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Vacation to Graceland by Phillip Cornell @goddessfish @Phillipthedeal


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When in the day/night do you write? How long per day?
I write at night. I choose the night, because it is the only time of day I have to do it. I am mainly working or running errands during the day. Usually it exhaust me, so I take a quick nap and get to writing. How long I write, depends on my mood. Sometimes a writing session is 20 minutes, other times it is 3 hours plus. I just let it flow.

How do you describe your writing style?
My writing style, is very descriptive and reckless. I use my sarcastic personality to create scenarios and situations that make for a good read. I usually do not take into account the feelings of certain people that might be offended, but for the most part I relate to any and every one.   

Do you play any sports?
I play recreational basketball. My skill as far as basketball constantly progresses and digresses. Sometimes I find it hard to get on the court. I love the game, it is just that life is busy and fast pace at the moment. Right now I have decent skill, but my stamina is lacking. I hope sometime soon, I can get enough court visits in to get my stamina back to being good again.

What is your favorite meal?
I like a good steak! Garlic mashed potatoes and green beans are appreciated as sides, but the steak is the prize. My mouth waters instantly when I see or smell a wholesome steak. My sister has been vegetarian for 2 years now. I told her I might entertain it, but soon as the aroma of the cooked beef catches me nose, I cannot resist. Steaks will always have my heart.

Do you hear from readers? What kinds of questions do they ask?
I do every once in a while. It is a surreal experience, because I never really know who is reading my stories. They mostly tell me the same things. You have talent, and you need to keep writing. They also ask, how I come up with the situations in my stories. I tell them all the same thing, my situations are all natural. I do appreciate the words of encouragement, because some days I feel like quitting. It is mostly just the frustration of keeping my craft going, but the feedback helps.  

What do you think makes a good story?
A good story is something that holds your attention throughout the reading. A good story to me might not be a good story to you. Generally, a good story is undeniable though. I always say that a good story speaks for itself. If you find yourself still talking about the story days or weeks after completing it, then you are the recipient of a good story.

What do you do to unwind and relax?
I write! Writing helps me to unplug from my stressful day. I have real life problems, and I appreciate the time I have with my notebook. It puts me in a mode, were I can put things off temporarily. Nothing like getting in a good session at the gym, then coming home to write. Sometimes I do not feel creative, so I watch a lot of television. If I can find a good show, then I will unplug completely to watch it. It is always fun to experience someone else’s artistry.

What songs are most played on your Ipod?
I have a variety of songs played on my Ipod
DJ Khaled: Nas Album Done, Holy Key
Rick Ross: The Devil is a Lie, War Ready, Sanctified
Kevin Gates: Perfect Imperfection, Out the Mud, Really Really
Young Thug: Harambe, Check
50 Cent: I’m the Man
Future: March Madness, Stick Talk


Vacation to Graceland
by Phillip Cornell

GENRE:  Vacation/Comedy/Adventure


A man, his mother, his sister, his granny, his niece, and his nephew make a trip to Memphis Tennessee for a family reunion. During the course of the trip, the family encounter a series of circumstances that mold the trip into an unforgettable experience. Through the arguing and internal bickering within the group, they come together and strengthen the blood bond they share with each other. Reflecting on each and every situation encountered, the man realizes the trip is an overall social, emotional, and educational journey.


Stanley offered me some shrimp, so I took his offer. When I grabbed one of the shrimp, it still had the exoskeleton on it. Stanley had cooked the shrimp without cleaning them or removing the exoskeleton! He told everyone that this was how shrimp was prepared in the Caribbean. I peeled the exoskeleton off my shrimp, and used my finger to split the back open. I then pulled the black residue out the back of the shrimp, then began to eat my shrimp. I knew this was not how Caribbean people cooked their shrimp. My uncle was born and raised in the Bahamas and he never offered shrimp to me like that! I knew that Stanley wanted shrimp. He was just too lazy to peel and clean them before he cooked them. 

I ate 2 shrimp, but did not eat more for fear of getting sick. While eating my shrimp, I met another person who was closer to me in age. He was 21, wild, and rambunctious. He reminded me of my 22 year old nephew, who had not come on this trip. This person’s name was Tae. He told me he was from Detroit. He was heavy into designer clothes, and dressed as if the name on his clothing was more important than the actual fashion of what was being worn. Tae’s outfit was somewhat comical. He was wearing True Religion swimming trunks, but he was not going swimming. If that did not make sense, he strung a Gucci belt through the novelty belt loops in his overpriced swimming trunks. To match his trunks and belt, Tae had on a Hollister shirt and a snap back ball cap. His shoe game was nice though. He had some low top Nike shoes that were smooth in design. My overall critic of his outfit was that he was a designer whore.  I never told Tae my thoughts on his clothing selection. I just assumed he would grow out of his designer infatuation someday.

AUTHOR Bio and Links:

Phillip Cornell is a college graduate. He gained his degree in Biological Sciences, and currently works at a local pharmacy.  He is the only son of Harron and Connie Cornell, and the youngest of 3 children. In 2006 his father passed away due to colon cancer, and his mom became an inspiration to him and his family in the way she supported everyone. He has a passion for all types of competitive activity, with sports being the favorite. Overall he lives for different experiences to stimulate the mind, and firmly believes that life is something that has to be lived, read about, and dissected. His biggest weakness is beautiful women, and the thought of being a failure. Firmly believing everyone deserves their moment no matter how long or short it is, Phillip listens to anyone who has something to say. The more he writes. The more he realizes what he creates, is something that needs to be shared with someone other than himself. 

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