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The Bad Uncle by Gillian Felix @SDSXXTours @Gillianfx

Bad Uncle
Family Portrait Book 5
by Gillian Felix
Genre:  New Adult Drama, Contemporary Fiction

Who needs enemies when you’ve got family
The stars are aligned in Adriana’s favor, but secrets have a way of exposing themselves just when everything is perfect. As Adriana and Haze’s relationship heads south, Carys is ready to pounce. Will Adriana’s lies drive the man she loves into the arms of another?
Meanwhile, Zax is finally with his dream girl, but why can’t he get his best friend’s girl out of his mind? When she turns to him for advice on how to be a better girlfriend, can he put his selfish desires aside, or will he follow his siblings and take what he wants despite the consequences?
When Kevin’s lifestyle puts innocent L’Wren in danger, his retaliation brings his ruthless uncle back to Los Angeles and into the lives of his family. In Bad Uncle, you’ll get to know the man who has the power to change the legacy of the Banovic family forever.

For Readers 18+, Can easily be read as a standalone!

Bacchanal Jake’s would not be opened to the public for another eight hours. Among the upturned chairs and bar prep work still to be done, Kevin Banovic and Victoria Johansson went over the fine print of their new partnership. She was his new silent partner at Jake’s. She’d put up the money to buy him freedom from the organization they’d worked for. Now Kevin was free to run Jake’s as a legit operation, he could finally be the kind of man that L’Wren and his parents expected him to be.
“How does it feel, partner?” Victoria smiled.
“Thank you! I don’t know how to repay you.” Kevin hugged her.
“You’re my best friend, Kevin, that’s payback enough.”
They heard the front door open. “Love what you did to the place.”
Kevin recognized the voice instantly. It was a voice that he’d heard a million times over the phone, his worst nightmare.
Kevin charged violently towards the tall, handsome, dark-haired man in his mid-thirties. He stopped in his tracks when he heard two gun clicks. One from the bodyguard guarding the door and the other behind him, from Victoria.
Victoria had her gun pointed at the intruder and the bodyguard had his gun pointed at Kevin.
“I never miss,” she said seriously.
“Now, now, children, put your toys away.” The intruder looked at his bodyguard and he lowered his gun. “You too, quick-draw McGraw,” he directed at Victoria.
Victoria lowered her gun only when Kevin gave her the signal to.
“This is between me and my nep–” Before he could get the rest of the sentence out, Kevin rammed his fist into Adrian Banovic’s face, knocking him flat on his back before jumping on him and landing a few choice punches. Adrian blocked a few punches and managed to flip Kevin over. Both men jumped to their feet and sparred.
Blood poured from Adrian’s mouth. “Is this any way to greet your uncle?”
“You kidnapped my girlfriend!” Kevin lunged at him, but he moved out of the way.
“Grasshopper, I taught you better than that,” Adrian taunted.
“You’re right.” Kevin sideswiped him and landed his elbow on Adrian’s neck, taking him down to his knees. Kevin had him in a fierce headlock that prevented Adrian from moving without breaking his own spine.
“That’s enough!” Victoria shouted at them and Kevin released him.

Gillian Felix has been writing since she was old enough to hold a pencil. She enjoys creating characters that could be your next-door neighbor, but would you want them as your neighbor is another story.
Originally from the island republic of Trinidad and Tobago, Miss Felix moved to the United States in 1998. Since then she has been involved in the entertainment industry for over ten years. Her experience ranges from script supervisor to production manager on many independent features. She is trained in the Meisner and Stanislavski technique of acting, which she credits as an asset to her character development and writing.

Miss Felix is also an entrepreneur and advocate for children's and women's rights.

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