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10 (or So) Delectably Quirky Movies

Thank you, Laurie, for the invitation to do a Tens List!  Because I am just a bit quirky (ahem), I decided to make up my own list.  Here are ten (or so) wonderfully wacky movies that had me literally laughing out loud and rolling on the floor.  (Ok, well, not literally rolling.)  Readers and writers are famous for being just a little neurotic and eccentric, right? So, I have a hunch you lovely bibliophiles may enjoy these artistic creations, as well. *clears throat* Drumroll, please…

Duets  (2000)
I love a varied ensemble cast in a random situation, and this is it.  We have a karaoke hustler (Huey Lewis) and his estranged daughter (Gwyneth Paltrow) and a frustrated businessman and a road trip to Omaha for a national karaoke competition.  It’s quite an unusual quest, and it works its magic through the pursuit of singing.

Orange County (2002)
Another ensemble cast with a road trip.  Happened upon this movie one New Year’s Eve and it was a delightfully unexpected way to pass the time as we stayed up til midnight.  Colin Hanks is perfectly understated, his girlfriend played perfectly by Schuyler Fisk, Jack Black the crazy brother.  If you liked Saving Silverman (2001) or Valentine’s Day  (2010), check this one out.

Saved (2004)
Jena Malone, Mandy Moore, and Macaulay Culkin lead this  high school comedy drama- complete with a shooting Christian music star, outcast Jewish girl (Eva Amurri, daughter of Susan Sarandon), teen pregnancy, and gay ice-skater.  Who will go to prom?  Surprisingly entertaining.

Win a Date with Todd Hamilton (2004)
Another late New Year’s Eve find: a small-town girl wins a date with a male celebrity and is flown to California.  Soon a love triangle forms between the girl, the celeb, and her best friend the outstanding Topher Grace. Topher delivers the irony in every scene.  It’s delicious.

Austenland (2013)
A delightful adaptation of author Shannon Hale’s 2008 novel of the same name, Keri Russell shines as the Jane Austen fanatic visiting the Austen-themed “resort.”  I mean, what Austen fan could turn down this opportunity to be “in” a Regency story?  (Hello, Colonel Brandon! Anyone?)  JJ Field and Bret McKenzie are perfect as they court Keri’s Jane.  Is it in the script?  Or are their feelings for real? Jane Seymour and Ricky Whittle are laugh–out-loud funny, as is Georgia King, but Jennifer Coolidge steals the show with her oft-ad-libbed comedy.  Be sure to watch through the end credits for a special bonus music video.

Joe Versus The Volcano (1990)
With this title, you know you can’t really take this movie seriously, right?  That is the beauty of it. Tom Hanks is the dying hypochondriac in this fable and Meg Ryan is all three of the women along his journey to the Volcano on a Pacific Island.  Since he’s dying, anyway, he is to throw himself into a Volcano as the thousand-year sacrifice, only of course he falls in love with Meg along the way.  It’s brilliant. Meg, the artist, reciting her poetry- hysterical.

Real Genius  (1985)
Classic 80’s nerd tale.  It’s long, but well worth it.  Val Kilmer is excellent as an irreverent nerd. Popcorn, anyone?

The Grinder, TV Show (2015)
The TV  about a former actor and his hit TV show called, The Grinder.  Rob Lowe is magnetic, Fred Savage is his delightfully clumsy real-world lawyer brother. The level of meta here is fantastic.  Rob Lowe is trying to “work” with his lawyer brother and father, but of course he is not really a lawyer, he just tries to help by regurgitating his script lines from past episodes.  “The Grinder” theme song plays in the background in his new “real life”  and I wonder, do the other characters hear it?   Is it like in Eli Stone (2008) when the characters knowingly break into song?  Other noteworthy television shows here:  Super Fun Night (2013) starring Rebel Wilson and Superstore (2015) led by America Ferrera and Ben Feldman (is it just me, or does he look like Scott Baio?)  

Flirting with Disaster (1996)
Another motley of characters played by an exciting cast, on a road trip.  Way funnier than the Fockers. Tea Leoni is funny! 

Soapdish (1991)
It’s a comedy, but it’s a soap opera, about the making of a soap opera. Brilliant meta.  Actors playing actors.  Actors playing support roles (costume designer, etc.). Lots of famous stars.  Sally Field giving it all she’s got. Kevin Kline, Robert Downey, Jr., Kathy Najimi, Cathy Moriarty, Elisabeth Shue, Whoopi Goldberg, Teri Hatcher,  even Carrie Fisher. 

Since You’ve Been Gone (1998)
A Ten Year High School Reunion featuring David Schwimmer, Teri Hatcher, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jennifer Grey and Jon Stewart, yes that Jon Stewart.  Character actors and irreverence.  Tune in.

Have you seen any of the above?  What did you think?  Please comment!

What's on your list?


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