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Bigfoot Hunters by Rick Gualtieri : Interview, Excerpt

Horror Adventure

Evolution is about to be kicked in the teeth by some very large feet.

An ancient terror has descended upon a remote Colorado town. The legendary beasts known as Sasquatch have emerged from the woods, hell-bent on killing everything in their path.

The only thing standing in their way are a group of wayward campers, a few scared survivors, and the host of a cable TV show...but it might just be enough.

It’s tons of muscle and fury versus a whole lot of bullets in a battle to determine once and for all; who is the hunter and who is the hunted.


Bigfoot Hunters is 90,000 words of bone-cracking, guns-a-blazing Horror Adventure by Rick Gualtieri, author of Bill The Vampire and Scary Dead Things.

Includes the bonus short story, Zombie Pride, part of the Zombie Bedtime Stories by author, Thea Isis Gregory.

MY REVIEW -  I will be posting my review soon.  I read this book about a week ago  and LOVED it! Pure entertainment - MY GUILTY PLEASURE.  And, Isn't the cover fetching? My hubby is currently reading Bigfoot Hunters  - I gifted him a kindle copy because I knew this is a book he'd enjoy, too.  Now, I have got to schedule Bill, The Vampire to read.

Elmer Gantry was sitting on his back porch enjoying a cigar when he heard the roar. His eyesight hadn’t been so great these past couple years, necessitating the use of what he thought of as coke bottles to be able to read his mail or watch the TV. However, his ears were just as sharp as ever. They had never let him down: not while he was lying in a trench in France during the big one, not when he had pulled a tour of duty in Korea, and not in the many intervening years since. Old Man Gantry, as the kids called him (he knew because he could hear them talking as he walked past, idiots always assumed old meant deaf), looked up when the sound came, a frown furrowing his brow.

It had been a long time since he had heard anything like it, but even if his mind wasn’t still as sharp as his ears, his eighty-eight years of life hadn’t left him senile or stupid either. He had spent a portion of the seventies living in a commune on the border of the Cascade Mountains in Oregon. He had never given two shits about the hippie lifestyle. However, he had been newly divorced at the time and had decided to take a stab at the whole free love thing that had been all the rage. What a wonderful time, he had thought. Women had replaced the word whore with free-spirited in their dictionary and had just gone along with it. When he wasn’t busy getting tail from the potheads, he would often be up in the mountains hunting. If those hippies knew he had kept his Winchester stored in his tent, they’d have given him the boot. But they were often so drugged up, he could have probably fired it off in the middle of the place without too many of them noticing.

It was during one such hunting excursion that he heard a sound not unlike that which reached his ears now. Curiosity had gotten the better of him, and he had decided to check it out. What he had seen that day convinced him to never again go hunting without plenty of extra ammo. He hadn’t personally been threatened, but he knew animals. He knew that if ever something like that decided to turn on him, he’d best have enough bullets on him to put down a small platoon...and if that failed, keep at least one in reserve for himself.

Those thoughts all flitted through his wrinkled head before the cry’s echoes had even died down. Elmer’s ears were sharp. The sound was similar to the one from all those years ago, but the pitch was different. He had heard enough animal cries to know when something was angry. This definitely sounded that way...angry and mean. It was a good ways off, but that didn’t mean anything. Elmer had no intention of sitting there like a jackass with a stogie in its mouth while that thing came waltzing in his direction.

He grabbed his cane and hobbled into the house. When he got in, he barred the door. As he did so, his wife, Vera, came out of the kitchen. She observed him locking things up and shuttering the windows.

“Storm coming?” she asked.

“You could say that,” he replied as he went about his business. “Now be a good woman and fetch me my shotgun.”

Tell us about your current release.

My current release is called Bigfoot Hunters. It’s a horror / adventure based off of a few of my interests including: monster rampages, cryptozoology, and the TV shows about it, such as: Monsterquest and Destination Truth.  I had a ton of fun writing it and, based on the feedback I’ve received so far, people seem to be having an equally fun time reading it.

Does your significant other read your stuff?

Heck yeah!  It’s either read my stuff or lie in bed at night and listen to me whine about it.  Alas we must all make sacrifices when in a relationship.  Of course, once she agrees to do so then she has to listen to me every five minutes asking, “What part are you up to?” I probably deserve to be smacked...repeatedly.

Plotter or Pantser? Why?

Depends on the story.  I have a comedy/horror series (Bill the Vampire & Scary Dead Things) about a geeky vampire named Bill Ryder.  I find comedy is best when it just happens.  I generally have a beginning, middle and end in mind, but the rest of the story unfolds as I write it, kind of like a road trip.  However, for Bigfoot Hunters I plotted. For a story such as that, it made more sense to know where every character (and monster) was and what they were doing at any given time.

