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Songs for Lucy by Philip Wilson


Top Ten Reasons why I like Songs for Lucy 

I’m probably cheating and certainly biased but here goes:

1. It’s a genre I never read and couldn’t have imagined myself writing – but I enjoyed writing it and I like it. I hope that readers of The Librarian – my first novel which was a revenge thriller – who wanted a sequel will give Songs for Lucy a try and, better still, enjoy it.

2. My objective was for Songs for Lucy to be positive and inspirational without being predictable. I think it works.

3. I liked the characters and their development. At times it seemed like they developed on their own which was fun. Examples include Lucy, who was intended to be a minor character involved to help build Allison’s renewed sense of purpose. However, she gradually became a major part of the plot and took top billing in the book’s title. Another of my favourites is Terri – who Allison befriends in the hospice. She is funny and absolutely determined to make every day count. Her strength and determination help Allison face her own situation. Finally, Marion Siegel – Allison’s aunt, is tough, principled and compassionate and stands up against both her husband and Allison’s doctor to make sure Allison knows she has choices. 

4. I got some good sailing scenes in. (I’m an avid sailor.) I find getting out on the water, even just a few miles from land, and hearing nothing but the wind in the sails is like being in another world. I used sailing scenes to capture the mood I wanted and to develop the romance between Jack and Allison.

5. I like the cover – a sailboat with an ocean sunset in the background. I feel it captures the overall mood I wanted of peace and serenity. 

6. I like the character Jack, and we share a lot of commonalities. He gave up a career in finance to buy a pub and a sailboat. I had to wait until retirement to buy the boat, and I still haven’t bought a pub (yet?)

7. I think I was successful in capturing and exploring Allison’s feeling of utter desolation when she receives the diagnosis, as well as her gradual acceptance of her changed circumstances as she finds love and a new sense of purpose. 

8. I found myself needing to write the lyrics for one of the songs that Allison composed and sang for Lucy. I’ve never even thought about trying to write songs, but I was happy with my attempt.

9. I consider myself a better storyteller than writer. Yet there are several important scenes – a storm at sea, Allison struggling with despair, Lucy learning that Allison is dying, and the final scene (that I can’t describe without spoiling it) – that I was quite happy with.

10. It’s finished.


Songs for Lucy
by Philip Wilson

GENRE:   Women's Fiction


It’s spring, and Allison Connelly has it all – pretty, popular and smart. With a summer job teaching tennis and starting Harvard Law School in the fall, Allison plans on a successful law career, marriage and kids – and dreams of becoming a Supreme Court Justice.

When relentless headaches drive her to her doctor, Allison receives a terrifying diagnosis that destroys her plans and imperils her life. Devastated, Allison struggles to accept her
shattered dreams and uncertain future. One night, she happens into a small-town pub and, on a whim, takes a job singing, finding solace and a measure of peace in her music. She settles in the town, and from that small beginning finds love, a new life and a new reason for living.



Doctor Mackay spoke for the first time. “Allie, I’ve known you since you were a kid,” he began sadly. “You’re a fighter. Your first reaction is to look for other options, to refuse to accept defeat. But — both Doctors Smythe and Graham are experts in their fields. They’ve conferred with some of the leading oncologists at Johns Hopkins, the Cleveland Clinic, and others; and the response has been unanimous and unequivocal. If I thought there was the remotest chance that something might work, I’d say go for it. You’re young, healthy, and should have your whole life ahead of you. But I just don’t believe there are any legitimate realistic treatment options out there, and I don’t want you spending your remaining time chasing false hopes, only to be disappointed. I’m so terribly sorry.”

Allison looked at him, hearing the pain in his voice and seeing the anguish in his face. Doctor Mackay had known her since she was a baby. He’d watched her grow up; he had been close friends with her father. Now he was telling her she was going to die – and it was tearing him apart.

“How long do I have?” Allison asked quietly.

“Each case is different,” Doctor Graham replied.

“We’d estimate two months. Could be one, conceivably three. We’ll prescribe corticosteroids which reduce the swelling around the tumors. This should also reduce the headaches and any drowsiness you’ve been feeling. You will probably feel fine for a month or so.”

“And then?”

“The headaches and nausea will eventually recur, and will increase in frequency and severity. All we’ll be able to do then is treat the symptoms.”

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Philip Wilson is a retired financial executive who spends winters in Florida and summers sailing on the Great Lakes in his 32-foot sailboat. Songs for Lucy is his second book. His first, The Librarian, was rated one of the best reviewed books of 2017 by IndieReader and featured in the Huffington Post. Learn more at www.philipmwilson.com.

Facebook: @authorphilipwilson


Philip Wilson will be awarding a signed paperback copy of the book to a randomly drawn winner via rafflecopter during the tour.

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