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Life in the Atmosphere by Anthony Wilson

Life in the Atmosphere
by Anthony Wilson
Genre: YA, Coming of Age

Jahlil Adams is just a regular teenager. In fact, you could say that he is “super regular” with his glasses, comic books, and cheap fashion sense. He doesn’t want popularity. He doesn’t want a pretty girlfriend. He wants to just be who he is. Well that and not to be bullied by Max Maniac. 

Yet, everything changes once Mr. Malachi gave Jahlil a necklace that he didn’t even want. 

After that, everything was not the same. In fact, Jahlil began to realize that there was much more to who he was. There was much more to who Mr. Malachi was. There was much more to his existence. The lid of limitations was lifted from Jahlil’s life. 

Now, all that mattered was the limitations that the sky had to offer.

“Jahlil, we have to stop meeting like this,” she said with a smile. I laughed and
gave her a peck on the lips.
“Hey, girl. Where’s your parents at?”
“They are downstairs. I just wanted to make a quick visit. I heard you got into a
fight with those guys again. Word on the street is that you won. I need you to stop
getting into fights, though. It’s not a good look.”
Pausing for a moment to shift my body for comfort, I said, “It wasn’t my fault,
though. I wasn’t even going to do anything. The only reason I was there was for the sake
of saving James.”
“Yeah, well you took more of a beating than James did from what I heard.”
Oh, if only she knew the truth of the situation. James would probably be in ICU if
it wasn’t for Mr. Malachi. But, the best thing to do was to leave James with minimal
damage and leave me here to be taken care of. Made more sense to not have more than
one laid up in the hospital. It made for a better story than two guys walking away from
four bullies.
“Yeah, but I had to. I couldn’t let them beat on James. So, I did what I had to do.”
“Well, I’m proud of you. That’s why you are my Jahlil,” Trisha said. With another
kiss on the go, she waved goodbye and exited the room. Soon after, my mom walked in
as concerned as ever. I had to get my mind wrapped around the onslaught of questions
and answers.
“Jahlil, are you feeling okay? I heard they roughed you up. Thank God for that
Mr. Malachi. I told you he was a great guy, didn’t I?”
Well, she was as chatty as usual. I’m just happy that she didn’t try to curse me out
or hold me responsible for a situation that I wanted no part of.
“Yeah, ma. I understand now. I like him. He is alright with me. I’m happy to say
that I’m glad he is in my life. Glad my dad was his best friend. I’m glad for a lot of things,
“Well, that’s good to hear. I’m going to take a nap. Today has been a long one!
Working, worried about you, and hearing what happened has worn me out. You need
anything before I get some rest?”
“Naw,” I said. “I just need to sit and rest. I need to think.”
“Well, I’m about to do the same. Except I will have my eyes closed,” my mom said
with her ever quirky sense of humor.
From that point on, I sat up and thought. I thought about how everything
changed since Mr. Malachi became my mentor. I also took time to figure out what Mr.
Malachi was and why he was doing what he did. Suddenly, I came to an epiphany.
Everything started changing as soon as he gave me this necklace.
As I peered down at it, I knew what I had to do: I had to figure out why this

necklace was special in the first place.

Anthony Wilson is a new author that hails from the Midwest. Being that this is his first book, he took the extra care of creating a 1st person perspective from the realities of teenage living in the year 2000. Being that Anthony Wilson is an educator, he wanted to create stories that students in middle (and even high) school could relate to. Also, he wanted to create stories that his teenage daughter would be proud of. When he isn't being a husband, teaching, or writing, Anthony Wilson also maintains his health through physical activity. 

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