Thursday, September 28, 2017

Thursday September 28th Featured Books

Here is a quick slideshow showcasing the books featured today across all of my blogs. Mini posts are shown on Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews Facebook page.

The Direct Links to the Blog Posts featured in this slideshow are:

Kai by Michelle Abbot  |
 Legs by Kelly Siskind   |
Break Line by Sarah Green  |
The Sweetness of Life by Kathryn Andrews  |
Only Ever You by Lisa Suzanne  |
When I Fell for You by Candace Shaw  |
Reflect the Flame by Susan Griscom  |
Demon  Rising by DeAnna Browne  |
The Flame Series by Caris Roane  |
Clown Moon by Alex Jameson  |
The Cutting Room Floor by Dawn Klehr  |

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