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A Mother's Gift by Charlotte Hubbard


My Mom, the Novelist
As told by Vera

What does a writer DO all day? I’m Vera, a young and beautiful Border collie (so I’m also smarter and faster than you. Deal with it!) and my mom, Charlotte Hubbard, is a novelist. Let me tell you: most days, it’s a struggle to stay awake.

Between 5:30 and 6, I wake Mom up so we can go outside and then she can FEED me. After she showers, we hang in the kitchen together while she fixes breakfast—because then I usually get more stuff to eat! After Dad gets up the Parents eat, and we go for my walk! Sometimes I take them a looong way, like for an hour. On a good day, I can get Mom to play some ball with me (which means she throws my ball down the long hallway and I chase it and bring it back for more) before she goes downstairs to her office to work.

Ho-hum…that woman can stare at a computer for a long time with no visible progress, far as I’m concerned. I usually nap on the landing near the entryway, to prevent potential invaders from interrupting her work. When she comes upstairs to fix lunch, and maybe to cook ahead for supper, I’m right there in the kitchen to remind her that I love the occasional scrap of whatever she’s fixing. After the Parents eat lunch—another walk! It’s my job to get these people outside so their butts don’t grow roots into their office chairs. Dad’s retired, but he spends a lot of time staring at his computer, too. Go figure.

Then Mom usually does more writing, or works on promotional stuff like newsletters, maybe a Facebook post. To me, it’s all STUFF—and it takes away from time we could be playing with my ball and squeaky toys! So I nap. Around 4:30—finally!—she feeds me again and we all go for another walk. If the weather’s nice, and the Parents don’t have evening meetings or choir practice, we stay out for a while. If Mom has more cooking to do, she cuts me short. Who’s walk is it, anyway?

Then the Parents eat supper (notice how I’ve trained them to feed ME first?) and clean up the kitchen. On a good day, I can coax Mom to play with me some more. My best trick, if she’s sitting in her armchair with a book or her embroidery, is to hop up and plunk my front legs on her lap so she CANNOT ignore me! Depending on how badly she wants to read or embroider, she plays with me—or she gives me a big, fat rawhide chew to buy herself some more time.

Sometimes Mom also practices on her electronic piano, getting ready to play for a church gig. I’m a fabulous audience! I stretch out on the floor and listen without telling her about all the mistakes she makes. She gets ready for bed pretty early, reads for a while, and by 9:30 she’s usually conked out—because I’ll be getting her up before 6 in the morning to start yet another fun-filled, action-packed day as my mom, the novelist.

Admit it: you wish you lived with me—Vera!—don’t you?!


A Mother’s Gift
by Charlotte Hubbard

GENRE:  Inspirational Romance (Amish)


For Leah Otto, marrying Jude Shetler is a long-held dream come true. As a young girl, she was captivated by his good looks and talent as an auctioneer. When Jude, now a widower with three children, begins to court her, Leah doesn’t hesitate. Other men may not appreciate her tomboy ways, but Jude values Leah’s practical nature and her skill with the animals she tends, and both enter the marriage with joy and optimism.

Three months later, Leah feels as if her world is coming down around her. Her twin teenage step-daughters, Alice and Adeline, are pushing boundaries and taking far too many risks, while five-year-old Stevie deeply misses his mother. Leah, more at ease in a barn tending her goats and chickens than in a kitchen, struggles with her housekeeping duties.

Then a baby is abandoned on their doorstep, and Leah must search her soul. Caring for little Betsy fills her with renewed purpose and the strength to begin pulling her family together. With Jude’s steadfast support, Leah finds that what she once thought of as a happy ending may be something even better—the beginning of a life rich in love, faith, and unexpected blessings.


“Leah, your life will change in ways you can’t anticipate when you marry,” Lenore began softly. She rested her head against the headboard, grasping her daughter’s hand. “When you move into a man’s home—”

“Oh, Mama, you’ve already told me what to expect in the bedroom,” Leah interrupted with a nervous giggle. “It’s not as though I haven’t seen the deer and the horses mating.”

Lenore closed her eyes, praying for words that would gently pierce the balloon of maidenly naiveté in which Leah seemed to live. “There’s more to marriage than mating,” she whispered earnestly. “You’ll be moving into a home where Jude and his kids have established their routine. We’ve both heard the rumors about how Alice and Adeline might be behaving inappropriately during their rumspringa—”

“They’re sixteen, and they’re very pretty,” Leah quickly pointed out. “Twins are inclined to get into double trouble as part of their nature at that age. I certainly found mischief during my running-around years.”

Lenore sighed again. She wished Raymond were here to help her with this difficult discussion.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Charlotte Hubbard is the acclaimed author of Amish romance and fiction that evokes simpler times and draws upon her experiences in Jamesport, the largest Old Order Amish community west of the Mississippi. Faith and family, farming, and food preservation are hallmarks of her lifestyle—and the foundation of all her novels. A deacon, dedicated church musician and choir member, she loves to travel, read, try new recipes, and crochet. A longtime Missourian, Charlotte now lives in St. Paul, Minnesota, with her husband and their border collie, Vera. Please visit Charlotte online at
Facebook: Facebook

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