Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Tuesday September 12th Featured Books Overview

Here is a quick slideshow showcasing the books featured today across all of my blogs. Mini posts are shown on Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews Facebook page. https://www.facebook.com/LaurieJ170/

The Direct Links to the Blog Posts featured in this slideshow are:

No Other Love by Kathryn Shay   |  https://zurl.co/z5Z6N
Secrets Between Friends by Fiona Palmer  |  https://zurl.co/EvJbo
Echoes in the Storm by Max Henry  |  https://zurl.co/oD7wm
Three Empty Words by Gen Ryan  |  https://zurl.co/jLDey
Thunderstruck by Brenda Drake  |  https://zurl.co/NEJ9j
Marked by Fate Collection  |  https://zurl.co/0AVRg
 The Darkest Loop by James Fant   |  https://zurl.co/gZdpE
 The World's Longest Yard Sale (is murder)  |  https://zurl.co/11lYk

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