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His High-Stakes Bride by Martha Hix @SDSXXTours @marthahixwriter

How did I come up with Grant Kincaid,

 the lawyer-hero in HIS HIGH-STAKES BRIDE?

            Grant, an Alabama-born attorney, was a character in the first two long novellas in the series.  He’d come to Lubbock early in the 1900s and by 1910, he was bored with horsing around with cheap women and cheaper whiskey, but he had no interest in piano recitals or the nice, ice-cream social type of girls who were coming up in small-town Texas.  The trouble was, he was a true Southern gentleman, despite living on the High Plains. He required a lady on his arm who would turn into a tigress in the bedroom. When he won a way too-youthful Patience Sweet in a poker game, he had all the makings of his ideal woman.
            Did I say he was a Southern gentleman? No gentleman would bed a child, and she lies and claims to be 17. (She has her reasons.) He takes the honorable way out. He decides to marry her.  After a decent courtship, of course.
            So. Back to the initial question. Where did I get him?
            I may be a Texan with deep roots in the Lone Star State, but I hail from families who lived on LaGrange Mountain in Alabama, and I’ve spent almost four years of my life in the state of Mississippi. I’ve studied my courtly cousins in Alabama. I quickly learned not to say I liked or wanted anything, or else they’d move heaven and earth to get it for me. And my first decent job was with a wonderful Mississippi lawyer. I’d bluffed my way into his office. Sure, I’d studied business in college, but he was looking for a legal secretary. Already the employment office had warned him that I’d flunked the shorthand test. I just knew this lawyer fellow was gonna show me the door, once he knew my stenography skills were as bad as predicted. So he calls me into his office to “take a letter.” My head bobbling, I plunked down in a chair, my hand shaking. His fingers templed beneath his chin, he squinted up at the ceiling. “Deeeeaaaaarrrrrr Mistttttttterrrrrr Jonnnnnesss…..In…..response…to…your…claim…”
            My head shot up to look at Thomas J. Wiltz, Attorney at Law. He smiled and winked. I smiled back. The rest of the letter went just fine. I could have worked for him all the days of my life.
            Grant Kincaid had a lot of the Thomas J. Wiltz in him. He was first and foremost a HERO. My hero. He would look out for the damsel in distress. And PatienTce Eileen “Patty” Sweet was a damsel very much in need of help.

            When it came to hot, well, I didn’t look to Mr. Wiltz for the hot part. Grant got that on his own, thank you very much!

Texan Brides #3
by Martha Hix
Genre: Historical Romance
Pub Date: 8/29/2017

Book Blurb
Win, lose—or fall in love . . .

After losing her mama and all she has, vagabond Patience “Patty” Sweet dreams of reuniting with her father in the New Mexico territory. So she teams up with a no-good gambler whose winnings enable her to get her closer to her destination. Patty hates hanging around saloons and poker parlors, pulling dishonest deeds. But when a game of five-card draw goes wrong in Lubbock, Texas, Patty gets offered up as collateral—to a handsome stranger who’s about to turn the tables . . .
Lawyer Grant Kincaid has no intention of claiming his prize—a nearly nineteen-year-old petite beauty with sweet eyes—who has a hold on him he can’t deny. But as he tries to help Patty untangle herself from her shady partner, he discovers she’s not as innocent as she seems. For starters, she’s already stolen his hardened heart . . .

The stranger sucked his cigar, squinting at his challenger. He was squinty- eyed to begin with. “Look, I’m short on chips. I can cover your bet, but I’ll have to collect the cash from the hotel’s strongbox. Tomorrow morning.”
“That’s not the way we play poker in Lubbock, my friend.” “I have…collateral.”
“How is that?”
“That girl—I mean, lady—over there.” The way he spoke, a person would think the room had dozens of females. “That lovely brown-eyed lady. She’s my collateral.”
“No thanks.”
“You don’t like women?” “Don’t go there, my friend.”
“I’m asking for a break, sir. I’m trying to bet a good hand. A hand so pat that I’m willing to put up my own sister as my stake.”
“Your sister.” Grant saw absolutely no family resemblance. Of course, this was Texas, where families socialized in barrooms, and even brought their little children along. “Same mother, or same father?”
“Same mo—same father.”
That stumble gave Merkel away as a liar. Grant saw no need to tread that avenue. “I don’t know where you’re from, but brothers don’t bring their sisters to places like this, not one on one.”
“I beg your pardon, sir. She’s my sister. My one and only. What was I to do with her? Leave her alone in the hotel tonight?”

Martha Hix grew up in Texas and didn’t mind listening to stories about how her ancestors had been in the place for a long, long time. Well, in Texas that just meant more than a hundred years. This weird kid soaked up the stories and became an ardent student of family and general history, which came in handy when she took to writing both fiction and non-fiction. Eventually, her romance novels were translated into many foreign languages, some of them very foreign, like Japanese, Greek, and Turkish. On the home front, she lives in the fabulous Texas Hill Country with her husband and their spoiled four-legged kids. Visit her on the web at

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