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Halley's Casino by Mark JG Fahey


Halley's Casino

What if you found out that Halley's Comet was actually a intergalactic casino posing
as a comet? This in part is the premise for my 1st novel Halley's Casino. It also asks the
question what is a alien to an alien if you did not know you were an alien? Or is an alien
anything to be afraid of? Or is an alien just like you and I trying to make his way in life?
You know getting married, having kids, hating his or her jobs, you know alien stuff.
Though who really is the alien?
The one visiting or one native of one's said home world?
And in the end who really cares as along as everyone get along for the betterment of universal
peace and love, oh and fun!
This is only one small part of this story.
Halley's Casino is a fun and witty adventure full of satire, drama, love and loss, time travel,
 Rock N Roll and aliens.
Insert spoilers here... :-)
Many science fiction stories abound though what makes Halley's Casino so different?
Well is just that. Its different. Though familiar, without giving anything away you have
to read it yourself and judge for yourself.
And if you don't like it the cover is still pretty cool looking.


Mark JG Fahey*


Book Details:

Book Title: Halley's Casino by Mark JG Fahey

Category: Adult Fiction, pages

Genre: Science Fiction / Time Travel

Publisher: Mark JG Fahey

Release date: Jan 25, 2016

Tour dates: Jan 8 to 26, 2017

Content Rating: PG-13 + M (No profanity, readable for all ages 12 and up, pure fun and witty story)

Book Description:

Halley’s Casino is set in 1986. 26-year old Nebula Yorker (Neb to his friends), is patiently awaiting the return of Halley’s Comet. He is about to discover that the world is not what it seems.

Upon the arrival of Halley’s Comet, Neb is confronted by a mysterious stranger who literally swoops out of the night sky. What happens next will change the course of Neb’s life and that of all he befriends.

This stranger (Mr. Tict) reveals to Neb that Halley’s is not a comet at all, but an Intergalactic Casino that has been posing as a comet for countless years. Mr. Tict is the Concierge of the Casino and he has come back to Earth to recruit Neb as his assistant.

What happens next is an eye-opening experience for young Neb that no one on Earth can imagine. It can only be explained by watching old Star Trek reruns, while eating cheese sandwiches and drinking hot chocolate. From androids with attitude to a vast assortment of alien beings and historic individuals, with a touch of time travel from ancient Babylon to 1757 London and back to Rome of 12 BCE, Neb soon learns that his past, present and future have always lain in the stars above.

It’s a rock and roll ride chock full of chaos, a formidable nemesis, drama, satire, humour, death and new beginnings, with revelations that Neb never saw coming.

Even John Lennon is amused!

Starting out on a quiet evening of star gazing, Nebula Yorker finds himself caught up in the most extraordinary time travel and planet saving adventure of a lifetime.

And that’s only the beginning of what is to come.

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Meet the Author:

Mark JG Fahey is not an alien, contrary to what you may have heard, though he swears he has been to space. Mark has dabbled in various undertakings throughout his illustrious career, from on-air hosting/reporter/stand-up comic to messenger for the Prime Minister of Canada. Mark also holds a degree in Restaurant Services. His family and friends can attest to his excellent cooking skills. Born in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, Mark was raised and still resides in Aylmer, Quebec, Canada. Halley's Casino is the first book in the Halley's Casino trilogy.

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