What group did you hang out with in high school?

Nerd herd all the way.

What would you consider to be the best book you have ever read? 

Stephen King’s IT.  I re-read it at least once a year.  It is an epic story.

How do you react to a bad review of your book?

I find there are two kinds of negative reviews: constructive criticism and the basic “You suck!” kind.  Not much can be done with the latter.  Some people will just despise a story. It happens, and probably just means they were the wrong audience (or that I actually suck).  The former, however, I find to be useful.  Knowing why someone dislikes my book (assuming it’s not a lone opinion) helps me improve my craft.  That’s one of my goals.  Each new novel I release should be better in some way than the last, whether it be plot, formatting, characterization etc.

What would we find under your bed?

Cats, dust, and a few of my wife’s musical instruments...maybe a monster or two as well, hard to tell some nights.

Tell us about the absolute BEST fan letter you have received.

I don’t think I’ve ever gotten a fan letter that didn’t make my day.  It is the most wonderful feeling to receive an email, text, or tweet from a happy fan.  However, I think my favorite was a person who told me that stories such as mine made them happy they decided to buy a Kindle.  Pure awesome!

If I came to visit early in the morning would you impress me as being more like a chirpy bird or a grumpy bear?

I am a morning person, so probably an overly chirpy bird.  Pity, as the rest of the household would be grumpy bears.

Describe what it’s like to be an author in three words.

Best thing ever!

Use no more than two sentences. Why should we read your book?

Jaws scared people away from the beaches.  I want Bigfoot Hunters to make you afraid of your own backyard.

Have any of your characters been modeled after yourself?

As an inside joke, kind of an homage to Stephen King putting himself into the Dark Tower series, a person who looks suspiciously like me makes a brief appearance (before meeting a horrific end) in Bill the Vampire.  See if you can spot it.  As for the rest, I would say no, but my wife says yes.  Upon further reflection, I tend to agree with her. 

Do you have anything specific that you want to say to your readers?

Thank you for giving me a chance! If I have been able to entertain you for even a few minutes then it has been entirely worth it.  As for the future...stay tuned.  There’s lots more to come.

Author, Web Guy, Gadget Freak. What can I say; I'm a regular renaissance geek. On the professional side of things: I have over 15 years of experience programming, designing, marketing, and managing. As for authoring: I am a huge fan of horror, adventure, and comedy and as such that's where I tend to write. Even better if I can combine all three into one unholy mishmash. I look at writing much like I look at B-movies. There is only one unforgivable sin that must be avoided at all costs: Thou Shalt Not Be Boring! Finally there's the gadget geek part of me. All I will say here is have iphone, will travel. 'nuff said, now go read the blog!


Rick Gualtieri is a comedy & horror writer. He was born in the latter part of the 20th century, at which point the world as a collective said 'meh'. Thus began his journey through a life filled with all sorts of quirks and oddness. What better thing to do than write about it? Rick currently lives in NJ, a good place to be for people like him.

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Anonymous said...

I love paranormal books because I get to be taken into a world filled with fantastical creatures and superior beings. I get to be a child again. I love creature books over all others. I would say the Sasquatch is my favorite with Werewolves a close second, but love any creatures that go bump in the night! Thank you for a chance to win this book. It would have a place of honor on my book shelf:)
laura thomas

Anonymous said...

I forgot to leave my email

Rick G said...

Good luck!

Elisabeth Hirsch said...

This sounds epic! I have to say Bill (the vampire in Rick's other book) is quickly becoming a fav of mine. I also LOVE Sookie :0)

Rick G said...

Thanks, Elisa!

Truth be told, if I were stranded on a dessert isle and I had to choose between Bill and Sookke for company, it wouldn't even be a contest. Sookke all the way. :)

Unknown said...

i like L J SMith

catherine0807 at hotmail dot com

Natasha said...

I like Gena Showalter.

Helen said...

witches are my favorite then vampires :)

Anonymous said...

Can we enter more than once, I HAVE to have this book... lol... It's a bit embarrassing to admit but my husband and I watch all the sci-fy stuff.. Bigfoot, aliens, and it's recorded to our DVR :-/

This sounds like a great read, thank you for the giveaway! =)

Georgette said...

You know, I liked vampires..until two cataclysmic things brought down my love...a/Anne Rice stopped her vampire chronicles. and b/Twilight ruined my joy of the vampire genre by "softening" them up... I do still like vampires a little more than witches, but it's a close call.
Zombies? Now, zombies ROCK!

Courtney Wyant said...

I love the new look! I usually hate purple but you make it look good on the blog :)

Laurie said...

Thanks Courtney!! I'm not usually real crazy about Purple or yellow but these designs just grabbed me - so bright and whimsical! :)