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A Maze in Grace by Denise Dwyer D’Errico @music_mama1213 @JGBookSolutions

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Ten Weird Things about Me

10. Sometimes I rollerskate backwards in my head.  The visualization helps me to relax.  From the moment I begin, my shoulders relax and I feel like I am fifteen again.

9. I played xylophone in high school marching band.  I still twirl my pencils as if they were my mallets.

8. I can sing up to a high F#, and in four languages, but I am still way too shy for karaoke.  But if you ride in my car, you will be asked to sing along. (More like, you will be assigned a part to sing.) #karaokecar

7. I don’t love the pumpkin spice latte. In fact, I think it’s kind of monster virus. It reminds me of that episode “The Game” in Star Trek: The Next Generation. The zombie apocalypse is now, with our smart phones and PSL.  Resist!

6. I love cats, but am severely allergic to fur.  Once I had to return a sweater because it was an angora blend.  Some of its fuzz got on my seatbelt in my car, though, so I sneezed for a week anyway.  Most unfortunate.

5. I’m still in denial that the 80’s were so long ago.  Bruce Springsteen’s ”Glory Days” came on the Oldies station and I simultaneously rocked out and deliberately ignored the lyrics.

4. I am a mix of Caucasian and Pacific Islander, not quite fully fitting into either group.  I believe this has given me a unique perspective.  I have just enough light and just enough dark that no one can figure out what I truly am, rather everybody seems to think I am what they are.  Which is kind of cool.  I once met my features twin- and she was of  a completely different ethnicity from the opposite part of the world!  Also, being of mixed heritage has given me a passion for combining the unexpected: Harry Potter and Autism, labyrinths and the Enneagram, fairy tales and 80's music, etc.  I am both spiritual and religious, I am both liberal and conservative, I am both an alto and a soprano, I like both Star Trek and Star Wars, I am both a zip-liner and a bookworm.

3. IIIIIII. Like to make___ funny songs______ to the tune of Star Trek: Next Gen------ eration______.  (Did you hear that in your head?)  I taught both my kids how to conduct, and now my son conducts from our pew, instead of singing in church.

2. I don’t drink nor gamble, but I like to go to Las Vegas at least once a year.  I like to hang out in the fabulous resorts.  Sometimes I don’t leave my hotel all weekend and eat all my meals at the Grand Lux Café.  Because, eggroll-wrapped mashed potatoes covered with bacon & cheese (with a side of ranch).  Also, Brie wontons. And, beignets. 

1.  I have had mononucleosis, Plantar Fascitis, Pyelonephritus, and a Cholesystecomy.  (That’s mono, heel spur, kidney infection, and gallbladder removal.)  I also bruise easily due to a mild deficiency in my Von Willerbrand blood clotting factor.

And finally, you know that gum tissue above your front teeth that connects to right behind your upper lip? Run your young across your front teeth right now.  And again, only higher.  That's it.  That's called a Frenum.  I had mine removed. The orthodontist said doing so would prevent my teeth from moving back to their original (crooked) state. 

Thank you, Laurie and Juniper Grove Book Solutions for this opportunity.  I practically hyperventilated worrying about if I were weird enough!


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Title:  A Maze in Grace
Author:  Denise Dwyer D’Errico
Published:  December 3rd, 2014
Genre:  Poetry

Poetry about the twists and turns of life. Explore your own challenges and honor your blessings as you read A Maze in Grace.

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About the Author:
Denise Dwyer D’Errico is a married, working mother of two young children, living in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has a Bachelor’s degree in Religious Studies from St. Mary’s College of California, and a Master’s degree in Pastoral Ministries: Liturgical Music from Santa Clara University. She is the composer of “Be Still,” a liturgical choral piece published by the leading church music publisher GIA. “Be Still” has been recommended for performance for prayer services in memoriam of September 11th. Denise has over twenty years’ experience as a liturgical musician, as cantor, piano accompanist, and music director of adult choirs, children’s choirs, musicals and handbell choirs. She has also provided piano, vocal, and music theory instruction for children and adults. She has spoken to audiences on parenting and Autism Awareness. Denise has particular interest in illustrating harmony among seemingly unrelated subjects.

Excerpts from A Maze in Grace:


my younger self
pen in hand
poetry broke forth
twenty years
I've only blinked
or so we think
I miss ink

* * *

tiny rocks and pretty colors juxtaposed
memories and images unfold
some of them are dazzling, others dull
altogether recreating something whole
watercolor destinies ebb and flow
mosaic synchronicity kaleidoscopes
everchanging possibility and timeless space
modulates into another sacred place

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