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The Intruders by Olive Peart: Interview & Excerpt

Young Adult/Teen Adventure

The Intruders is an exciting adventure story for teens and young adults. Six teenagers from the Bronx set out to explore a cave in their neighborhood. After falling down a ledge, the six find that they have time-travelled three centuries into the future's in the middle of a war between tribes. Fortunately, one tribe accepts them. The teenagers soon find that they have a unique and thrilling advantage in the conflict. They know the land and the tribes, who had lost most modern technology, do not. Unfortunately, within weeks, their adventure became too real as both friends and enemies are getting killed! This is no longer fun. This is war!

Lente didn't want to go in the cave again but she was overruled. The others felt it was the safest place to sleep. They also decided to keep a fire at the cave's entrance all night, just to discourage any animals from visiting. It was really dark now and no one wanted to venture in the woods. First, they stomped out their first fire and made a new one in front of the cave. Then they brought the leftover coyote up. They also gathered twigs, sticks and small branches from the edge of the woods, saving them to replenish the fire during the night.
"You know," Hamid, mused as he dumped another bunch of twigs on the pile. "Maybe we just need to go into the cave at the exact time we entered them, to get back to our time-period."
"But we didn't really check the time we originally went in," Angela pointed out.
Lente looked up from checking her 'bed' on the sandy floor of the cave. She had piled the sand to make a softer sleep area. "We were in there at four-thirty. Remember, you told us the time."
"And we left home at three," Ginny said. She turned to Angela. "We were going to watch that show—you know—about those school kids. It comes on at three."

"Okay," Derrick said. "So tomorrow we'll go in at about three-thirty and see what happens."
"What if nothing happens?" Lenny asked.

"Don't even think about that." Angela clasped her hands over her face and bent forwards.
The others sifted uncomfortably. They weren't sure whether she was crying or praying or what. Ginny finally went over and squatted beside her. "Don't worry," she said putting an arm around Angela's shoulders. "Things will work out."
Angela nodded without lifting her head.

How did you start your writing career?

My career as a writer actually started in 1984. Back then, I did not have a computer and I made a promise to myself. If I was able to finish my first book my reward would be a brand new computer. Since then, although I still remember my first Windows 3.1, I have finished a number of books and I’ve gone through a few computers.

Tell us about your current release.

Life After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt.
  Price: $4.99    eBook:$2.99 
ISBN-13: 978-1-937143-14-5
ISBN -13: eBook 978-1-937143-15-2
This no-nonsense text explains positive and negative traits that can help or hinder teens in their post high school life. The guide gives readers strategies, helping them to identify the path to success and to avoid the route that often leads to failure.

When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?

I write best in the evening. For most of my writing life I had young children so I could not write until they went to bed. This meant very rigid bed time rules in our house. At 8.00 pm they were in bed – no excuses. As they got older I relaxed the rules somewhat but they were still not allowed to disturb me when I locked myself in my 'writer's room.'
What is the hardest part of writing your books?

Forcing myself to write when I am going through a writers block. I would still sit at the computer, make grammar corrections, sort files…anything. Sometimes I would get an inspiration and sometime the entire evening would be spent in making corrections.
Who are your books published with?

My very first book was published with a little known publishing company – Shepard, which is now closed. I have books published with McGraw-Hill and I have my own publishing company Demarche Publishing and DLite Press, a self-publishing company.

How do you develop your plots and your characters? Do you use any set formula?
I am a people watcher. I can just stand watching how others interact with each other. Sometime I'll just see and unusual reaction and I'll try to interpret it. I could be totally wrong, but I can still make a story of it. My children and their interaction with friend inspired my two young adult novels, Linked & The Intruders. My son complaining that the books he was forced to read in school are boring inspired me to write The Intruders.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
I am a boring person because I really am addicted to reading. I can easily spend my weekend reading a book (or two). I like romance – the more detached from reality the better. Paranormal, medieval are examples.

Do you have any suggestions for beginning writers? If so what?

If you love to write – keep writing. You will only get better.

Well, that's it for now.  Thanks so much for taking time out to be here today and giving us some insights into your creative process.  I've enjoyed it!

Olive Peart has written two books for young readers that provide an engaging read for middle and high school students.

In Linked, two boys are begging for help and unable to cope in a world filled with overwhelming family problems. One is black and the other is white and now they have switched! The Intruders tells of six teens from the Bronx as they time travel into the future and an adventure of a lifetime, until forced to take sides in a tribal battle.

Her published non-fiction, Life After High School: Traits that Help & Traits that Hurt, is a no-nonsense text that explains positive and negative traits that can help or hinder teens in their post high school life. The guide gives readers strategies, helping them to identify the path to success and to avoid the route that often leads to failure.

Olive was the keynote speaker at, Let's Get Ready Summer Career Day Kick-Off, on July 30th 2011. The mission of Let's Get Ready is to expand college access for motivated, low-income high school students. On June 2010, she was honored at the Juneteenth Celebration of the African American Chamber of Commerce of Westchester and Rockland Counties (NY) at its annual award dinner. The Chamber recognized her as one of the "10 Influential Blacks" in Westchester & Rockland Counties.

As an established lecturer and writer, Olive has given lectures on mammography and other radiography-related topics at seminars throughout the United States and Canada and her articles appear regularly in radiological journals and newsmagazines.

Her other published works are, The Dangers of Medical Radiation, Spanish for Professionals in Radiology, Lange Q & A Mammography Examination, Mammography and Breast Imaging - Just the Facts, and Mammography and Breast Imaging PREP: Program Review and Exam Prep.

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