Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Hanami by V.C. Buckley

There were many favorite moments in the book, but I don’t want to spoil it too much for the readers. So here it is in no particular order:
1.     The moment Sakura and Jin met.
-This was an intense moment. Jin was the arrogant school heartthrob who thinks that nobody is good enough for him, while Sakura was the new girl standing before the class, getting the usual awkward introduction by the teacher. She was instructed to take a seat, so she makes her way down Jin’s row to get to it. He immediately assumed her to be another love-crazed fan after she stops in front of him. Jin thought she would flatter him with words, just like every other girl in the campus, but instead she glares at him and tells him to move his feet which were blocking the way.
2.     That moment Sakura and Jin were squished together in a storage compartment,
-Caution: This moment made me forget how to breathe! Jin pulls Sakura into a narrow storage compartment to help her hide from Jiaolong-her potential arranged fiancé. They can both barely fit in the dark closet, as they stood there squished against each other. Jin had to lean his arms on the wall behind her, with his chin resting on her head. The side of her face was buried in his chest and she could hear his heart beating hard against it.
3.     That moment when Jin and Sakura got left behind in Kyoto.
-This moment had me laughing and sighing! Sakura wonders off during their club field trip and Jin follows her. Both of them get lost and had to find their way back to Tokyo on their own through public transport--something Jin had never done before.
4.     The Kiss on the train
-This wasn’t any ordinary kiss. This was Sakura’s first kiss, and Jin stole it! She doesn’t let him go unpunished of course, but it only made Jin confess to her.
5.     That moment Jin taught Sakura how to dance
-This was another funny but cute moment: After getting paired up in gym class as dance partners, Jin discovers that Sakura doesn’t know how to waltz, so he attempts to teach her. In the process, he gets his feet stomped upon, but being this close to Sakura was making him feel like he had just ran a marathon.


by V.C. Buckley

GENRE:   New Adult romantic suspense


SAKURA SHINTANI is the Dragon Clan heir-Japan's most notorious crime dynasty. But can she keep this fact a secret from the prying brats of Oniyuri Academy?
She tries to stay out of their radar while mastering her demons and keeping her murderous temper under control, but having the face of an angel only attracts everyone's attention... including the arrogant heir to Asia's most powerful tycoon, KENJIN KIYOHARA.
He senses the danger, but Sakura is too interesting to be left alone.


He snatched her backpack and swung it around his shoulder.

“Hey!” she protested, lunging for it.

Jin stepped aside, evading her grasp. He smiled to himself, taking long strides toward his car. He could hear her feet going after him.

Mr. Fujimaru was already by the car, holding the door open. His guards stood waiting like goons by the sidewalk.

“Look,” she said, grabbing his elbow before he could duck into his car, “I don’t care if you rescued me. I am not going with you! I don’t even know you!”

Her words cut right through him.

She lunged for her bag again, but Jin threw it into the farthest corner of the back seat.

He looked at her tilting his head down, their height difference apparent. He thought about what she said.

She doesn’t know me? His forehead creased. Was he really that invisible to her? He felt like someone had just slapped him across the face. He took one long look at her before ducking into his car.

He was confused. Any girl would jump at the chance to be with him—she should have been honored and groveling at his feet for rescuing her! What was wrong with her?

He felt her slide into the seat next to him, her knees slightly touching the side of his thigh. But before he could think, she reached across him, leaning her upper body against his lap to grab her bag. Jin froze.

She straightened back up, clutching her bag to her chest. Her eyes met his with a piercing glare, and a wave of heat suddenly swept over him.

Jin looked away, landing his gaze on her reflection on the car door window. Even with an angry face, she still looked so beautiful.

Jin smiled, tilting his head to the side to get a better look. I should stop this, he told himself, but it was too late. She was too interesting to be left alone.

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V.C. Buckley was born in an isolated government facility and shipped off to an Island in Southeast Asia where she grew up braving tropical thunderstorms and warding off evil villains. At sixteen she was discovered by an agent and jetted off all over the world. Her stories come from gritty moments of her childhood to the glitz of her travels. She now lives in Manila with her husband, two kids and an herb garden that has hijacked her balcony.

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