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Hiding a Wolfe by EA Hunt

Hiding a Wolfe
by EA Hunt
Genre: Romance

Lt. Paul Wolfe's last deployment had cost him everything. His fiancee, his leg, his mental stability. So when his name comes up for a service animal to help him with his anxiety he wonders if he will be good enough for the animal or will he push it away like he has done so many other things in his life. 

Alice Saint loved what she did she gave people the ability to get their lives back by providing them with service animals. One special animal was to be given to Lt Paul Wolfe a special case who was recommended by one of the therapist she worked with. 

When the day of the animal exchange to sparks fly for Alice and Paul causing their lives to change in so many different and amazing ways.

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“You know you can call him?” 

Alice blinked. “What?”

Clarita shook her head. “Let's not pretend here. You’ve been staring at that

phone for three days.”

“It has not been that long” Alice replied as she placed her phone on the desk.

It had been more like four days. Since Lt. Paul Wolfe had walked out of the door,

she had been itching to call or text him to see if he was okay and maybe see if he

would like to grab lunch.

“It has and you know it. Question is, why haven't you called him? You

obviously had some form of connection.” Clarita replied. A connection was being

subtle. Alice and Paul had had the kind of instant chemistry most wished for.

“Its unprofessional to do something like that.” Alice replied

“It's only unprofessional if you call and blurt out. ‘Hey, let's get a room and

have nasty dirty sex’.”

“Clarita!” Alice condemned with a slight smile on her face.

“Come on. You cannot tell me you have not fantasied about that man

because I can tell you, he would star in a few of my fantasies if I wasn't happily

seeing someone.”

Alice shook her head. As she stood, she gathered the files she had finished

inputting into the system. “Clar, I don't know,” she started then sighed. “I have no

clue how to do this,” she confessed as she placed the files on top of the filing

cabinet so she could put them away later. She faced her friend. “Help me out here.”

“So, you’ve never asked a man out?” Clarita questioned in confusion

“I didn’t say that.” She bit the inside of her lip. “I've asked a man out before

but not a man like Paul Wolfe.”

“His scars -”

“-aren't the problem. The man is gorgeous. When I looked at him, I was

stopped in place. I’ve never seen a man with eyes like his and when he spoke to


“He made you want to drop your panties right then.”

“Clarita! Be serious!”

“I am being serious. If I was twenty years younger I would give you a run

for your money when it comes to that man,” she said as she leaned against the desk

in the office.

“I bet you would. But a man like that, he has to have a girlfriend.” 

Author EA Hunt was born the youngest of William and Natlean Bills' four children. EA was raised in Joliet, IL; an suburb of Chicago, and went to college at Kentucky State University where she earned her Bachelor's Degree in Liberal Arts and sung in the Gospel Ensemble. EA had two daughters, Tayla Elizabeth and Ava Elease. EA, Tayla and Ava reside in Marietta, Ga, an suburb of Atlanta, Ga. 

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