Thursday, September 7, 2017

Thursday September 7th Featured Books Overview

Here is a quick slideshow showcasing the books featured today across all of my blogs.

The links below will take you to the individual blog and Facebook posts.

Mini posts are shown on Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews Facebook page.

The Direct Links to the Blog Posts featured in this slideshow are:

Interviewing For Her Lover By Ellis Day  |
Whiskey's Redemption by Kerri Ann  |
Play Room by LP Dover and Heidi McLaughlin   |
The Witching Hour by Anina Collins  |
Saving Nary by Carol DeMen  |
Seeds of Intention by Andrea Thome  |
Silver Rose by KL Bone |
Deadly Sweet by Lola Dodge  |
The Night Human Hunter by B Kristin McMichael  |
Blame it on the Bet by L.E. Rico  |
The Lighthouse Keeper by Lily Night   |

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