around her. Embarrassed she might be, but no way would she move out of the heaven that was his arms! Swallowing a little, she got her act together and concentrated on answering his enquiry. “It’s a total nightmare, but it would be a magnificent project to undertake its restoration. The scale of it could comfortably feed and flower the whole house, which was what it was designed for, of course.”
“What would you do with this terrace?” Luke turned her around a little and embraced her from behind, his arms loose over her shoulders yet imprisoning her tight to his body. Rhia was in no doubt about his seduction now. Again a delicious little shiver rippled. Sometimes anticipation was all it was cracked up to be.

Interviewing my hero from MONOGAMY TWIST – Luke Salieri.  Luke, it's great to have you here.  I'm so excited for the opportunity to find out more about you. Are you ready to start?

{Luke nods and smiles at me}

Where do you dream of traveling to and why?

Hey! I’m a businessman. Why would I do any dreaming of travelling? Back and forth from England to my companies in Brisbane, Australia, is pretty regular every couple of months. I wasn’t in the habit of taking much in the way of vacation breaks, but I’m now thinking that whisking my Rhia off to some totally uninhabited island in the Caribbean, or even to the South Pacific is a great idea. There would be no old houses to distract her…only ME!

What do you think makes a good story?

A bit of action that gets the blood stirring, some good old loving and a beautiful woman.

Tell us about your family.

I never had any siblings. Never really had any parents either, come to think about it, though they only died when I was around 21. They were there in the background, but it was a succession of nannies that brought me up.  Poor little rich kid? That big sob story? That’s me!

What was the scariest moment of your life?

Probably when I realized I’d fallen in love with Rhia. You might say why was that scary? I thought back then that she didn’t love me and was only staying on with me because she’d signed that darned contract! I’d never wooed the woman, or given her proper gifts, or really appreciated her. I knew then it wasn’t going to be easy to persuade her that I loved more than her physical body; I loved everything about her, and wanted to love her for ever. But I wasn’t sure she’d believe me and that was scary.

What are you passionate about these days?

I’m passionate about my work BUT now much more passionate about the woman I know I can’t do without in my life.  She’s the most competent, most beautiful woman I’ve ever known, or will ever know. She makes me relax and unwind, and just passionately enjoy being with her.

If you could apologize to someone in your past, who would it be?

You know I’m getting to sound a bit obsessed, here, because that would definitely be Rhia. If I’d known how much I’d come to love that woman there is no way I’d have got to know her in the way I did. I’d have romanced her so she would NEVER have had any doubts about me. 
Who should play you in a film? 

Mmm…that’s a good one. I’ve been told I’m a sort of a Clive Owen Type with a slightly fatter face! Not sure I see myself that way though.

What would we find under your bed?

Probably Thor! He’s the craziest dog ever. He’s not supposed to be in our bedroom, but if we don’t look out that massive Irish Wolf hound belonging to Rhia is under our bed before we know it. He’d be in it if given the chance …but no way is that happening!

Tell us about your current release.

My current release, Monogamy Twist, is a contemporary history mystery set in Yorkshire, England. Luke Salieri inherits a country house from a woman he’s never heard of but it’s got big conditions attached. He has to be married and live in it for a year to fulfill the bequest conditions. Naturally he’s not married. It just so happens he persuades a woman he’d never met before and coincidentally she just happens to be a historian who can help him find out his mystery benefactress and help him restore the house to former glory. 
Tell us about your next release.

Take Me Now will be released by The Wild Rose Press on Aug 3rd 2012. It’s the tale of Nairn who’s recently been in a bike spill. He needs a pilot/chauffeur to ferry him all around the world to keep his business flowing. He also needs a new PA. In steps Aela Cameron, a woman of many talents who can fly his jet and floatplane, pilot his catamaran and also has sufficient office skills to help. She only wants a temporary job for a month or so-Nairn finds he wants to keep her a lot longer! This is a fun romp as they also hunt out the saboteur who has been harming Nairn’s business, and has also caused his accident. Aela finds herself under attack as well but she’s a feisty lass who copes with all the incidents that befall her.


Nancy has lived in Scotland most of her life with the exception of 3 years when she lived in Holland. Teaching 11-12 year olds was her profession, though Nancy now spends her time writing contemporary and historical romance novels, and novels for children aged 9-12years.
The picturesque ‘castle country’ of Aberdeenshire, Scotland, is a fabulous area to live in, her daughters and sons-in-law living nearby. She has one gorgeous (yes, she’s totally biased) granddaughter of 6 months.
Reading, ancestry research, and doing exciting fun things with her family are favorite pastimes. She tends real flowers and some spectacular weeds in her garden…when she’s in the mood for fresh air!

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The Wild Rose Press gave Monogamy Twist a Champagne Rose sensual rating that veers on the ‘hot’ side.

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