Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday September 11th Featured Books Overview

Here is a quick slideshow showcasing the books featured today across all of my blogs. Mini posts are shown on Laurie's Thoughts and Reviews Facebook page.

The Direct Links to the Blog Posts featured in this slideshow are:

LaClaire Kiss by Dori Lavelle  |
 Match Pointe by Amélie S. Duncan  |
Wild for You by Daisy Prescott  |
Flirt by Lavinia Leigh  |
Calamity at the Continental Club     |
Uncharted Waters by Micah Persell  |
Boomerang Boyfriend by  Chris Cannon  |
Betrayer by Leslie D. Soule    |
 Sniffing Out Murder by Maria Grazia Swan   |
 The Slant Six by Christopher F. Cobb   |
 Shadows & Teeth Volume 3   |

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