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The Last Dance by Lonna Enox


A Fun and Courageous Life

Funny things tend to happen to me.  One example is when I got on a bus for the Ronald Reagan library…only to discover when I disembarked that I’d gotten on the wrong bus.  Instead, I ended up on a tour of the museum for Fredericks of Hollywood!  
Another strange time was on a flight, my seatmate—an elderly man—confessed to me that he’d spent a lifetime with two wives and families and was trying to decide where he should eventually be buried.  Before we disembarked, I asked why he had done so, and he answered simply, “I loved them both and couldn’t choose.”
What’s the most courageous thing you’ve ever done?  Besides walking into a classroom?  J  In researching a magazine article with a nature photographer, I visited Machias Seal Island out in the Atlantic Ocean.  It was March…very cold.  When we landed, we had to walk on this very narrow plank to get to the island…cold, choppy ocean below.  It was terrifying.  I look back and wonder, “What were you thinking?”
My imagination plays a huge role, but I do a lot of research by talking to people who “know”.  My husband and I trek all around researching areas, trekking through woods, desert, etc.  I keep notes about distances, temperatures, critters we see, how long it takes, how tired I am, etc, etc, etc.  The ideas just “arrive”.  Sometimes it is a comment I overhear in a restaurant.  I am a penpaller.  So I like to scout stores for cute notecards or stationery.  That’s much harder to do now that people write letters less. I am a “what if?” person.  Anything I encounter, I usually have a “what if???” floating in my brain.  Also, they are the most important part of my writing.  


Book Details:

Book Title: The Last Dance by Lonna Enox

Category: Adult Fiction, 226 pages

Genre: Mystery, Thriller & Suspense, Women Sleuths

Publisher: Lonna Enox Publications

Release date: June 24, 2016

Tour dates: June 18 to July 13, 2018

Content Rating: PG-13 + M

Book Description:

Saddle Gap, a quiet little town in southwestern New Mexico, seems the perfect place for Sorrel Janes to start her life over. But within a few days, she finds herself entangled in two murders, the object of harassment, and the number one suspect in a murder. Will her past terrors destroy her future dreams? Amid the evolving conflicts, she resolves to reconstruct her new life and find happiness. Detective Chris Reed is equally resolved to solve the murders as well as Sorrels secrets. Neither of them suspects where the steps of this dance will lead, but they are too stubborn to sit this one out.

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Meet the Author:

Lonna Enox is a former high school and college English instructor. She grew up on a ranch in New Mexico, where she learned to love critters, reading, and "wide open" spaces. She is a wife, mom, and grandmother, as well as the proud owner of 4 rescue pets--3 cats and a dog. Aside from an early stint as a newspaper reporter, she also spent 10 years as a freelance magazine writer. She is happiest exploring a wildlife refuge, cuddling little ones and critters, or snuggled up reading a good mystery. Lonna is a professional writer with over 250 printed articles in a variety of national and regional magazines. She has written in several genres and The Last Dance is her debut mystery.

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