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Gather Sticks Along the Way by G. Tyler Mills : Interview

Suspense / Thriller

Charles is an average man. He has a loving family and is solid in his own beliefs. But his faith is soon tested with the loss of his son and Charles becomes a man driven by the need for answers. He needs to know what happened to his child and is prepared to do anything to find out. As simple actions by multiple individuals begin to unfold, a tragedy is formed and Charles is caught in the middle. Throughout it all he knows he is not alone. He knows God is with him. As Charles begins to see signs of what he believes to be the truth behind his son's disappearance, he's unsure if these come from God or if they are just coincidences. Is it his vengeance that propels him or is he just doing God's plan? His faith will either see him through this catastrophe or cause him to lose all he has left.

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How did you begin your writing career?
I started my writing career with a single idea. As time when I found myself constantly dwelling on it and expanding it to a full plot. I began to add elements to the story and before long I knew I needed to start writing my thoughts down. I created a rough timeline for my story and started typing.
Has someone been instrumental in inspiring you as a writer?
I’d have to say it would be my son. I had always wanted to write, but I wanted to write something that had the story’s protagonist driven by a singular emotion and wanted it to be something that most readers could relate to. When my wife and I discovered we would be having a son, I knew this was an emotion that was both overwhelming and relatable. I used these new feelings to influence the actions of the characters in my novel.
What is the hardest part of writing your book?
For me the most difficult part was finding the time. Writing is only a hobby for me and is not my full-time occupation. It required a lot of late nights on weekends and a better use of my time during the week, but I kept at it. I knew this is something I wanted to do, so I made to for it.
Does your significant other read your stuff?
I have an amazing wife and I value her opinion a lot. She was a great help to me throughout the entire writing process. I constantly bounced ideas and storylines off her. She always gave me her honest opinion. I talked to her so much about the book I’m positive she knew every line before she read it.
How do you describe your writing style?
I think I would try to describe my writing style as visual. My goal is that readers can actually picture themselves in each scene. I try to document the smells and sounds that you would expect to encounter if you were standing in the story yourself. I tried to show the reader what is occurring as opposed to just explaining the situation.
What book are you reading now?
The book I’m reading right now is The Edge of Sadness by Edwin O’Connor. I have just finished reading Everything Ravaged, Everything Burned by Wells Tower and was looking for another book. I came across this novel and the backstory of the book caught my attention. It was written in 1962 and won the Pulitzer Prize in the same year. As time went on the book went out of print and has only recently been reprinted. I can honestly say that although this book is extremely long (664 pages) and moves at a slow pace, this is seriously one of the most well-written books I’ve ever encountered. A great read and I hope it continues to gather momentum among new readers.

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I was born in Charleston, South Carolina and grew up in north Alabama. Graduate of the University of North Alabama. Member of the Alpha Tau Omega Fraternity. Married with one son and two dogs. All proceeds are guaranteed to benefit a needy child. I have a baby who needs a lot of diapers.

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Congrats to Tyler. All success to you on the new release.

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A very enjoyable interview. Bravo on your new release. Thanks for the wonderful giveaway!

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Thanks for writing the review and interview. I definitely want to read Gather Sticks Along the Way (great title!)

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Thank you for the giveaway. Ron Marsh

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