Friday, July 20, 2018

All Systems Down by Sam Boush

All Systems Down
by Sam Boush
Genre: Cyber Thriller

24 hours.
That's all it takes.
A new kind of war has begun.

Pak Han-Yong's day is here. An elite hacker with Unit 101 of the North Korean military, he's labored for years to launch Project Sonnimne: a series of deadly viruses set to cripple Imperialist infrastructure.

And with one tap of his keyboard, the rewards are immediate.

Brendan Chogan isn't a hero. He's an out-of-work parking enforcement officer and one-time collegiate boxer trying to support his wife and children. But now there's a foreign enemy on the shore, a blackout that extends across America, and an unseen menace targeting him.

Brendan will do whatever it takes to keep his family safe.

In the wake of the cyber attacks, electrical grids fail, satellites crash to earth, and the destinies of nine strangers collide.

Strangers whose survival depends upon each other's skills and courage.

For fans of Tom Clancy, ALL SYSTEMS DOWN is a riveting cyber war thriller which presents a threat so credible you'll be questioning reality.

Kelly gasped. Sweat collected on her palms and between her fingers. This was impossible. In the eight years she’d flown for the goddamned US Navy she’d been in some hairy situations, seen some real crazy things. But no one she’d ever flown with had ever seen the lights of their carrier turn off. Wasn’t supposed to fucking happen.
“Beetlejuice, are you seeing what I’m seeing?”
“Motherfuuhh … we’re gonna crash.” His voice held an edge of panic.
“Anything from the island?” Blood beat at the back of her eyes. “Anything from the Jerry at all?”
He didn’t reply at first. Then a prolonged exhale of “Craaaap.”
The only light on deck came from a lone F-35 shooting forward on the catapult, down the stroke. She could tell even from here it wouldn’t be fast enough. The CAT hadn’t been correctly calibrated. Or it had lost power.
In slow motion, the catapult propelled the jet until it flipped lifelessly off the bow and toward the sea. At the final second, the pilot ejected—an explosion from the cockpit that sent him vertically into the sky. Then the last light winked out as the jet disappeared into the Pacific.
With her world now illuminated only by moonlight, Kelly never saw the pilot land. Never even saw the splash of the F-35 hitting the water.
But it didn’t matter. A fellow pilot losing a plane into the ocean didn’t matter. The blackout on the Jerry didn’t matter. At least not compared to what was happening inside her plane.
“Was that Tater’s bird?” Orion said over her shoulder.
Kelly didn’t reply. Instead, she stared at her cockpit controls. The systems on the Super Hornet were failing. The Navigation Forward Looking Infrared—the advanced sensors that let her see—dropped offline. The Doppler ground mapping radar followed. Then the target designator that delivered laser-guided bombs.
Even those system failures paled in comparison to the reading from the fuel gauge. Where the hell are we going to land? Her hand shook on the stick.
And the dial moved steadily toward empty.

Sam Boush is a novelist and award-winning journalist.

He has worked as a wildland firefighter, journalist, and owner of a mid-sized marketing agency. Though he's lived in France and Spain, his heart belongs to Portland, Oregon, where he lives with his wife, Tehra, two wonderful children, and a messy cat that keeps them from owning anything nice.

He is a member of the Center for Internet Security, International Information Systems Security Certification Consortium, and Cloud Security Alliance.

ALL SYSTEMS DOWN is his first novel, with more to come.

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