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Jane's Baby by Chris Bauer


5 Things You Didn't Know About Jane's Baby

1) Thing one: She lives, or at least was born. There is, or at least was, a Jane Roe baby because the landmark Roe v. Wade U.S. Supreme Court case took almost two years to litigate before the decision in favor of pro choice came down, so doing the math… Norma McCorvey, the real-life plaintiff, was dealing with her third pregnancy and wished to terminate it when she met attorneys Sarah Weddington and Linda Coffee, who filed suit on her behalf in the state of Texas, using the name Jane Roe so Ms. McCorvey could stay anonymous. There’s been wide speculation about who this person could be, assuming she is still alive. What is known publicly: the baby was female, she was adopted in a closed adoption (none of the parties knew each other) in 1970, and she would now be in her late forties.

2) Thing two: JANE’S BABY is the first thriller published in the planned LETHAL WOMEN series that showcases strong women negotiating difficult and dangerous lives surrounded by crime, but it’s actually the second book written with these characters as protagonists. The first thriller I finished in the series, DIRTY POOL, precedes JANE’S BABY timeline-wise. It’s a crime thriller that deals with a small town where crime has been non-existent for forty-plus years because the residents have a very effective, secretive approach to protecting its citizens. A sadistic binge-killing bail jumper arrives, with Judge Drury and his dogs on his trail, but neither he nor Judge are prepared for what the town has in store as a response to the threat. DIRTY POOL will now be the third novel in the series, and it’s not yet sold. The novel that follows JANE’S BABY is AMERICA IS A GUN, a thriller about dealing with these characters’ war on gun violence in America and the gun lobby, and it introduces a transgender person as a major player. I like controversial topics. It’s currently a work in progress.

3) Thing three: Judge Drury is a twenty-years-and-out U.S. Marine gunnery sergeant whose work with military trained dogs afforded him some relief from his affliction, Tourette syndrome. One of his canines, name-wise and attitude-wise, is fashioned after my family’s real-life dog, terrier/boxer mix Maeby Funke Bauer, namesake for Judge’s Military Working Dog partner Maeby. Real-life Maeby is not a MWD, although her speed, her razor-sharp teeth and claws, and her leaping ability could have earned her consideration. Maeby has her own Facebook page,

4) Thing four: Protagonist Judge Drury carries a rabbit’s foot on his belt loop. It’s not for good luck. It evens him out in his fight to stay calm when his dogs aren’t around. Something about animal fur being a calming agent. When I do book signings, I hand out faux rabbits feet to all who buy the book. I can’t/won’t go the real rabbits foot route because I’m not liking the idea of footless rabbits, alive or dead. Plus those suckers stink. That’s why cats love them.

5) Thing five: You can buy flamethrowers online, for anywhere from a few hundred bucks to in excess of three grand. They are of particular use to farmers for clearing out sections for new planting, but crime thriller antagonists with an agenda and bad intentions like them, too.
Chris Bauer

Date Published: June 1, 2018
Publisher: Intrigue Publishing

Whatever happened to Jane Roe's baby? Norma McCorvey, of Caddo-Comanche heritage, did not terminate the pregnancy that led her to become the anonymous plaintiff of the landmark U.S. Supreme Court women's rights case Roe v Wade because in 1971, when the motion was first argued, abortion in the U.S. was illegal. The Jane Roe real-life child would now be a woman in her late forties, the potential of her polarizing celebrity unknown to her. A religious rights splinter group has blackmailed its way into learning the identity of the Roe baby, the product of a closed adoption. To what end, only a new Supreme Court case will reveal. Tourette's-afflicted K9 bounty hunter Judge Drury, a Marine, stands in the way of the splinter group's attempt at stacking the Supreme Court via blackmail, murder, arson, sleight of hand, and secret identities.

About the Author

“The thing I write will be the thing I write.” Chris wouldn’t trade his northeast Philadelphia upbringing of street sports played on blacktop and concrete, fistfights, brick and stone row houses, and twelve years of well-intentioned Catholic school discipline for a Philadelphia minute (think New York minute but more fickle and less forgiving). He’s had lengthy stops as an adult in Michigan and Connecticut, thinks Pittsburgh is a great city even though some of his fictional characters don’t, and now lives in Doylestown, PA. He’s married, the father of two, is a grandfather, still does all his own stunts, and he once passed for Chip Douglas of My Three Sons TV fame on a Wildwood, NJ boardwalk. As C.G. Bauer he’s also the author of SCARS ON THE FACE OF GOD, an EPIC Awards runner-up for best in 2010 eBook horror, and the editor of the CRAPPY SHORTS short story collections.

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